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The Seekers of Shidar

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Radicals, Free thinkers 
Member of Members Estimated to be around 3,400
Demographics Human (Chaddamarian) 80%, Saridian 10%, Vaullian 7%, Other 3% 

Primary Location(s)

Chaddamarian Theocracy


Year Founded 1700s CY
Symbol -
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Unstable

General Description

The Seekers of Shidar is a large and powerful resistance movement that fights against the tyranny of the Church of the Chaddamar. It is an "underground" resistance movement dedicated to overthrowing the Church and doing away with the current atmosphere of oppression and fear. Chief among their goals is to find out what lies beyond the Wall and do away with the secrets and fear surrounding the Desolation of Shidar. They believe that the only way to purge the Desolation is to enter it and clean it up. They also believe various government conspiracy theories associated with the Desolation. They believe that the Church is hiding something out there. The only way to uncover the Truth is to go out there.


This group has existed for hundreds of years, slowly growing and shifting over time. It has been a persistent thorn in the Church of Chaddamar and all attempts to destroy this group have failed. This group has existed in one form or another for almost a thousand years. It is believed that the first resistance was formed some time during the 1700s.

Goals and Motivation

  1. Discover the secrets that the Church is hiding out there in the Desolation.
  2. Destroy Garreon's Wall
  3. Overthrow the Church.
  4. Establish a more just governmental system.

Allies and Enemies

Various individuals are sympathizers with this group, but no other major organizations are. The Vaullians and the Saridians are both sympathetic towards their cause, but try not to alienate the governing Church of Chaddamar.


Open to anyone, but the Seekers are very selective about who can join. They do extensive background checks before allowing anyone in to prevent the Church from discovering cells (groups of members) and uncovering their secrets.

This group is fairly small compared with the total population of Chaddamar. Despite their size, less than 1 in a 1000 Chaddamarians belong to this group.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Rank is based entirely on seniority. Those who have fought the longest have a greater say in matters than those who have recently joined.

All of the organization is broken up into "cells". Typically a cell is a group of between 5 and 15 members. Each cell works alone and has no contact with any other cell. This fragmented system is designed to protect the organization as a whole. If the Church discovers a cell, they cannot betray other cells or Seekers, even under threat of torture.


The great necromancer Saramuthak was a sympathizer and collaborated with this renegade group. He aided the Seekers of Shidar on  several occasions.

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