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The Company

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Crime Lords, Petty Thieves, Smugglers, Bandits, Informants, Spies, Mercenary Thugs
Number of Members 2,600
Demographics Human 25%, Orcish, 15%, Ogrish 10%, Dwarven 20%, Grum 17%, Elven 9%, Other 4%

Primary Location(s)

The Drakkellian Alliance and the free city of Asylum


Jaedo Kanth, human male crime lord
Year Founded 2207 CY
Symbol None.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

"The Company..."  ...the name is often whispered quietly in dark tavern corners among dangerous looking men. It is the name of the most feared underworld organization in the southern realms of Ithria. The Company is a broadly organized network of crime lords, business leaders, thieves, slavers, assassins, spies, informants, ruffian gangs, rogue guilds and common thugs. All manner of underworld activity, crime rackets, and scams are monitored and controlled through Company channels. Slavery, piracy, smuggling and well executed robberies constitute the bulk of the Companies profits. Assassinations, prison breaks and even political appointments are within the influence of this secretive group.

The Company consists of a well financed central group with connections to dozens of other groups operating within a larger network. Various groups and individuals have their contacts, but many don't know exactly who else is in the Company. Only the highest ranking Company officials know how far this network extends. Because of its diffuse nature, the Company maintains dozens of headquarters, safe houses, guild houses and warehouses throughout the Drakkellian Alliance. It also maintains a number of smaller guild houses scattered throughout the south from Kalimura as far east as the Coalition and from the Pirate Isles to the edge of the Khenshire. The Company's influence is widespread in these regions, but has met resistance with the Slave Lords that have moved to prevent the Company from operating in the eastern imperials lands.


The Company can trace its roots back five centuries to a small slavery operation known as the Drakkellian Labor Guild. This small operation was launched in the early 23rd century and grew steadily over its first century. It changed through the years by slowly infiltrating and absorbing other underworld groups. One way or another, these groups all fell to the Company. In 2480 CY, it fought a war with the Iron Rings, the most powerful thieves guild in the Drakkellian Alliance at that time. After several years of guild warfare which raged from rooftops to sewers, the Company managed to assassinate the entire leadership of their rival. From that point on, the Company was a major power in the Drakkellian Alliance. Through clever relationships with other groups and guilds, the Company has maintained a steady stream of profit and expanded its power base.

The last 50 years have seen the Company expanded into new territory. Small guild houses were opened in the Ithell, Kalimura, Ormek and the Coalition.

Goals and Motivations

The Company wishes to expand its territory. Taking the lucrative slave trading business in the Rukemian Empire is one of the largest goals. The Company also has its eyes on Ithell. It's usual method is to infiltrate a foreign government with agents and then slowly build up a guild presence there. This guild presence then begins underworld operations. This is becoming more difficult with operations so far from its core.

Allies and Enemies

The Company has relationships with several other groups and guilds in the Drakkellian Alliance. However, these are all business arrangements based upon mutual advantage and profit. Such relationships can easily change. As such, the Company has no true allies.

The Company has many enemies. It's operations are a financial drain on cities and so city militias are constantly attempting to route the Company and force it to cease operations. The Company must also content with rival guilds that attempt to encroach on its territory.

The Company's chief rival is the Slave Lords in the east. While their Slave Lords are a smaller organization and more focused on slavery as its sole function, it has proven to be a thorn in the side of the behemoth Company. These two guilds are in direct competition over the profits of slavery to be had in the Rukemian Empire. The Slave Lords, who have a monopoly there, are not willing to give up their lucrative position. Hence, the Slave Lords have worked hard to keep the Company out of the Rukemian Empire. While the Company has already discreetly moved small groups into Mercia and Ormek, it has not been without incident. The Slave Lords and the Company frequently clash both in public court and in back alleys. The fighting is most fierce in Ormek where tavern brawls and street gang warfare are common and hide a much larger conflict. Recently, the Company has begun attacking and crippling Slave Lord ships as they pass through the Sea of Chaos.


The Company employs over 2,000 loyal and well paid men, ranging from the lowest cutthroats and shrewdest businessmen up to the wealthiest crime lords. In addition, the Company utilizes many hundreds of slaves as a cheap source of labor. The Labor Guild (slavery division) is the largest and oldest branch of the Company. Slavery is still a lucrative business for the Company.

Oaths and Codes

The Company itself requires no oaths or codes. However, individual groups and subguilds within the Company may have their own oaths and codes that they follow.

Rank Structure

Although the Company has many ranks and tiers of organization, the entire operation is run by a reclusive figure... Guild Master Jaedo Kanth. Kanth is a true genius of manipulation and personally oversees the Company's many underworld projects, often playing underlings and enemies against each other like so many pawns. Master Kanth is virtually a legend throughout the south, though his name is not spoken openly. Those who ask too many questions about him often find themselves the victims of unfortunate "accidents".

Jaedo Kanth surrounds himself with misinformation and intrigue to conceal his true identity, revealing himself only to his most trusted lieutenants. Most agree that he is a human man in his forties, although even this is sometimes disputed. The many hundreds of "company men" spread across the south are fiercely loyal to Kanth and are all paid extremely well. Opportunities for advancement within the Company are many. With so many resources and man power at his disposal, Kanth is one of the most powerful and feared men in Ithria. 




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