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The Sar'Shang Brotherhood

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Number of Members 450
Demographics Human 35%, Elven 25%, Grumman 15%, Dwarven 10%, Baenite 5%, Other 10%

Primary Location(s)

Ithell, Arkalia, Corvenia, Jannerus


Master Voshni, human male monk
Year Founded 1609 CY
Symbol -
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Sar'shang Brotherhood is a reclusive order of monks who believe in spiritual enlightenment, peaceful resolution to conflict and mental mastery. They are well-known for their serenity, peace and reason. They abstain from alcohol, drugs and other mind altering phenomena. They live simple lives of poverty, close to Nature. They wear simple clothes and eat uncomplicated meals. They form in small groups, usually between 4 and 10 and live in communal fashion.

One of the basic tenants of this following is that hard work is good and, by doing, one gets closer to enlightenment. They tend to do everything themselves. Brethren make their own clothes, cook their own meals, clean their own homes and gather their own food.

The Sar'shang are pacifists despite great prowess at unarmed combat. They fight only when they must. When they do fight, they use non-lethal unarmed combat including a variety of holds, throws and nerve pinches to stun, disable and paralyze opponents. Their combat style tends to use their opponents energy and momentum against them. They combine this with precise punches and kicks that stun.

They are very much opposed to torture and the taking of life. In fact, they always heal their opponent after they are done defeating them. Each brother is skilled in the arts of healing as well as fighting. A sar'shang brother who unintentionally kills a living being will typically spend a week in atonement and contemplation. During this time, the monk fasts and will not engage in combat, even to defend his own life. (That is, they will dodge, block or flee, but they will not strike back).


The Sar’shang brotherhood was formed by a retired war master named Feygir (FAY-gur) during the turbulent years of the Age of Rebirth. After years of fighting, he grew weary of the bloodshed and the warrior's life. He purchased a farm and settled down to lead a simple life of hard work. From this grew a simple philosophy of disciplined restraint,  economic movement, passive resistance to adversity and absolute spiritual tranquility. Parallel with these lifestyle changes, he developed a new form of fighting in which these mental philosophies were adapted to the body. He used his lifetime of experience and skills to develop this unique fighting style - one that did not rely on weapons or brute strength, one that did not kill or shed blood. The philosophy and the martial skills are one in the same - impossible to separate. Together, they are called Sar'shang (which means "true path" in the ancient Irenni tongue). 

The Sar'shang philosophy is complex, subtle and difficult to translate into everyday terms. It involves divesting oneself of all complication - physical, mental and spiritual. It advocates embracing the true nature of all things and joining with them. Sar'shang is difficult to learn and takes a life time to master. 

This lifestyle appealed to others who had grown weary of the complexities of life or the horrible memories of war. Many of Feygir's former officers came back and became his students. 

Goals and Motivation

This group, as a whole, has no political or social agenda. It has no overt goals. Rather, individual members are primarily interested in mastering the Sar’shang philosophies so that he may achieve enlightenment. The brotherhood is interested only in helping the brethren attain this goal.

Allies and Enemies

The Sar'shang Brotherhood is on good terms with most governments and groups in central Ithria. There is a subtle rivalry between the Sar'shang Brotherhood and the Golconda.


All Sar'shang are men, a fact rooted in tradition more than anything else. All races are welcome. Anyone, regardless of race, who shows physical and mental potential, may petition to join the group. Initiatives train for a year. The strict discipline of the Sar'shang is not an easy life and many is not an easy one

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Within the Sar'shang brotherhood, there are four ranks.




A young man who studies the Sar'shang ways and trains to become a full member of the group.


A full member of the group.

Elder Brother

A brother who has passed certain tests and helps run the organization. Elder Brothers teach brothers and initiates.


After a lifetime of study, an elder brother achieves the status of master. Less than a dozen members have achieved this rank. They have achieved "enlightenment". Sometimes, a monk who achieves this rank will leave the group to wander the world. Master Voshni leads the Sar'shang.




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