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The Gutter Rats

The Gutter Rats are a large and loosely organized gang of street urchins, beggars and thieves located in the city of Drakkel. Most of them are orphans between the ages of 5 and 18. They work together, share resources and protect each other. The size of the group varies from month to month, but is estimated to be around 200 children. This gang runs wild in the streets of Drakkel. They have no leaders and various sub groups form and dissolve within the main group regularly. They follow no laws but their own, though they try to stay out of the way of the city guard.

The Gutter Rats survive by stealing food, money and other supplies.They also earn money where they can and pool resources between them. During the summer, they often sleep in groups on rooftops under the stars. During the colder, stormy winter months, they sleep anywhere they can find shelter - empty warehouses, abandoned buildings, covered alleys and so forth.

Besides being good pickpockets, the Gutter Rats have found a lucrative business in information brokering. They know the city as well, or better, than any one. They are willing to act as guides for out of town visitors and will suggest specific inns and taverns (in exchange for a few coins from those specific proprietors). Several individuals and guilds around town have found that the Gutter Rats make good spies and errand runners as well. They are small enough to get into very tight places and common enough not to attract notice.

The Gutter Rats will also latch on to adventurers and mercenary companies. Anytime a mercenary company or adventuring group arrives in town, especially if they are carrying a lot of treasure, the Gutter Rats will do everything they can to get a piece of the action.

This gang has no official meetings, no headquarters, no ranks and no symbols or insignia.

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