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Berosh the Hammerfist

Age 44 Hair Style Bald 
Race Giant (Saurian) Hair Color Not Applicable
Height 3.7 meters (12' 1") Eye Color Green
Weight 1,060 kg (2337 lb) Distinguishing Marks Multiple scars on arms and legs.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment War Hammer, bandolier of human skulls

Profession Bandit Lord, Leader of the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue
Chief Location Sentinel Mountains and the Stench Bog
Affiliations Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue
Languages Sauric, Southern
Skills Combat, Tactics, Strategy, Wilderness Survival, Hunting, Intimidation, Leadership


Berosh is the leader of the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue. He is a member of the ruling council of the Coalition. However, he never attends court. He always sends a lieutenant to Tyrrenkor to stand in his place. 

Berosh is somewhat famous in the south. He has had an illustrious career on the battlefield. His size and prowess in battle make he difficult to mistake. He has twelve trusted lieutenants who have been with him since the beginning.

Physical Appearance

Berosh is a giant of the saurian race, specifically, a myren saurian. It is because of his race that the Brotherhood members have adopted the tradition of forking their tongues as a sign of fanatic devotion. It is a sign of respect to Berosh. 

This giant lizard man stands 3.7 meters tall and weighs over a ton. He weighs a bandolier of human skulls across his chest. These are the skulls of those knights from Garrison who have been felled by the might blows of this giant. Each skull is coated in a hardened glaze of fraulmek resin to protect them.


Berosh was born in the Coalition to a saurian mother and father. His father taught Berosh many skills but abandoned his mother in the later years of his life, so Berosh had to deal with the every day problems in the Coalition. Berosh, like all other saurians, was very independent and often sought solitude. This is where he honed his skills of survival and hunting. At the age of 15 he left home and lived alone in Tyrrenkor. He joined the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue at the age of 19 and quickly rose through the ranks through intimidation and leadship skills.  When Berosh was 27, he came to the attention of Tyrrenkor officials who asked him to join the ruling council. He accepted, but almost never attends court. Berosh still rules the Brotherhood and is still on the ruling council.


He is a myren saurian, but a powerfully built one. As such, he combines awesome strength and battle prowess with a keen mind. While he is a terror on the battlefield, he is also a good planner and uses strategy and tactics to outwit his opponents rather than brute force. He has the reputation for being able to sense trouble before it happens. He often can spot a trap before he walks into it and always has a backup plan.

Although the Brotherhood often lives in the shadow of Peil's Thunder, Berosh is proud of what his group of bandits and woodsmen has been able to achieve. 

Berosh is known as the Hammer because of his way of dealing with people. He speaks with confidence and authority. He tends to listen to his lieutenants debate a topic  around the campfire. Then, when all has been said, he will make his decision and it is laid down like a hammer stroke. None question it. None challenge it. Perhaps to further add weight to this name, Berosh also fights with an iron headed hammer.

Notable Skills

Combat, Tactics, Strategy, Wilderness Survival, Hunting, Diplomacy, Leadership


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