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Because of the concentration of magical ability in this nation, Carrikos must deal with the very real possibility of unscrupled sorcerers using magic to create coins from thin air. To counter this possibility, Carrikos has only one official mint and magic is employed in the creation of all "official" coins. Each coin is enchanted and can be easily identified by any competent spellcaster. This spell is easy to detect but virtually impossible to copy.

One Gold Carrik = 5 Silver Magus = 60 Copper Dweomers

The coins themselves are unremarkable being round and crafted of the typical copper, silver and gold.

The copper coins are called dweomers. Twelve dweomers equal one silver magus. Five magus equal one gold carrik.

All three types of coins have the unblinking eye of Vorkayne imprinted on the back. On their faces, the copper dweomer has a scroll, the silver magus has a book and the gold carrik shows a hand holding a radiant staff.

Since the money supply is literally magical and quite clearly an iconic representation of the faith, any defacement of or illegal replication of the money is considered an offense against Vorkayne, an act of heresy and is punishable by death.


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