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The League of Stone and Steel

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Craftsmen of all kinds
Number of Members 9000
Demographics Human 30%, Ogre 30%, Dwarf 15%,  Orc 10%, Grum 10%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)



Vohan Elritch
Year Founded 829 CY
Symbol A smith's hammer and a miner's pick.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

This large organization boasts over 9000 members. It is made up of blacksmiths, stone cutters, miners, leather workers, silver smiths, carpenters, gem cutters, common laborers and all manner of other craftsmen. The League of Stone and Steel is the production group of the Coalition. It is the League that fashions weapons and armor for the soldiers. It is the League that builds and maintains the fortresses of the realm. League members also mine the land, quarry and cut the stone, transport all manner of goods throughout the Sentinel Mountains and carry on trade relations with the Drakkellian Alliance. The League conducts almost all of its business using Drakkellian currency.

The League controls vast resources, tracts of land and wealth within the Coalition making them one of the most powerful groups.

The Guild Master of the League is Vohan Elritch. He is a human male in his later fifties, a tall and big boned man with a strong shoulders, a shock of grey hair, three days growth and a pipe casually hanging from his mouth which is always stuffed with rothka weed – his favorite. Vohan has been with the League of Stone and Steel is entire life, having started out at age 15 as a stone cutters apprentice. He has worked as a miner, a stone cutter and a jeweler, slowly rising through the ranks of the League until he was promoted to Master Craftsmen and attained a seat on the League Council at the age of 47. Five years later, the then-ruling Guild Master Etos Sen became deathly sick with a particularly virulent strain of miners disease (after a week long visit to a newly opened mine). From his death bed, Etos Sen named Vohan the new Guild Master. Vohan has ruled the League since and done well.

Coalition Steel

One of the most important aspects of this guild is that they have learned to forge a crude type of steel by combining iron and carbon. This metal, commonly known as Coalition Steel, is stronger than iron and is well known throughout the Coalition and beyond. The League is the only organization that knows the technique. It is a jealously guarded secret. It is from this Coalition steel that the League of Stone and Steel gets its name.

The process of making Coalition steel is slow and labor intensive. Wrought iron is packed with charcoal and other organic materials in a closed refractory container and heated to a very high temperature for seven days (it is commonly said that this is one day for each of the seven ruling guilds). This crude steel is then mixed with wrought iron to dilute the carbon content. This blend is heated, hammered, folded and reheated many times over another seven days (again, in honor of the ruling guilds). The resulting low carbon steel is then forged and quenched by plunging into ice water resulting in a very hardened steel.

Although difficult and expensive to make, Coalition steel is stronger than iron and holds a finer edge. Armor and weapons made of Coalition steel have an advantage over iron and are greatly prized. Objects made with such steel fetch a much higher price in markets than similar objects made of common iron.

Because of the labor intensive process, Coalition steel is manufactured only in small quantities The scarcity of objects made of this steel further inflates its value.


The League of Stone and Steel formed from refugee Traxxian craftsmen in the centuries following the Great War. The League commanded much of the wealth, resources and skilled labor of the region long before the various groups united to form the Coalition.

Goals and Motivation

The League of Stone and Steel is interested in efficiently exploiting the abundant resources of the Coalition. The Leagues unique position in the socio-political landscape of the Coalition gives the League complete control of the geography, the wealth and the flow of valuable geological resources through the economy.

In addition, the League is continually experimenting and refining its production of steel in hopes of finding better methods, blends and alloys.

Allies and Enemies

The League of Stone and Steel is, of course, formally allied with the other six ruling groups of the Coalition. The League trades with the Drakkellian Alliance and, in some instances, competes with certain Drakkellian guilds.

The League is on very good terms with Peil’s Thunder and supplies all of the weapons and armor for the group. It is for this reason that so many officers in Peil's Thunder have armor and weapons made of Coalition steel. Peil’s Thunder returns the favor by providing security for the League and ensuring that none of the other five groups bullies or coerces the craftsmen. A group of Thunder mercenaries can be found at every League mining site throughout the Sentinel Mountains acting as guards and patroling the area.


League membership costs 5 silver nobles each month. Benefits include access to raw materials, tools and training for any of a number of crafts: all kinds of metal smithing, carpentry, stone cutting, gem cutting, appraisal, leather working, architecture, construction of buildings and bridges and much more.

Due to the nature of its business, almost all the dwarves in the Coalition are members of the League. Its ranks are mostly human and ogre otherwise. A number of skrell also hold apprentice rank within the League and work at various mining sites. Grumman leather workers and carpenters are not uncommon in the League.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

The League of Stone and Steel operates and functions much like a guild. Each member pays dues, has certain obligations to the group and reaps certain social and monetary benefits. Each member also has a rank and title within the organization.

Title Number Description
Apprentice 5200 Those young men and women who have joined in hopes of one day becoming a Master and making something of themselves.
Journeymen 2800 Those who successful complete the apprenticeship become Journeymen craftsmen. The Journeyman, assisted by the apprentices, constitute the bulk of the skilled labor.
Craftsmen 840 Craftsmen are typically called upon to lead teams, ensure the projects are completed on time, teach younger members and make reports to the Master craftsmen.
Master Craftsmen 100 The top tier. It is the master craftsmen that, in many ways, run the League and it is from this rank that Council members are selected.
League Council 9 The leaders of the League of Stone and Steel.
Guild Master 1 Guild Master and Speaker of the League Council

In addition to its own members, the League will often employ indentured servants, slaves and hire common laborers to do a lot of the unskilled labor. Such slaves and workers are used extensively in mining and quarry work.




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