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Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue

"Beware the Sentinels, for those peaks 
belong to the Serpent Tongued."
Grumman Proverb

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Soldiers, Scouts, Hunters, Rangers, Tribal Humanoids
Number of Members 64,200
Demographics Orc 30%, Ogre 20%, Human 20%, Saurian 15%, Goblin 10%, Other Races 5%

Primary Location(s)

Coalition, the Sentinel Mountains and the Stench Bog


Berosh, Saurian Giant Male
Year Founded 2080 CY
Symbol The forked tongue.
Group Wealth Poor
Group Stability Average

General Description

The Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue is a vast army formed by a loose alliance of humanoid tribes,clans and criminal gangs. Bandits, thieves, wilderness scouts, cutthroats, assassins, mercenaries and warriors are all welcome here. Likewise, the brotherhood consists of a braod racial mix : ogres, saurians and humans being the most common. The Brotherhood boasts more than sixty thousand members. The group also controls several forts, castles and camps scattered through the Sentinel Mountains and Stench Bog from which the Brotherhood warriors strike out against the Garrison and others.

The Brotherhood serves as a vast wilderness militia in service to the Coalition. It patrols the borders of the Coalition and all regions within as well. In addition to patrols and securing the border, the Brotherhood raids upon the Coalition's neighbors. In addition to their assigned duties, one of the group's main interests is the conquest of the Stench Bog and eventually the downfall of Garrison. All members are expected to fight and, as a whole, the group uses stealth and guerilla tactics. The woods and mountains are their home and they use the terrain to great advantage.

This group is one of the seven groups that forms the foundation of the Coalition. Although it is the largest of the seven groups by far, it lacks the wealth and organization of the other six groups and so poses little threat to them. However, the other six keep an eye on the Brotherhood. Some Coalition rulers fear that the Brotherhood may one day lay siege to Tyrrenkor and attempt to wipe out all opposition.

The current leader of the Brotherhood is Berosh the Hammer, a giant of the saurian race. He rules from the largest of the Brotherhood castles. He prefers to stay out in the wilderness with his warriors and so is vary rarely seen in Tyrrenkor. Several of his most trusted lieutenants are appointed to the council in Tyrrenkor and represent their lord.


For centuries, there have been warring clans and tribes of ogres, orcs and other humanoids throughout the Sentinel Mountains. In 2080 CY, Thulkus, a powerful aberrant saurian, rose to a position of power. This charismatic leader was unbeaten in combat and had the strength to unite these warring factions. In so doing, he brought thousands under his control and so was born the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue. Thulkus was a master of inspiration, able to inspire a blood frenzy in his soldiers before combat.

Thulkus proposed a bold plan to his followers... they would lay siege to and bring down the mighty Garrison fortress. In 2085 CY, Thulkus led a force of four thousand and lay siege to Garrison that lasted two weeks. On the fifteenth day, they successful took the fort. Many knights died in that horrible battle. Among the humans that fled the castle was a young squire named Pralus. The humanoids took over Garrison. In honor of their great victory and to honor their leader, the humanoids and humans forked their own tongues... a tradition that continues to this day. Because of this, the humanoid horde became known as the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue.

The humanoids, under the command of Thulkus the Serpent King, held the Garrison four 24 years, until the knights returned under the command of the Sir Pralus, the "White Knight" and recaptured the great keep. The Great Retaking of the Garrison occurred in the fall of 2099 CY. Thulkus, the mighty Serpent King, died in that battle, killed by the White Knight himself.

After Thulkus, the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue fragmented into several clans and gangs for a few decades only to be reunited by an ogre war lord named Halko. Halko forked his tongue in honor of Thulkus and the group adopted the name and characteristics of the original "Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue". Under his rule, the group took control of several towns and villages and claimed all of Sentinel Mountains as "theirs". under his rule.

Since then, the group has waxed and waned under different leaders. The most notable would be Ishalba the Wise. Ishalba was a myren saurian with a sharp mind who was renowned for his remarkable grasp of strategy and tactics, as well as some spell ability and a potent staff of eldritch sorcery which never left his side. It was Ishalba who, in 2366 CY, met with other leaders in the south and formed the Coalition.

In the last 350 years, the group has carved out a niche for itself as the official "wilderness militia" of the Coalition. The mountains, forests and swamps are their domain. They protect the Coalition borders and fight in times of war. Over the centuries, the group has constrcted several small forts and castles scattered through the Sentinel Mountains which serve as headquarters. It has grown in size. The Brotherhood now numbers more than 60,000 members (which includes more than one hundred separate clans, tribes and gangs).

Goals and Motivation

The Brotherhood controls the wilderness of the Sentinel Mountains, the Stench Bog and the wastelands that border the great Baen Desert. The mountains, hills, forests and swamps are their domain. Brotherhood war parties patrol the regions constantly and large scale raids are often organized and launched against Garrison, the Drakkellian Alliance and the grumman lands. The Brotherhood have several large castles and huge encampments that hold great feasts late into the night... especially before and after a raid.

Allies and Enemies

The Brotherhood is allied with the other six ruling groups of the Coalition: the Chosen, the Fellowship, Peil's Thunder, the Order of the Vile, the Selari Knights and the League of Stone and Steel.

The Brotherhood finds itself regularly at war with the knights and soldiers of Garrison, the military of the Drakkellian Alliance, the militias of Jannerus and occasionally the Baenites.


Generally, the members of this group consist of bandits, brigands, prisoners, slaves, disgraced soldiers, outcasts and a motley collection of saurians, ogres, orcs and goblins.

Members cut their own tongues with knives to fork them as a show of their fanatical devotion. They are trained to be cunning, devious and treacherous. They have a warped sense of honor. All is done for the glory of the Brotherhood. Death before dishonor. Desertion is unthinkable. They prefer to use traps, poison, ambushes, lies and other forms of deceit

The benefits of membership include belonging to one of the most powerful and feared groups in the southlands. Training, weapons and armor are available as well as good ale, stolen loot and plenty of action.

Oaths and Codes

The Brotherhood has no oaths or codes. However, the ritual of the splitting of the tongue is a test of bravery and endurance that every member must pass.

Rank Structure

There is no formal rank structure in the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue. Within this organization, the strong bully the weak in a primitive pecking order.




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