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The Empyrean Regime

"Wisdom begins with knowledge... knowledge is the distilment of experience."
Vaullian Proverb

Type of Organization

Wizards Guild

Type of Members

Number of Members 112 members, 140 support staff
Demographics Vaullian 65%, Human 20%, Saridian 10%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)



Pajhor Takrin
Year Founded 1117 CY
Symbol None.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Empyrean Regime is the wizard's guild of Vaulstav. Boasting more than one hundred full time members and several hundred support staff, the Regime is located at the center of Vaulstav in a large stone building with a massive central dome. This building is known as the Empyrean Hall. It houses private living chambers, bed rooms, lounges, dining halls, kitchens, treasuries, armories, libraries, vaults, alchemy labs and research chambers. Only members of the Regime are allowed admittance.


The Empyrean Regime was founded centuries ago by a group of wizards, led by the great mage Axor. It was a small guild for centuries, but has gradually grown. It is on good terms with government of Vaul and is now the official, state-sanctioned authority on all magical matters within Vaul.

The name comes from the concept that the structure of the Universe is well ordered and that there are rules to magic which must be strictly followed. So, the Empyrean Regime simple refers to the "universal laws which are handed down to us from above... from the Universe".

Goals and Motivation

This group is interested mainly in advancing the knowledge and art of magic. Long term research projects are conducted. Members instruct each other on new spells. Magical training, both formal and informal, are conducted at every level. Members are kept busy with obtaining, refining, cataloguing and organizing as much arcane lore as possible.

Allies and Enemies

The Empyrean Regime is allied with many other intellectual and scholarly groups including the Order of the Mind, the Vaullian Historical Society and the Heraldic Order of the Aukarian Republic as well as dozens of small academic groups in Sarid.


Membership is open to any wizard of demonstrable skill. A prospective member is requires to demonstrate their magical ability with a series of small tests. The results of these tests give the ruling council an idea of how to rank the member. Membership also requires a rather hefty sum of 100 gold sarks each year as membership dues.

The Empyrean Regime offers many benefits to its members such as well stocked alchemical laboratories, a library that holds treasure trove of arcane lore, spell research rooms, a large summoning chamber and a private lounge where members mingle and discuss issues of the day.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

The Empyrean Regime has a very formal rank structure based on magical ability. Those of higher ability have more rank. Promotion is done through testing of ability.




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