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Peil's Thunder

"I am baptized in blood,
I am bathed in fire
I wear the scars of yesterday
Upon the battlefield of today
Let my enemies quake in their boots
For I am the Thunder"
From a Coalition Marching Song
Translated from Orcish

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Soldiers, officers, siege engineers, metal workers and various other support personnel
Number of Members 20,500
Demographics Human 30%, Orc 25%, Ogre 20%, Saurian 15%, Dwarf 8%, Other 2%

Primary Location(s)



Peil Karoch, Human Male Military Commander
Year Founded 2142 CY
Symbol Stylized lightning bolt
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

Peil's Thunder is the main fighting force of the Coalition and is over 20,000 members strong. Formerly a huge mercenary group, Peil's Thunder now serves as one of the ruling groups of the Coalition and several high ranking officers of this group now hold seats on the Council at Tyrrenkor. This group has a long tradition of mercenary fighting and is actually broken up into several legions which are scattered about the Coalition. A few groups of this military juggernaut maintain the mercenary tradition and hire themselves out to other nations.


This group was founded over two centuries ago by the warlord known as Damron Peil. Damron Peil died many years ago in battle and his second in command took control. This ascension through rank has been carried out through nine leaders. Each new leader adopts the title of Peil upon taking command. Now ruling is Peil Karoch, a human warrior who served for 22 years under Peil Betai before taking command

Goals and Motivation

This group is proud of its position as the supreme military force of the Coalition. It is Peil’s Thunder that fights the wars, protects the cities, guards the Coalition caravans and mining operations and protects the leaders. Petty raids, skirmishes and border patrols are left to the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue. 

One of the primary goals of Peil’s Thunder is to destroy Garrison.

Allies and Enemies

Peil’s Thunder is allied with the other six ruling factions of the Coalition. Enemies include every major military group within 1000 kilometers of Coalition territory including the Mercian Navy, dozens of grumman militias, the baenites and the military forces of the Drakkellian Alliance. However, the chief enemy of Peil’s Thunder is the Garrison.


Anyone who can swing a blade is welcome to sign up with Peil’s Thunder. Siege engineers and skilled metal workers are highly sought after. Also, mages and priests with useful combat related spells are sometimes petitioned to join.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Peil’s Thunder is divided up into various groups and subgroups with different sizes and specialties. Although some may adorn themselves with their own standards from time to time, all must bear the Peil’s Thunder symbol. Within Peil’s Thunder, rank is based on number of confirmed kills. A warrior’s number of kills is worn as a badge of honor upon shield or tattooed upon chest, arm or forehead. The image of a single black skull represents a single kill. A red skull represents a dozen kills.


The mercenary unit known as Peil’s Thunder provides city wide security and patrolling for all of Tyrrenkor. These warriors wear a variety of studded leather or scale mail and an equally diverse spectrum of weaponry. They all wear short black capes and carry stout shields bearing the symbol of the Peil's Thunder military group. These men are paid to keep  the peace and make an example of trouble makers.  They have few restrictions on their authority. They are as likely to let fights finish and then simply arrest everyone and steal everything. The city guard of Tyrrenkor have earned the nickname of "Hellhounds"..


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