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The Golconda

"Let not the world judge you for being a woman.
You are your own judge."
High Matriach Jesari Hon

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Female Warrior Monks
Number of Members 420
Demographics Human 49%, Elven 36%, Dwarven 9%, Grum 4%, Other 2%

Primary Location(s)

Normidia, Arkalia, Corvenia, Vorrik


High Matriach Jesari Hon, human female monk
Year Founded 1453 CY
Symbol Crossed daggers.
Group Wealth Average.
Group Stability Stable.

General Description

The Golconda are a secretive order of female monks renowned for physical and mental prowess. These warrior women train extensively to become masters of stealth and unarmed combat. Beyond the fighting mat, they study to educate themselves in reading, writing, mathematics, literature and languages. It is the golconda belief that women are the equal of men and that through hard work and study, a woman can master anything.

The Golconda divides itself geographically into abbeys. Each abbey consists of 50-100 members living and working in a communal fashion in a stone and wood long house which they build themselves. These abbeys are usually a few kilometers outside of a small town. The Golconda has abbeys in or near the following locations:

  1. Arkalia (just south of Newcastle)
  2. Normidia (in Rhatania)
  3. Vorrik (on the coast south of Dorakova)
  4. Corvenia (on the shores of Cauldron Lake between Thunder Falls and Zesrun).
  5. River Gate (on the banks of the lake)

Sisters will often move between monasteries to study under different matriachs and experience different parts of the world.


The Order of the Golconda was founded during the Age of Rebirth and has grown slowly but steadily for several centuries.

Goals and Motivation

The Golconda exists to provide security, training, education and acceptance to any woman willing to work to better herself. Many women fleeing from war, poverty, violence or slavery have found a place among the ranks of the Golconda. The group exists to benefit and empower women and to show the world that women are the physical and mental equal of men.

Allies and Enemies

The Golconda have no formal allies or enemies. There is some tension between the Golconda and the various male-dominated groups of the northwest (Normidian hunters, Arkalian knights, Vorrikan warriors). The Golconda are on relatively good terms with the Corvenians and the elves of Cyrell. 


The Golconda accepts only females into its ranks. Any woman of decent health and intellect may petition to join. Typically, new recruits will be between 14 and 22 years of age. 

A golconda can be recognized by the dagger tattoos inscribed on her outer wrists. This is a symbol of the martial training and unarmed open handed striking style. A variant of these tattoos, crossed daggers, is the symbol of the organization. The golconda favor simple bodysuits that include integrated boots. These suits exhibit a basic straight cut design, have several pockets and are usually muted grey, brown or tan. They are non-descript, but well-fitted and allow freedom of movement. Golconda women wear their hair long and straight, usually braided. They do not adorn themselves with makeup or jewelry.

Oaths and Codes

A Golconda must abide by the following rules:

  1. A golconda women is strong and independent.  She must never show weakness.
  2. A golconda must never take a husband. She is wed to the sisterhood.
  3. A golconda must never adorn herself. Jewelry and makeup are for lesser women.


Rank Structure

The Golconda is a rigidly organized group with a strict hierarchical rank structure. The rank system includes four tiers: sister, elder sister, mistress and matriarch. There is one matriarch heading up each abbey. Five "mistresses" serve each matriarch. Overseeing the entire sisterhood is the High Matriarch, currently a human female named Jesari Hon.




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