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The Chosen

"They are not flesh. They are a dream. The twisted nightmare of a sleeping demon."
- The cryptic words of  Caeqor

Type of Organization


Type of Members

The Chosen, Servants, Slaves and Tower Guards (see below)
Number of Members 300 Chosen, 300 Servants and Slaves, 100 Tower Guards
Demographics Human 23%, Dwarven 20%, Grum 17%, Orcish, 14%, Elven 11%, Ogrish 10%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)



Year Founded 1441 CY
Symbol Representation of the Chosen, the Coromunth and the union of the two.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Chosen are a secretive order of "sorcerer monks" - men and women who practice a combination of spell craft, personal discipline, unarmed combat, stealth and weapon mastery. Despite their name, the Chosen is one of the most racially tolerant groups. Its ranks include members of almost all races: human, elves, baenites, dwarves, orcs, skrell, ogres, saurians and more. However, every member of the Chosen is easily recognizable by certain physical characteristics which include: abnormally tall and thin bodies, pale white skin, black hair, sunken eyes and blackened nails. Most members wear their hair long (usually in a ponytail). Both genders are included in the ranks of this group and exhibit the same physical characteristics, tending to be somewhat sterile and sexless. Accompanying these aestetic differences are a host of physical benefits - the Chosen exhibit enhanced strength, vision, hearing and speed. The Chosen have exceptional dark vision and seem unhampered no matter how dark it is. They have one drawback - the Chosen cannot abide the light of Drellis, even for short periods of time.

The Chosen have a fearful reputation based partly on the mystique that surrounds them, partly on their frightful appearance and partly on the manner of conducting their affairs. The Chosen seem to do everything in a slightly magnified and elaborate way. They do not exhibit emotional outbursts and are rather restrained in their behavior. The Chosen speak very elegantly and never swear. They eat only the flesh of animals, drink only blood. They always dress in long black coats.

The Chosen are said to be "sorcerer monks" because of the way they fight. In battle, these men and women usually fight with no weapons. They are able to move extremely fast and use a style of martial arts which is unique to them. Beyond unarmed combat skills, members of this group have a number of innate powers. Witnesses have seen Chosen walk through walls, teleport, become invisible, move objects with their mind, become as insubstantial as smoke and levitate.


The History of this group is shrouded in mystery. Those precious few who know about the existance of the Coromunth (see below) speculate that it was either a demon summoned during the Great War or possibly an aberrant abomination that grew centuries later. 

Goals and Motivation

The motivations of the Chosen are as mysterious as the Chosen themselves. Whether they seek power or blood or magic is not known. The group cooperates with the rest of the Coalition and the Chosen representative in Council claims that the common good of the nation is their primary goal. In truth, the strength and unity of this group is important, but their primary goal is finding suitable hosts and joining them to the Coromunth.

Allies and Enemies

The Chosen are allied with the other six ruling groups of the Coalition. They have no direct enemies, but they are well known to governments and groups outside the Coalition.


The Servants of the Chosen

The Chosen are served by about three hundred servants, common laborers and slaves. These servants take care of all the mundane tasks which the Chosen refuse to lower themselves -  cleaning, cooking, repair of items, minor errands, etc. The slaves are also used for less moral purposes - whipping boys, slaves, test subjects for magical experimentation and more. Servants are forced to follow a strict set of rules which includes absolute silence when working or attending to personal duties, only speaking when spoken to, severing all ties with the outside world and more.

The Tower Guards

A few unfortunate victims of the Chosen -  a slave, an innocent victim captured on the streets of Tyrrenkor, a servant that breaks a rule - are taken to the catacombs beneath the Tower of Darkness and undergo an elaborate magical transformation into a Tower Guard - a fearful beast which appears to be a very tall, thin humanoid whose skin consists of thick armor plates and spikes. Dozens of these creatures dwell within the tower, acting as guard dogs.

Oaths and Codes

This group has no oaths or codes. Membership is reserved for those few who are compatible with the Coromunth. Once joined, loyalty is absolute. No oath is required. 

Rank Structure

The Chosen have a very basic rank structure. All Chosen (those who are joined) follow a strict pecking order based upon seniority. Those who have been joined the longest outrank those who have been joined more recently. The current reigning leader is a baenite named Suu-battar who has been joined for over 300 years. His powers far exceed the others.

All others in the organization (slaves, prisoners, Tower Guards, servants, etc.) are subordinate to the Chosen.


The Chosen hide a dark secret that very few people know. This secret is buried beneath their tower.  Deep beneath the Tower of Darkness, in the lowest level of its dungeons, there is a massive circular chamber. In the center of this chamber dwells a creature which the Chosen call the "Coromunth" which translates in ancient Traxxi as "the darkness below". This monstrosity is a deformed mass of bloated flesh, writhing tentacles, spines, stingers, pseudopods, eyestalks and worse. The Chosen worship it as both leader and god. It is not known exactly what the Coromunth is, although some specalute that it is some sort of demon or possibly some horrific aberration.

The members of this organization are not what they seem to be. They are, in fact, mental projections - telepathically manipulated light and force, a trick of the mind. The actual physical bodies of the Chosen dwell in the cavern of the Coromunth. The body of each member is physically merged with the Coromunth. The body is absorbed by the beast in a mass of tentacles and fibrous tissue, a slime filled pod of genetic soup. This merging drastically alters the body of the Chosen. Within each pod, the body of the humanoid is a pale white, hairless, emaciated thing - little more than a skeletal corpse. Thousands of fibers connect the humanoid brain and nervous system with the Coromunth. These people are very much alive. They exist in a coma-like state, their minds in a dream world. From this dream world, they mentally project images of themselves. These projections are walking, talking reflections of their real bodies. They are able to touch and be touched, hold conversations, eat, etc. but they are nothing more than light, energy and gravity. The sleeping Chosen are able to interact with the real world through their projections. These projections, since they are nothing more than telepathic creations, are able to accomplish the magical feats which the Chosen are known for: walking through walls, telekinesis, teleportation, etc. There is one major limitation to these mental projections - they cannot venture further than about 200 kilometers from their bodies and the Coromunth. Attempting to do so disrupts the projection.

The Coromunth itself is an intelligent beast and a very powerful telepath. It lends its mental powers to its subjects and boosts their telepathic ability. The Coromunth is host to the Chosen and keeps them alive with fluids and nutrients fed intravenously. They, in turn, share their collective experiences with the beast.

The telepathic projections of the Chosen cannot be killed in the normal sense. Powerful magic can disrupt the telepathic projection causing it to wink out of existance. With rest, a Chosen can reform his or her projection.  Certain divination spells may indicate what the projection really is. Other than this, it is extremely difficult to tell a telepathic projection from a real person. This is one reason why only a handful of people on the entire continent are aware of the true nature of the Chosen.

The Chosen live for a very long time merged with the Coromunth, but they are not immortal. They do have to replace lost members and continually strive to expand their numbers. However, not anyone can be a Chosen. Only those with the gift of telepathy are able to merge with the Coromunth. Very few people have the necessary mental faculties and psychic aura. Less than one in a 1,000 people are suitable candidates. The Chosen continually search the lands for those rare individuals with the right talents. Those with the gift are found and brought before the Coromunth. All such people join - either by invitation, coercion or outright kidnapping.


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