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The Fellowship

"May you find solace in the shadows."
Fellowship Blessing

Type of Organization

Criminal, Guild

Type of Members

Thieves, assassins, mercenaries, priests
Number of Members 1,150
Demographics Human 33%, Orc 28%, Ogre 16%, Saurian 13%, Goblin 8%, Dwarf 3%, Other 3%

Primary Location(s)



Lady Ynar, High Priestess of Karenia
Year Founded 1780 CY
Symbol A dagger and a wine glass.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Fellowship is the official thieves guild of the Coalition, but it is much more than a simple thieves guild. It includes a variety of assassins, spies, bandits, thugs, pickpockets and crime lords that exist in a complicated net of underworld activity which spans the entire nation. The Fellowship is ruled by the Church of Karenia and has subtle religious undertones throughout. Unlike other thieves guilds and underworld organizations, this group has the luxury of operating out in the open. The assassins of this group call themselves the Slayers and they are extremely good at what they do.


The history of the Fellowship is closely tied to the history of the Coalition. The Fellowship began as a small bandit group during the dark years Age of Sorrow. This group was later joined by a handful of assassin priests who were worshipers of Karenia. So successful was this merged group that rogues and scoundrels of all types came to join and serve. Conflicts arose between the Fellowship and other powerful groups in the mountainous region. Many spies were planted in these other groups. Many years later, they united with the other six groups to form the Coalition.

Goals and Motivation

First and foremost, this organization is interested in controlling all underworld activity throughout the Coalition and beyond. The Fellowship controls the acquisition and distribution of poisons, lock picks, weapons and other tools of the trade in the area. They are also charged with carrying out successful assassinations against Coalition enemies and protecting Coalition officials from assassination attempts.

Allies and Enemies

The Fellowship is allied with the other six ruling groups of the Coalition. It is directly opposed to Garrison and works toward its eventually downfall. The Fellowship often finds itself competing or in direct conflict with the Company, the Mercian Thieves Guild and sometimes groups in the Pirate Isles.


The Fellowship employs a wide spectrum of diverse talent – from common thieves and mercenary thugs to the wicked priests of Karenia. A complex tiered ranking system exists:

bulletThe Dark Lady
bulletKarenia Priests
bulletOther spell users
bulletSlayers (assassins)
bulletWarriors (including bandits, thugs, mercenaries and guards)
bulletThieves and pickpockets
bulletSlaves and servants

Within each tier, rank is based on seniority. Among the Slayers, it is based on successful kills.

All members are expected to pay homage to Karenia, if only lip service.

Oaths and Codes

All members must swear an oath of loyalty to Karenia upon their initiation into the ranks of the Fellowship. The Slayers take their own oath and follow a code of religious fanaticism.

Rank Structure

The guild master of this group is Lady Ynar, often referred to as the Dark Lady. It is known that she is an assassin and a priestess of Karenia. Probably due to her influence, Karenia's Brew is the favored poison of the Slayers. Like all priests of Karenia, Lady Ynar is immune to the poison.


The Hall of the Fellowship is a large palatial estate which serves as home to Lady Ynar and the ranking members of the guild. It also serves as a guild hall where thieves, spies and assassins are trained. The main temple to Karenia is also found on these grounds.


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