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The Order of the Vile

"In the cauldron of my soul,
I will brew hate for my foes."
From the Oath of the Vile

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Alchemists, herbalists, tinkerers, craftsmen, scholars
Number of Members 1,750
Demographics Human 28%, Dwarven 22%, Orcish 16%, Ogrish 12%, Baenite 7%, Goblin 5%, Grum 5%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)



Oran Clontir, dwarven alchemist and potion brewer
Year Founded 1880 CY
Symbol A cauldron.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Order of the Vile is one of the seven ruling groups of the Coalition. The name of this group is undoubtedly a pun. Vile as opposed to vial. This group specializes in alchemy, potions and poisons. In addition to alchemists and herbalists, the group also counts sages, wizards, tinkerers and craftsmen among its members. Besides potions and poisons, the group also fashions weapons, armor and miscellaneous magic items. 

As a whole, this is a secretive, cowardly and thoroughly unpleasant organization. Many of its members are heartless and cruel while others simply see the profit of their work. 


The Order of the Vile originally formed as a guild of displaced and refugee skilled workers from the shattered Traxxian culture.

Goals and Motivation

Precious little is known about the goals or motives of this group. 

Allies and Enemies

Allied with the other six ruling groups of the Coalition.

The Order of the Vile is a fierce enemy of the Mercian Thieves Guild. Although it is not widely known, Oran Clontir was once a member of the Mercian Thieves Guild, but was ostracized from that group following the poisoning of a high ranking guild member. When Oran Clontir rose to a position of power within the Order of the Vile, he did what he could to cause problems for the Mercian group. Since his take over of the Order, there has been antipathy between the two groups. Mercian Thieves Guild are forced to buy their poisons from Ormek or brew them themselves. The Order will not sell any goods to Mercia.


Every member is expected to take up one craft and master it. Within the Order, there are various subgroups based on the product they produce. Members have access to excellent tools, raw materials and the best ingredients available. 

Oaths and Codes

In the cauldron of my soul, I will brew hate for my foes.
In the lair of my heart, I will concoct my vengeance
From the shadows of the night I will strike with venomed blade
In the haven of my enemy, I will poison faith with fear
In the fire of my mind, I will burn away truth and distill deceit

The Oath of the Vile  gives some indication to the temperament of this group.

Rank Structure

The group's leader, Oran Clontir, a dwarven master brewer capable of concocting the deadliest poison or the tastiest ale. He is known for a grumpy disposition and a fierce hatred of the Mercian Thieves Guild and its guild master.

Rank within the Order is based on seniority and also upon the quantity and quality of work. Each subgroup of the Order is led by a master of that particular craft who determines the allocation of resources and assignment of work.




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