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The Prophets of Drellikar

"All wounds heal..."

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Sages, historians, scholars, wizards
Number of Members 85
Demographics Human 73%, Dwarven 15%, Grum 7%, Orcish, 4%, Other 1%

Primary Location(s)

Arcanum, Carrikos


Marcos Omadas, elderly human male wizard
Year Founded 1894
Symbol Reunification of the twin stars.
Group Wealth Poor
Group Stability Stable

General Description

This small faction of extremists is directly opposed to Alrem’s Apostles. They view the Sundering and the World Storm as the most horrible events of the world’s history. The Cataclysmic war that followed was society’s response to it. The Prophets of Drellikar believe that Nature itself has been wounded and that balance must be restored. Their goal is to undo the Sundering and rejoin the two stars into one. Because of this, they are often called the Unifiers. They are based in Carrikos, on the land where the Sundering was conceived. But in this tightly knit religious atmosphere, they are strongly opposed. Very little of the world hears their message.


This small group was founded by a scholar and historian named Harkune. After uncovering a wealth of archaic texts that described the history of the Alliance and the Focusing, Harkune took it upon himself to reveal to the world that a terrible wound had been inflicted upon the world and that it must be undone. He gathered like minded souls for secret meetings. Although Harkune was captured and executed for heresy by Church officials, the group that he began thrived. 

Goals and Motivation

The primary goal of this group is the reunification of the sundered star. In other words, they want to rejoin the two stars, Drellis and Karrym,. back into a single star, Drellikar. Whether or not such a feat is even possible is a subject of much debate. If it were to be done, it is likely that such an event would trigger another cataclysmic world storm.

In order to achieve such a goal, the Prophets of Drellikar spend their time and effort studying the Sundering. This study approaches the problem from both historical and magical perspectives. Some members of the group research ancient documents and infiltrate libraries of the Church. Others conduct private research in their laboratories.

Allies and Enemies

The Prophets of Drellikar have no allies. Enemies, however, abound. Because all Alliance Mages were worshipers of Vorkayne at the time that the Focusing was conceived, the Vorkayne church and government are intimately tied to events of the distant past. Casting blame or judgment upon the Alliance Mages makes Carrikos look bad. Therefore, the government of Carrikos officially denies the existence of this group even while searching the city for them in order to bring them to justice.

Alrem's Apostles are directly opposed to the Prophets of Drellikar. These two groups hate each other with a passion and will make open and subtle war against each other at every opportunity. Alrem's Apostles oppose the Prophets believing that a stellar fusion would result in another cataclysm. However, the Prophets hold that it would be worth suffering another Cataclysm in order to "restore the world".


Due to strict secrecy, new members are screened carefully before given any critical information about the group lest they be exposed. Most members are spell casters or historians that have a deep interest in the Sundering. Many of them are wealthy citizens in good standing whose membership of this group is completely unknown to the authorities.

Oaths and Codes

The Prophets of Drellikar require no oaths or codes. However, in order to join them, one must believe in their cause.

Rank Structure

This is an informal group of intellectualists and mages. There is no formal rank structure. 




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