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The Selari Knights

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Knights and Squires, Guards, Servants, Slaves
Member of Members 175 Selari Knights (plus an additional 7000 servants and support personal)
Demographics Human 55%, Ogre 25%, Orc 10%, Baenite 5%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)



Year Founded 1909 CY
Symbol An odd geometric design reminiscent of a symmetrical bladed weapon. The significance of this standard is known only to the Selari.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

Also known as the Death Knights or  the Knights of the Ebon Blade, this small group consists of elite warrior knights who are notorious for the fiendish ways. These men (and women) use deceit, treachery, torture, murder, poison and assassinations as common tools. They have no morals or regrets. Chivalry and honor means nothing to them and there are as opposite the virtuous Arkalian knights as night is from day.

Selari Knights wear heavy plate armor which is often etched and adorned. They use large shields which are similarly adorned and bear their symbol. The Selari fight with finely crafted swords which are single edged and have a subtle curve. These magnificent weapons are forged of ebony mithril and bear a distinctive skull shaped pommel.

Selari Knights are typically handsome, well built and arrogant. Besides having mastered the arts of warfare and personal combat, they command dark energies which they are able to weave into spells. On various occasions, the Selari have been seen accomplishing the following feats:

bullet healing themselves
bullet causing disease with a touch
bullet peering through walls
bullet seeing at night with ease
bullet tremendous leaps
bullet cloaking themselves with shadows
bullet throwing inky black spheres at people and killing them outright
bullet hurling balls of lightning
bullet cutting through solid stone with their ebony swords


The Selari Knights have been a force in the Coalition since its inception. Formed in 1909 CY, it has been slowly built up over the years by a single individual, Selar, who has ruled the group for over eight centuries.

Goals and Motivation

This group enjoys a reclusive existence holding secret meetings once each month. Their goals are not known to the outside world. 

Allies and Enemies

The Selari are an aggressive group with many enemies. They have attacked corsairs from the Pirate Isles, the Mercian Navy, baenite villages, grumman caravans and groups in Asylum. The Selari Knights are bitter enemies of the Shield Guard of Garrison and will attack them on sight.

 In accordance with Coalition politics, the Selari are allied with the other six ruling groups of the Coalition. Even so, they are a notoriously reclusive group and have little interaction with even their allies.  


Traditionally, each knight takes a squire as his or her protégé. This squire accompanies the knight and serves by performing various mundane tasks. The knight trains the squire for the day that he will attain his own knighthood. The only way to become a Selari Knight is to first serve as a squire (a period which typically lasts about 10 years).

Generally speaking, this is a difficult group to join. The Selari Knights are somewhat reclusive and meet only once each month at Morrenkreg Keep. Many young men and women in the Coalition compete for the opportunity to achieve the position of Selari squire. There are few openings. Most of these hopeful Coalition youths end up serving the Selari Knights in other capacities such as House guards or servants.

Oaths and Codes

Selari Knights speak an oath of loyalty to Selar when they complete their training. This oath is held in strict secrecy and is not known outside of this order.

Rank Structure

Each knight commands a house. In such a household, he is served by his squire, a chamberlain and various other servants, guards and slaves. Each house hold varies in size and organization, but generally they have the same procedures and traditions. Each House is a separate entity, both physically and socially. Each such House is a manor or estate with a large central house, a separate servant house, training facilities, prison, gardens, walls and gatehouses.

In this regard, the organization resembles more a brotherhood of knights who share the same beliefs, training and oaths. There are only 175 Selari Knights (and hence, 175 such households). The rest of the organization consists of squires, hired guards, servants and slaves totaling about 7000.

All Selari Knights have the same rank. No knight outranks another. The only exception to this is Selar, the leader of this group. His relationship to the Selari Knights is not clear to outsiders. He wears Selari armor and appears to be a human male. However, Selar has ruled this group for over 800 years and appears to be ageless. It was Selar who trained the first Selari Knights. He commands vast magical energies and some believe he is some sort of demi-god. It is likely that the Selari obtain their spell like ability through him. Selar dwells in a large castle called Morrenkreg Keep which is located in Tyrrenkor.




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