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"No nation has a greater tradition of martial excellence than Vorrik, of skilled soldiery and mercenary politics. It is a hard land with strict laws. It is a land where the blade rules. But this has only served to hone the edge of the Vorrikan people. It is fortunate for us that they consider us allies."
- General Torian Damdroch, Carrikosian Military Ruler

Proper Name The Kingdom of Vorrik
Ruler His Might Lordship, Terror of the Battle Field, Scourge of the Orcish Hordes, Lord of the Northern Tusks, Commander of the Vorrikan Forces, King Lothar XII, the Terrible
Estimated Population 8,000,000
Demographics Human 45%, Ogre 20%, Dwarven 15%, Orc 10%, Grum 8%, Elven 2%
Languages Northern 80%, Dwarven 15%, Ogrish 5%
Capital City Aerith (Population: 46,500)
National Colors Black and green
Year Founded 307
Currency Northern
Natural Resources Apples, cider, white onions, potatoes, cabbage, horses, cattle, rice, barley, lumber, seafood, furs, granite, webbed obsidian
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Foodstuffs, timber, seafood, furs and pelts, quarried stone, forged iron goods, weapons and armor, mercenaries
Wealth Average
Government Type Monarchy
Government Stability Stable
Allies Urmordia, Carrikos
Enemies Borrell, Arkalia, Normidia
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion Kael
Other Religion

Imarus, Barrinor, Vorkayne, Semorjon, Sarreth, Mireldokar, Daramis, The Three Fates, Kolo, Erylon

Climate Subarctic
Approximate Land Area 1,360,000 square kilometers
Arable Land 20%
Terrain Coastal plains, forests, forested hills


The northern nation of Vorrik is a monarchy with a proud tradition of military strength. This nation has a large and powerful military which is intertwined with the government such that the entire nation can be considered under martial law at all times. The military is an ever-present force and IS the government. However, this does not cause the population to feel oppressed. Vorrik is a very controlled, peaceful nation. The warrior class is the largest and most powerful demographic group. Most citizens are warriors. Swordsmen, bounty hunters, soldiers, officers and the like are all common. War is ingrained in Vorrik’s culture. The capital city of Aerith is a large, clean and organized city that proudly displays its might and heritage with huge stone statues and frequent military parades. The royal palace greatly resembles a fortress and is known as the Stone Court.


Much of Vorrik consists of desolate grassy plains punctuated by small groups of hills and sparse forests. It is bordered by the Captured Sea to the west, the Northern Tusks to the north and the Mist Forest to the east. To the south, Vorrikan land stretches away to grassy fields. Vorrik expands southward a little bit each year, taking advantage of the fertile land there, much to the consternation of Vogue. Vorrik enjoys relative mild seasons year round, but is known for heavy rainfall for most of the winter, spring and early summer accompanied by gloomy, overcast skies.

Notable Fauna and Flora

The Janida Mud Flats in eastern Vorrik are home to a few creatures which are found only there: the janidan fur frog, the ookaran mud fish, gripper moss and a variety of snakes. To the north, the thunder beast roams the Northern Tusks. Mule deer, bear and wolves are common in the foothills. From its coastline, grasslands, forests, foothills, mountains and marshes, Vorrik is able to obtain azure blessing, bitter berries, cold flames, hunter's herbs, goodberries, gripper moss and oberon's shadow.


Toward the end of the Great War, a military commander named Daemon Kraukor grew weary of the political chaos and bureaucratic red tape. In the year 305 CY, he led all units loyal to him on a two year pilgrimage to escape the Great War. The group traveled northwest away from the Empire and hoped to claim their own kingdom. Four hundred and fifty troops began the trek with him. Many warriors flocked to his banner during the long journey. The group fought any who opposed them. Finally, after two years of travel, they arrived on the coast of the Captured Sea and settled. By the time they reached their destination, over 5,000 troops, civilians and refugees had united under the banner of Daemon Kraukor.

The first few centuries were a struggle for the young kingdom, but during the Age of Rebirth, Vorrik solidified into a proper nation with its own unique identity. Throughout its history, Vorrik has remained true to its origins and still exhibits military characteristics.

Over the centuries, Vorrik has fought dozens of minor wars with all of its neighbors at one time or another. Each summer the borrellians come raiding by sea and the military gets its exercise. The orcish tribes of the Northern Tusks provide a constant threat and keep the military honed. In 1874 CY, an orcish chieftain named Cevalk successfully united the tribes of the region. This led to Northern Orcish War of the late 19th century. The war raged for two decades until Cevalk was killed in 1895 CY.


A constitutional monarchy was set up by Daemon. That is, a single ruler reigns supreme within limitations set down in writing in the beginning. Each ruler painstakingly selects his successor before ever claiming the throne. If ever a ruler betrays the constitution, he is immediately overthrown and his successor rules. It is a balance of power.

The current ruler is King Lothar XII, the Terrible. Lothar is of the Kraukor line and a direct descendant of Daemon. He is a tall and heavily muscled human male with grey eyes and a powerful jaw. He wears his curly black hair long. His clean shaven face is usually set in a determined scowl. A vicious scar on the right side of his face trails down his cheek. Lothar wears an eyepatch on his right eye, heavy platemail and stout curved blade with serrated teeth along one edge. This blade is known as Render.  Upon his brow, Lothar wears the Crown of Vorrik. This heavy iron crown bears the broken blade tip of Finisher, the blade of Daemon, founder of Vorrik.

Legal System

The legal system is exceptionally harsh. No material or substance is prohibited. However, illegal actions are severely punished. An accused person is granted a trial to determine guilt or innocence. If found guilty by a council, the crime is punished as either as lesser or greater offense. Lesser offenses are punished by forfeit of two thirds of all property to the state and one month of forced labor. Greater offenses, or repeated lesser offenses are punished by forfeit of all property to the state and immediate execution.


Vorrik's military is very strong. The standing army consists of 10,000 foot soldiers, 5,000 cavalry and 2,500 archers. These troops are divided up into 100 man units called battalions. Five battalions makes a legion. All military personnel swear an oath to their king and undergo intensive training. Approximately 25% percent of the population is employed directly or indirectly by the government/military.

The Vorrikan military is kept busy year round. During the summer months, the Vorrik naval fleet must protect coastal towns and shipping lanes from Borrellian raiders who come in long ships. The orcish clans in the Northern Tusk mountains are an ever present threat and prey on travelers and the Vorrikan mining operations. Every few years, the orcish clans will unite under a strong orcish leader and wage a full scale war against Vorrik. Each time the orcs are beaten back and the clans fall to warring with each other again.

The Vorrikan military owns and operates  ten great castles built in the Northern Tusks. Most of these heavily defended forts guard remote mountain passes and other key positions. They form a protective net along the northern border of Vorrik at the edge of the mountains. It is from these forts that Vorrikan soldiers ride out to battle orcish clans when they threaten the kingdom. One of these forts is perched precariously at the very top of Mount Balor. One of them sits perched an on outcropping of rock just off the coast.

Because of the strong military here and the excellent War Academy, Vorrik and Aerith especially, have become something of rallying points for mercenaries. Many mercenary soldiers and small mercenary companies can be found in Vorrik. Native Vorrikan mercenaries are considered the best. They are a major export item and help bring money into Vorrikan coffers. Several dozen well-known mercenary companies are based in Vorrik. Some are so large and wealthy that they operate entirely out of private fortresses. Vorrikan mercenaries typically cost 25%-50% more, but they are usually worth it. They are battle-hardened and experienced. Many of these independent companies are contracted out for hire by the military and government.


Vorrik's economy is strong and stable. Fertile soil and plentiful rainfall allows the inner grassland regions to grow enough food for the nation. Fishing boats from the coastal villages and towns harvest fish and seafood. Mining operations are run in the foothills and mountains. The market in weaponry and armor is strong. Trade is conducted with Normidia, Corvenia and Arkalia. Mercenaries and hired thugs are contracted out to the military services and private interests.

There are several privately owned mercantile operations (trading companies) that operate out of Vorrik. Some of these mercantile operations are large and quite wealthy, maintaining small private fleets of ships and private docks and warehouses in neighboring nations (Arkalia, Covenaia and Normidia).


Vorrik has a tradition of courage, honor and practicality in a military sense. While not all citizens are involved in the military, they are a very practical minded people with a martial sense of order and strength. 


Citizenship and service in the national army are important social duties. Only men who have served are granted citizenship. Citizenship carries with it certain benefits. Only citizens may own land or a business. Only citizens may hold a political office.

Sporting Events

Sporting events, especially one on one fighting events, are popular throughout Vorrik. Wrestling is the most popular and wrestling matches can be found in almost every town.

The Vorrikan Threshold Law

In Vorrik, a man's home is considered to be his fortress. Within his own home, a man's word is law. The laws of the city and nation do not apply within a private residence. It is an unwritten rule that the law ends at the threshold of the home. This is one reason why duels are held outside in the open, where no man has the advantage. The "threshold rule" does not apply to public businesses. Business is rarely conducted in a man's home. Small fest halls, rented for neutral meetings or transactions are common throughout large cities and towns. There is a saying in Vorrik: "When entering the home of a stranger, stray not far from the door".

Because of the Threshold Law, inviting oneself over to another's home is a great show of trust. This is called "hanging one's cloak" in the hall. It is to give yourself over to your host and put your fate in their hands.

Vorrik has many colorful local sayings, many of which pertain to war. A well known one is “The servant of my enemy is my enemy”.

Harlesh Sausage

Harlesh is a type of hearty breaded sausage that is strongly associated with Vorrik. It is made from ground lamb, oats and sweetened with local berries. It has a distinctive oat breading. It is a common food item in Vorrik and has been made here for more than 500 years. Supposedly, it was the favored food of one ancient nobleman or another. Several villages, towns and noble families claim to be the originaters of the sausage. There are just as many conflicting stories over the origin of the name "harlesh".


Like Normidia, the mages of this northern kingdom have to contend with a harsher climate and a culture obsessed with warfare. This tends to forge a hardier breed of mage and this is especially true in Vorrik. Vorrik is home to the Academy of War Mages which produces a steady stream of war mages who serve in the Vorrikan military and support soldiers in campaigns against the orcs of the mountains and borrellian raiders that often come during the summer months. Magic is feared in Vorrik as a powerful weapon and those who wield it are given respect.

Common Names

Male Names

Aegor, Andrek, Anton, Artyar, Bogdar, Boris, Demitrov, Feydor, Grygor, Kryll, Ilyon, Ivanok, Josef, Mykarov, Paval, Pyetar, Sergeir, Yurai, Yevjen, Vladymir

Female Names

Aleksya, Anastadia, Danushka, Elizvetia, Falina, Gralyena, Katerynia, Myila, Nikita, Olgia, Tavliana, Vanka, Yulia

Notable Noble Family Names

Agakov, Angelov, Belyar, Bolokira, Boradan, Chugov, Drozdak, Gorkan, Kalishnar, Moldikan, Petrok, Rabidoff, Sydorin, Tamarkin, Usilov, Yurkanin


Village Name Population Notes
Thousand Ponds 26,000 This small town is named after the numerous ponds and small lakes that are sprinkled about the valley. The lakes and ponds are the result of a unique geological phenomena that involves concentrations of volatile lime stone embedded in harder rock. This has resulted in a "dimpled" terrain of non-porous stone (hence the ponds and lakes) and also has formed several dozen large cave systems in the area. Some of these caves have mineral deposits and Thousand Ponds has established small mines to take advantage of them. Other caves are home to bands of humanoids and other creatures better left undisturbed.
Dorakova 21,500 Dorakova is, in many ways, based upon the sword. It mines the nearby hills for iron ore and has several excellent blacksmiths including some dwarven ones who pound the iron into fine blades that rival the steelwork of Uthran. In addition, Dorakova is home to the Hall of Steel, the finest school of sword masters in the north.
Drumal 16,000 Drumal is a trade town that sits where a trade road crosses the river and where two lesser rivers merge. This is also the highest navigable point for major ships.
Malkora 13,700 Malkora is the naval center of Vorrik with a large and successful shipyard which builds and maintains Vorrik's fleet. The citizens of Malkora are mostly fishermen. Malkoran fishing vessels often sail deep into the Captured Sea. The fishermen of Malkora are a hardy lot and enjoy weathering the harsh winter storms that are to be found in the northern waters.
Gauric's Pass 8,200 Gauric's Pass is named for the military officer who rules there. This town is home to a large military training camp. Vorrikan soldiers from this large camp train for months at a time in the Northern Tusks. Besides training the military, Gauric's Pass conducts logging of the forest foothills around it.

Villages (Population less than 1,000)

Aibor, Archer, Black Lake, Bone Hill, Darmstrod, Debarus, Goudriaan, Grieving, Keban's Mount, Krom, Kurg, Longbridge, Makotar, North Ridge, Stone Gate, Strong Hall, Tavda, Varda, Vidar, Vyatka

Travel and Distance

Vorrik has numerous roads, hunting paths, forest trails and so forth, but has not yet bothered to pave any of them. Due to fierce seasonal rain, Vorrik roads are often muddy. River traffic connects Thousand Ponds, Drumal and Aerith. For more information, see the Travel and Distance page.

      Typical Travel Time
Route Terrain/Road Conditions Distance Walking Wagon/Cart Horse Riverboat Ship
Aerith - Dorakova Dirt Road 281 km 12 days 9 days 6 days   4 days
Aerith - Drumal Dirt Road 385 km 17 days 13 days 7 days 6 days  
Aerith - Malkora Dirt Road 176 km 8 days 6 days 4 days   2 days
Aerith - Frosthall - by ship Sea 797 km         8 days
Aerith - Thunder Falls - by ship Sea 960 km         10 days
Aerith - Strathon - by ship Sea 1,004 km         11 days
Aerith - Tykron - by ship Sea 1,369 km         14 days
Dorakova - Frosthall Dirt road or Sea 547 km 24 days 18 days 10 days   6 days
Dorakova - Gauric's Pass Dirt Road 340 km 15 days 11 days 7 days    
Dorakova - Nithol (ruins) Dirt road, plains, hills 318 km 17 days 13 days 8 days    
Dorakova - Thousand Ponds Dirt Road 488 km 21 days 16 days 9 days    
Gauric's Pass - Thousand Ponds Dirt Road 551 km 24 days 18 days 11 days    
Gauric's Pass - Bafromar (ruins) Dirt Road 406 km 18 days 13 days 8 days    
Gauric's Pass - Irondale Dirt Road 674 km 29 days 22 days 13 days    
Gauric's Pass - Urmordia Dirt Road 593 km 25 days 19 days 11 days    
Gauric's Pass - Traegan's Tower Dirt Road 1,208 km 51 days 39 days 22 days    
Thousand Ponds - Ithoden (ruins) Dirt road and plains 340 km 16 days 12 days 7 days    
Thousand Ponds - Drumal Dirt Road 240 km 11 days 8 days 5 days 4 days  
Drumal - North Vale Dirt Road 566 km 24 days 18 days 11 days    
Malkora - Stormcliff - by south road Dirt Road or Sea 438 km 19 days 14 days 8 days   7 days
Malkora - Pethrin Dirt Road 622 km 27 days 20 days 12 days    
Malkora - Dorakova - by ship Sea 369 km         4 days
Malkora - Frosthall - by ship Sea 904 km         10 days
Thousand Ponds - Lair of Syrce Forest 623 km 27 days 20 days 12 days    
Thousand Ponds - Twin Spires (ruins) Forest 730 km 31 days 24 days 14 days    


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