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Federated Craftsmen 
of Drakkel

"Honest work, honest price."
Drakkellian Saying

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Craftsmen of all types - metal smiths, carpenters, stone masons, leather workers, apprentices, servants, slave labor, guards
Number of Members 740
Demographics Human 35%, Dwarven 30%, Grum 15%, Ogrish 10%, Elven 5%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)

The Drakkellian Alliance


Elok Beshar, Retired Stone Mason, Human Male
Year Founded 789 CY
Symbol Represents all that exists "outside" the 13 guilds.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Federated Craftsmen of Drakkel is a large and wealthy organization that provides a social and economic club for skilled craftsmen who are not members of one of the ruling guild houses of the Drakkellian Alliance. It is very much an institution in the Drakkellian Alliance. 

The main guild house of this organization is located within the city of Drakkel but its geography influence ranges far and wide from the Captured Sea to Jannerus and from Kalimura to Garrison


The Federated Craftsmen of Drakkel was originally formed in opposition to the near monopoly held by the thirteen ruling guild houses and has grown steadily over the years. In a time when quality of workmanship was beginning to erode and cutththroat business dealings were becoming common, the Federated Craftsmen was founded to provide an alternative to the citizens of the Alliance.  It is now an old organization with a long history and proud heritage. 

Goals and Motivation

This organization exists to keep the guilds in line. By ensuring that independent craftsmen have a place to turn, they can do away with dishonest guild practices such as price fixing, blackmail, intimidation and political influencing. The Federated Craftsmen also uphold quality above profit. In this way, they force the guilds to focus on quality as well.

Allies and Enemies

Although there are civil toward each other in the political arena of Drakkel, the Federated Craftsmen and the Guilds oppose each other in subtle economic ways. The Federated Craftsmen is allied with the Alliance of Alloys and is on good terms with Chakford's Engineers and the Technomancers.


The seven hundred plus members of the Federated Craftsmen are almost all skilled laborers of some kind. Professions include carpenters, cobblers, metal workers, stone mason, sculptors, roof thatchers, tailors and even simple farmers. Skill levels range from apprentice to master. All craftsmen, men and women, in the Drakkellian Alliance and surrounding areas are welcome to join the Federated Craftsmen. Those who are members of one of the ruling guild houses are expected to relinquish those ties.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Rank structure within this organization is based upon seniority. The leader of this ancient brotherhood is a human named Elok Beshar, a retired stone mason who is well-respected in the community.




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