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"Home to beauty and wisdom in the mortal realm. The favored land of the Silent One."
- from the Vorkayne Philosophies, Book III, Chapter 15, Verse 41

Proper Name The Arcane Realm of Carrikos
Ruler The Syndicate
Estimated Population 16,800,000
Demographics Human 80%, Grum 10%, Dwarven 5%, Elven 3%, Borrellian 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Carrikosian/Carrikosians
Languages Carrik 50%, Northern 25%, Rukemian 25%
Capital City Arcanum (Population: 125,000)
National Colors Blue and yellow
Year Founded 650
Currency Carrikosian
Natural Resources Lumber, granite, marble, gold, silver, potatoes, sheep
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Arcane paraphernalia, enchanted objects, pottery, jewelry, fine metal work, quarried granite and marble stonework, wool products
Wealth Very Wealthy
Government Type Magocracy
Government Stability Very stable
Allies Rukemia, Falkir Clans, Vorrik
Enemies None.
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religions Vorkayne
Other Religions Imarus, Semorjon, Sarreth, Glavyris, Daramis, Drenmoragin, Mireldokar
Climate Temperate
Approximate Land Area 1,300,000 square kilometers
Arable Land 34%
Terrain Lightly forested, rolling hills


Carrikos is a wealthy and prosperous nation in northern Ithria. In this nation, the wizards form an elite and wealthy aristocracy which rules over the common class. With fertile soils, abundant natural resources, excellent roads, powerful guilds and access to vast arcane talent, Carrikos is one of the most powerful nations in Ithria, possibly second only to the Rukemian Empire. The capital city of Arcanum is also known as Magus Prime and the City Of Light. It is here that the ruling wizards live and the culmination of their wealth is most plainly seen.


Carrikos is dominated by the Great Flow river valley. North of the Great Flow, the land is mostly forest and numerous villages dwell along the border of the Dark Wood. South of the Great Flow, gentle rolling hills are farmed. To the east, the land becomes very hilly as one approaches the Ice Rock mountains and Duthelm. The western border of Carrikos is formed by the Mist Forest and the northern border is the Crystal Deep. The geography of Carrikos is intertwined with its culture. In general, the closer a town or village is to Arcanum (which for many villages is simply their location on the Great Flow), the greater social status it enjoys.

Notable Fauna and Flora

Carrikos has no serious predators within its realm, but must contend with predators and monsters roaming out of the Dark Wood. Bears and large cats will occasionally make off with livestock. Within the Dark Wood, there are reports of groups of arachnicons (partial humanoid spiders). A number of golden drakes have been reported in the depths of the Dark Wood. As a matter of fact, many Carrikosian magicians and trainers will pay handsomely for a captured, uninjured golden drake. The farms of Carrikos have many larrin’s fowl. Carrikos grows a wide variety of herbs, flowers and plants… much of which end up decorating the homes of the wealth, in apothecaries or in a wizard's spell pouch. Notable trees include the goodberry tree and the mist tree. The latter grows in great quantities in the mist forest in eastern Carrikos.


This region was, long ago, the borderlands between the Great Thullian Empire in the east and the Irreni League to the north. When the star was sundered and the World Storm hit, this region was spared some of the ecological disasters that hit other regions. Refugees came flooding in from the west, escaping the great flood there, and from the south, escaping great destruction. The World Storm sparked the great conflict of the ages... a series of wars that blended together into what would later become known as the Great War.

Kingdoms made war, armies clashed in great battles. Those days were dark as many struggled to merely survive. In the middle of the third century, the Thullian Empire surrended. Even after this, renegade armies and roaming bandits still prowled in the lawless land.

In 387 CY, an old mage named Carrik, relocated to this region and settled near a small fishing village named Risdan on the north shore. Here he established a small wizards' school that he named Arcanum. One day when a renegade troop of soldiers from the former empire came to prey on the local villages, Carrik unleashed powerful spells, killing dozens and turning the officers into pigs. The army was routed and the villages saved.

Stories of the incident spread and lured people to the region seeking safety. Refugees came to the school for protection. Quickly a village grew up around the school. Other wizards came to join Birran and the School of Arcanum expanded. The village around the school quickly grew into a town and the name Arcanum was adopted for the town. By the beginning of the fourth century, Arcanum was a small city with a population of 30,000. The school took on the functions of a wizards guild and town government. On numerous occasions, the militia and wizards of Arcanum fought off armies, bandits and would-be tyrants.

With a growing cadre of talented wizards, Arcanum proved that it was capable of holding out against any threat, political or military. Carrik died in 412 CY, but the school he had established flourished under the guidance of a several school masters afterwards. For the next two centuries, the city of Arcanum grew. The wizard's guild governed the city. Many of the wizards were worshipers of Vorkayne and the worship of He Who Watches became the city religion.

In 650 CY, the city of Arcanum formed an alliance with several other nearby towns and villages. The towns and villages agreed to pay taxes and tribute to Arcanum in exchange for protection. With this alliance, the nation of Carrikos was born, taking its name from its founded. In old Thullian, Carrikos means "home of Carrik".

The nation of Carrikos has continued to grow slowly over many centuries.

In 2104, there were seven wizards who had attained such knowledge and power that they were on a completely different level than the rest of the guild. These seven formed a separate group and took control of the guild and city. They called themselves the Syndicate. The Syndicate has ruled Arcanum and Carrikos for the last 600 years.


The nation of Carrikos is a mageocracy. A group of highly powerful wizards, known collectively as the Syndicate, form an aristocratic elite class that leads the government. Beneath them is a complex bureaucracy of councils, committees and lesser spell casters. One’s social standing and political status in Carrikos are directly tied to one’s arcane prowess. Those without magical ability form the bulk of the population.

The capital city of Arcanum is the home to the Syndicate. Major towns in Carrikos each are ruled over by their local wizard's guild. Typically the wizard's guild functions as a government hall and arcane school. Smaller towns are villages are usually ruled by a mayor who may or may not be a wizard, but who ultimately answers to the nearest wizard's guild.

Legal System

Because most towns and cities in Carrikos have access to wizards, Carrikos is a generally peaceful nation. Laws are investigated with the aid of magic. Within towns and cities, most large weapons and heavy armor are restricted. Penalties for crimes include fines, imprisonment, banishment and indentured servitude.


The Common Guard is the "army" of Carrikos and consists of 5,000 foot soldiers, 1,000 archers and 500 mounted soldiers who patrol the lands and borders of Carrikos and guard against incursions from the creatures of the Dark Wood and Duthelm. These common soldiers are footmen, archers, cavalry and such. They patrol the cities and towns, watch the borders and keep the peace. They have no spell ability and only average equipment and training.

The officers commanding large bodies of troops are specially trained in the arts of both swordplay and spellcraft. These men and women are a hybrid form of wizard and warrior, akin to the battle mages of Vorrik.

The Common Guard is led by General Torian Damdroch, the highest ranking non-mage in the nation. The general and his armies receive their orders from the wizards appointed to military supervisory roles by the Syndicate.

There are no nations that can match Carrikos for sheer magical power. This fact has given Carrikos a great deal of respect in the lands. Few nations would choose to go to war with such magical power.


Carrikos has a thriving and stable economy. Much trade is conducted with other lands and between different provinces within Carrikos.

Carrikosian lands tend to be divided up into large agricultural estates. They grow many grains and have an abundance of fruit orchards and vineyards. They tend not to raise much meat or dairy. These estates are farms held in tenancy from the great nobles of the realm. At the lowest tier of this hierarchy are the commoners and peasants who work the soil.

The guilds represent a middle class of citizens who have achieved some education and provide skilled labor. Sandwiched between the poor commoners and the wealthy, educated magic using nobles, the guilds do basic administration and keep the economy running.

Carrikos has a complicated relationship with the nation of Duthelm. The Gulgaroth orichcalcum mines of Duthelm provide a tremendous amount of orichcalcum, much of which is transported and sold to Carrikos. Because of this, both nations, Carrikos and Duthelm, have come to depend on each other. Carrikos has a huge appetite for the precious mineral and Duthelm has grown dependent on the wealth it obtains from the sales. The two nations are not allies. In fact, Carrikos is allied with most of Duthelm's enemies: the Rukemian Empire, Kitar, Vorrik and the Falkir Clans. This has led to Carrikos and Duthelm maintaining a delicate political neutrality toward each other. When its allies call upon Carrikos for aid, Carrikos and Duthelm may find themselves at odds. However, this is mostly posturing. Full scale war between these two nations is unlikely as long as they share this economic co-dependency.


Education is, perhaps, the most valuable commodity in Carrikos and strict laws govern who may and may not be educated. Only the privileged wealthy can send their children to schools. Read and writing is reserved for the wizards and business guilds. Schools have expensive tuitions and strict policies about admittance. This keeps the wizards in a secure position of power while the uneducated illiterate masses toil in the fields.

The nation of Carrikos is home to the worship of many faiths and gods, but the patron deity of the wizards is Vorkayne. It is subtly woven into the tapestry of the government and nation. The benefits and gifts of magic is an underlying motif in the nation of Carrikos.

A plethora of intellectualists pay homage to Vorkayne. Sages, scholars, scribes, alchemists and wizards all seek to better their careers and lives by emulating his teachings. The worship of Vorkayne is considered “fitting” for noble and commoner alike. All walks of life follow the faith. While many are ardent in their worship, there are others in the city who do so merely to curry favor with those in power.


Magic is a significant resource in Carrikos and has influenced the culture, military, economy and government here. It is the lifeblood of the country and the pride of Carrikos. The Syndicate maintains a tight rein on the flow of magic and education in the realm. There are several magic schools and wizards' guilds in Carrikos, along with several great libraries and other halls of learning. All of these institutions are controlled, or at least closely monitored, by the government.

If a talented mage or skilled wizard visits Carrikos, he or she will often find themselves the recipients of gifts and exaggerated attention from various guilds and the local town government. The authorities are always interested in bringing in new talent to further strengthen the nation. Those who do not have magical ability may find this nation slightly aristrocratic and haughty for their taste. It does have plenty of laws and taxes to keep non-wizarding folk from attaining too much wealth or power.

On the other hand, magic here is used to benefit everyone. Magic helps make Carrikos a stable nation where there streets are safe and no one goes hungry.

Common Names

Male Names

Adelmar, Aldwain, Baldarich, Cuthburt, Dagamar, Edric, Faramun, Geirlack, Hans, Jorune, Kalus, Lothar, Maerwin, Othmar, Ragmar, Runemat, Sigvald, Steinar, Theodar, Ulrich, Vulyf, Wulfgar

Female Names

Alia, Anja, Brietha, Catrin, Dannir, Eyda, Gelina, Giselle, Ingamar, Katya, Matila, Phaedris, Ramilda, Rosemund, Saldia, Valkris

Notable Noble Faeiger, ily Names

Driesen, Gruber, Kahler, Luther, Schwieger, Wier


Name Population Notes
Halden's Gate 37,000 A major trading town that sits at the river fork (the highest navigable point for large ships) and a crossroads.
Fathingham 31,000 A major agriculture center. Food from the vast farmlands around it is loaded onto river barges and shipped down to Arcanum.
Ranheim 25,400 A large town built upon the ruins of a much older town. A popular retreat for some Arcanum mages. It is also home to the Academy of Arcanology.
Keth Dale 21,500 A large town that operates a number of mills. Lumber harvested by dozens of villages along the edge of the Darkwood is taken to Keth Dale for processing. Home to many carpenters and other craftsmen.
Southfield 18,500 Bordering the Falkir Clans to the south, Southfeld is an excellent center for commerce and culture. There is a good school for magery and general studies. Some sections of the Vorkayne Philosophies are said to have been written in this town.
Traegan's Tower 14,200 This port city services the small naval fleet of Carrikos. Many sorcerers go to this town to hire on as "ship mages" to help defend traders from Borrellian raiders.
Drallus 12,600 Sitting at the edge of the great Mist Forest, Drallus must deal with frequent disturbances from the forest's inhabitants. A strong militia is stationed here.
Craggenmor 9,200 This heavily fortified city sits on the border between Carrikos and Duthelm. Though small, this town has a large and well-trained militia, high stone walls which ring the entire town and a large central keep. Craggenmor is the arrival point for the orichcalcum caravans arriving from Duthelm.

Villages (Population less than 1,000)

Alarrin, Coven, Daema, Emilstone, Frangut, Kagera, Mathea, Northdale, Orb, Quar, Sairon, Sansabrin, Seer, Sevard, Thiawyr, Torlief, Val

Travel and Distance

Carrikos is a wealthy nation. As such, it has a network of excellent roads which are completely paved, well-maintained, travelled frequently and patrolled regularly. The roads in Carrikos are safe and connect the capital city and all the major towns. Toward the outer edges of the nation, the roads change to older, unpaved dirt roads and wilderness paths. For more information, see the Travel and Distance page.

      Typical Travel Time
Route Terrain/Road Conditions Distance Walking Wagon/Cart Horse
Arcanum - Halden's Gate Paved Road 142 km 6 days 5 days 3 days
Arcanum - Ranheim Paved Road 202 km 9 days 6 days 4 days
Arcanum - Keth Dale Paved Road 350 km 14 days 10 days 7 days
Ranheim - Traegan's Tower Paved Road 213 km 9 days 7 days 4 days
Halden's Gate - Drallus Paved Road 245 km 10 days 7 days 5 days
Halden's Gate - Fathingham Paved Road 410 km 17 days 12 days 8 days
Fathingham - Craggenmor Paved Road 316 km 13 days 10 days 6 days
Drallus - Southfield Paved Road 504 km 21 days 15 days 10 days
Fathingham - Southfield Paved Road 413 km 17 days 12 days 8 days
Traegan's Tower - Drallus Paved Road 422 km 17 days 13 days 8 days
Southfield - Craggenmor Dirt Road 376 km 16 days 12 days 7 days
Southfield - Dromin Dirt Road 491 km 21 days 16 days 9 days
Craggonmor - Hammerfall Dirt Road 516 km 22 days 17 days 10 days
Keth Dale - the Lair of Trokus Forest 433 km 22 days 124 days 20 days
Traegan's Tower - Gauric's Pass Dirt Road 1,235 km 52 days 40 days 23 days
Traegan's Tower - Thousand Ponds Dirt Road 846 km 36 days 27 days 16 days



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