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The Order of the Mind

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Number of Members 1,845
Demographics Vaullian 100%

Primary Location(s)



Master Ixket val Tenrathi, Vaullian
Year Founded 1985 CY
Symbol -
Group Wealth Above Average
Group Stability Stable

General Description

While most vaullians posses some basic telepathic ability, the range of talent varies a great deal. While most vaullians have very limited abilities, there are a few who excel at telepathy and other psionic talents. Particularly gifted Vaullians possess telepathy and other mental powers that come as easily to them as breathing does for us. The Order of the Mind was founded as an organization to give these rare and talented individuals a place to come together in fellowship in like minded company.


The Order of the Mind was founded over seven hundred years ago by Sodilut, a remarkably talented vaullian telepath, in 1985 CY. It began as nothing more than a private social club for gifted telepaths and their friends. Over the centuries it has grown steadily and become more formalized. While still a small fraction of the overall vaullian population, it has nonetheless become an important part of the tapestry of vaullian society.

Goals and Motivation

Members of the Order are primarily interested in expanding and honing their telepathic ability. There are hundreds of specific specialties that members pursue. Others lobby for certain laws beneficial to telepaths. Some members travel to demonstrate mental abilities to other nations.

Allies and Enemies

The Order of the Mind is allied with the Empyrean Regime, the Vaullian Historical Society, the Vaullian government and various other academic and scholarly groups.


Membership is by invitation only. Only vaullians with exceptional telepathic ability are invited to apply for membership. Each candidate is tested telepathically before granted membership. Only about 1 in 1000 vaullians is talented enough to join this exclusive group. All members wear a specific ring that identifies them as members of this elite order. The central gem of the ring identifies their particular rank.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Pecking order is arranged by non-lethal "mental" combat. Telepathic games which pit mind against mind. The strongest minds rule the group.

The Order of the Mind has a very formal rank structure based on the number of years of service. Upon achieving a certain rank, they are initiated into the mysteries of that rank and taught the skills and abilities of that rank. While there are many acolytes and journeymen, there are very few Thought Masters. Only the earliest members and oldest vaullians achieve that rank.

Gem Type indicates the type of gemstone in their ring.

Years indicates the minimum number of years of service in the Order of the Mind needed to attain a certain rank.

Rank Gem Type Years Abilities
Initiate Ebony 1 Basic telepathy, lie detection, detect nearby mental activity
Acolyte Topaz 5 Read surface thoughts, advanced telepathy
Journeyman Diamond 10 Probe mind and read deep thoughts
Adept Emerald 25 Empathy, read and manipulate emotions.
Master Ruby 50 Alter thoughts, Implant memories, Invade dreams
Thought Master Sapphire 100 Total Mental Domination, Thought Broadcast



In this telepathic society, one guards one's thoughts the same way non-telepaths guard their tongues. Certain subjects are considered inappropriate conversation. While non-telepaths refrain from saying certain things in the name of etiquette, members of this Order refrain from thinking rude or inappropriate thoughts. It is a part of their highly evolved discipline. When a highly offendable telepath meets a non-telepath, he may very well be offended that anyone could think such things..


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