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"Any mage traveling to this fair city would do well to hide his talents if his business does not
include finding himself the target of a hundred fanatics trying to convert him at every turn."
- Inroth Brital, Court Magician, Haygen Keep.

"Never cause trouble in the City of Wizards..."
- Brax the Impotent, cursed trader.

Arcanum, the capital city of Carrikos

Ruler The Syndicate
Population 125,000
Demographics Human 80%, Grum 10%, Dwarven 5%, Elven 3%, Borrellian 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Arcanian/Arcanians
Languages Carrik 50%, Northern 25%, Rukemian 25%
Nationality Carrikos
National Colors Blue and yellow
Year Founded 387
Currency Carrikosian
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Magical paraphernalia, literature and knowledge, enchanted weapons and objects, crafted glass ware, fine metal work, quarried granite and stonework, sheep, cattle, Orichalcum and sunstones
Wealth Very Wealthy
Government Type Magocracy
Government Stability Very stable
Allies Rukemia, Falkir Clans, Vorrik
Enemies None.
Walled Yes
Crime Level Moderate
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion Vorkayne
Other Religions Imarus, Semorjon, Sarreth, Glavyris, Daramis, Drenmoragin
Climate Temperate
Terrain Lightly forested, rolling hills


Arcanum is the capital city of Carrikos and one of the wealthiest cities in all of Ithria. Carrikos is a magocracy... a nation governed by the wizards. The ruling wizards are based here in Arcanum. They form an elite ruling class who work together to provide for and rule over an idyllic city and nation. Wizards in Arcanum tend to be the wealthiest level of the social tapestry and have as much respect here as knights or priests or kings. As one might expect, Arcanum has a great deal of magic here and such magic can be found almost everywhere... from the mundane city lights to the wondrous pinnacled towers of the Syndicate. Arcanum is a wealthy, prosperous, safe and peaceful city. Although the laws are strict and the taxes are high, most citizens are relatively well off compared to other cities. Many citizens are actually quite proud of their ruling wizard class and boast about the exploits and achievements of the Syndicate. In many ways, it is a city culturally and politically focused on magic and mages.

Most wizards here worship Vorkayne and Vorkayne is the unofficial religion of Arcanum and Carrikos. Even the common citizens tend to pray to Vorkayne as much as any other Elder God here.

Arcanum is officially known as the "City Of Light". However, it is just as often called by a lesser formal nickname... the City of Wizards.


This region was, long ago, the borderlands between the Great Thullian Empire in the east and the Irreni League to the north. When the star was sundered and the World Storm hit, this region was spared some of the ecological disasters that hit other regions. Refugees came flooding in from the west, escaping the great flood there, and from the south, escaping great destruction. The World Storm sparked the great conflict of the ages... a series of wars that blended together into what would later become known as the Great War.

Kingdoms made war, armies clashed in great battles. Those days were dark as many struggled to merely survive. In the middle of the third century, the Thullian Empire surrended. Even after this, renegade armies and roaming bandits still prowled in the lawless land.

In 387 CY, an old mage named Carrik, relocated to this region and settled near a small fishing village named Risdan on the north shore. Here he established a small wizards' school that he named Arcanum. One day when a renegade troop of soldiers from the former empire came to prey on the local villages, Carrik unleashed powerful spells, killing dozens and turning the officers into pigs. The army was routed and the villages saved.

Stories of the incident spread and lured people to the region seeking safety. Refugees came to the school for protection. Quickly a village grew up around the school. Other wizards came to join Carrik and the School of Arcanum expanded. The village around the school quickly grew into a town and the name Arcanum was adopted for the town. By the beginning of the fourth century, Arcanum was a small city with a population of 50,000. The school took on the functions of a wizards guild and town government. On numerous occasions, the militia and wizards of Arcanum fought off armies, bandits and would-be tyrants.

With a growing cadre of talented wizards, Arcanum proved that it was capable of holding out against any threat, political or military. Carrik died in 412 CY, but the school he had established flourished under the guidance of a several school masters afterwards. For the next two centuries, the city of Arcanum grew. The wizard's guild governed the city. Many of the wizards were worshipers of Vorkayne and the worship of He Who Watches became the city religion.

In 650 CY, the city of Arcanum formed an alliance with several other nearby towns and villages. The towns and villages agreed to pay taxes and tribute to Arcanum in exchange for protection. With this alliance, the nation of Carrikos was born, taking its name from its founded. In old Thullian, Carrikos means "home of Carrik". The nation of Carrikos has continued to grow slowly over many centuries.

In 2104, there were seven wizards who had attained such knowledge and power that they were on a completely different level than the rest of the guild. These seven formed a separate group and took control of the guild and city. They called themselves the Syndicate. The Syndicate has ruled Arcanum and Carrikos for the last 600 years.


Arcanum is an aristrocratic mageocracy. The wizards form an elite ruling class. They are the aristrocracy of Carrikos and are the highest tier in the social and economic tapestry of the nation.

Arcanum is sometimes referred to as the "City of Wizards" and this is not without reason. Despite the concentration of magic in Carrikos, most of the wizards are of moderate accomplishment. Truly powerful archmages are very rare in the world. In Arcanum, however, there are thirteen of these great wizards and they are the elite of Arcanum and Carrikos. Collectively, these thirteen individuals are known as the Syndicate. The citizenry knows each of them by name.

The Syndicate meets once each month in council to discuss politics, economics and to address the problems of the nation. In many cases, the discussion revolves around what resources are needed and available to solve problems and how magic might be effectively applied to any situation. The Syndicate sets policy, collects taxes, appoints judges, makes laws, receives foreign dignitaries and sits in judgment on all important matters. For most common day to day activities, the Syndicate members will have appointed proxies sit on lesser councils for them to represent their interests.

Beneath the Syndicate is a complex hierarchy of officials and committees that carry out all executive and legislative decisions of the council. Each member of the Syndicate is served by a staff of three wizards. These 39 wizards hold various offices in the government, run committees and carry out many of the administrative duties. Serving these second tier wizards are many dozens of lower ranking common wizards who run the guild, teach students, serve the community and generally promote the common good. At the lowest level of the government are many hundreds of arcane students, commoners and others who hope to join the guild and learn magic.

The size of the Syndicate is significant. It should be noted that thirteen archmages in one city is a staggering concentration of magical ability. No where else in the world does such a group exist. This fact has given Carrikos a great deal of respect in the lands. Few nations would choose to go to war with such a magical power.

The Syndicate Guildhall

The Syndicate Guildhall is the home and headquarters of the Syndicate. This magnificent building is a massive fortress of dark grey stone and jutting towers which floats some 50 meters (164 feet) above the city. This structure sits upon a small island of rock as if it were ripped from the ground and floats above a broad plaza of stone tiles and magnificent statues, the Guild Hall Grounds. Syndicate members use a series of floating platforms to ferry them to and from the various doors and gates of the tower above. While not all Syndicate members live here, many do. The Syndicate Hall is part fortress, part wizard's guild and part government hall. The Syndicate Council Hall is a huge circular chamber at the top of the central tower and is covered by a huge domed ceiling full of windows.


Arcanum's legal system is a fairly strict and formal system of court proceedings and committee reviews. However, this has resulted in a relatively peaceful city. Most crimes are punished with a variety of fines, imprisonment, indentured service or banishment.

Large weapons and heavy armor are prohibited without a special permit (which is typically one silver piece per day per person). Servants of the city and nation are excempt from this law. It is generally aimed at travelers and traders. The permit is a scroll, stamped with the seal of the City Guard, which bears the name of the visitor and a description of the items allowed to be used and a range of days.


Arcanum's military is divided up into three distinct groups: the Ship Guard, the City Guard and the Spell Guard.

The Ship Guard is the navy of Carrikos. It consists of the fighters, sailors, officers and captains that man the small fleet. Since Arcanum is the nations only major port city, the Ship Guard constitues the entirety of the Carrikosian navy. It is entirely based in Arcanum. The Ship Guard consists of 8 large warships and a variety of smaller vessels.

The City Guard is the full time peace keeping force within the city walls. It consists of 800 troops which patrol in five man teams. City guards are armed with ringmail, white tunics adorned with the symbol of the Arcanum city guard in black, swords, shields and white cloaks. They are easily recognized by their great horse plumes on their helms. The fifth man in a patrol team is the leader and holds the rank of lieutenant. His helmet plume is dyed red. Ten teams report to a captain. Each captain has a methkari crystal medallion (for detecting magic items and wizards) and is, himself, skilled in both combat and spellcraft, able to cast a few spells.

The Spell Guard is the elite fighting force within the city. This group consists of mage warriors that hold the rank of knight. They are highly skilled in both arms, armor and spellcraft. The knights of the Spell Guard wear heavy plate armor and fight with sword and shield. Like the city guard, their helmets are adorned by great horse plumes, though their plumes are dyed blue. They are also skilled wizards with potent spell ability. The Spell Guard knights often serve as the personal bodyguards of the Syndicate members and other high ranking city officials. Because only the best are invited to join and because their training is time consuming and expensive, there are few of them. The exact size of the Spell Guard varies from year to year, but typically numbers between 75 and 100 members.

Arcanum Garrison

This is the main garrison of Arcanum which houses many soldiers and city guards. Officers, troops and city officials can be seen coming and going day and night. Petty criminals, such as pickpockets and others that the Syndicate has no interest in, are kept in the dungeons below this building. Run by General Torian Damdroch.


Vorkayne, god of magic, is the patron diety of this city and of the entire nation of Carrikos. There are dozens of shrines to Vorkayne scattered throughout the city of Arcanum. Chief among these is the Vault of the Crystal.

The Vault of the Crystal

The Vault of the Crystal is a large public hall where everyone, wizard and common folk, are welcome to come and pray to Vorkayne or meditate. Many celebrated artists have contributed to the rich ornamentation of the interior of the Shrine. The central altar is a magnificently ornamented construct carved from a single block of satin stone which stands seven meters tall. The Shrine is also decorated with paintings, statues and an elaborate tiled floor. At the heart of the altar is a large Sunder Shard. Because of the value of this rare crystal, the Shrine of Vorkayne is always heavily guarded. Besides being a place of worship, many practical functions are carried out here. The Shrine is used to entertain dignitaries from foreign lands and for certain social events.

The Vault of Memories

The Vault of Memories is the official state crypt. It is a beautiful building of ornate marble, skylights and stained glass windows. All high ranking servants of the city (Syndicate members and other high ranking wizards) are buried here with honor. The Vault currently houses the remains of some 300 former Syndicate members and other state officials. The remains of Syndicate members are kept here in enormous decorated marble sarcophagi.


Arcanum's economy is strong and stable. The city sits at the crossing of two major roads and has a large, well-equipped seaport. A variety of cargos come and go by ship and caravan from all over the continent.

Carrikos has a complicated relationship with the nation of Duthelm. The Gulgaroth orichcalcum mines of Duthelm provide a tremendous amount of orichcalcum, much of which is transported and sold to Carrikos. Because of this, both nations, Carrikos and Duthelm, have come to depend on each other. Carrikos has a huge appetite for the precious mineral and Duthelm has grown dependent on the wealth it obtains from the sales. The two nations are not allies. In fact, Carrikos is allied with most of Duthelm's enemies: the Rukemian Empire, Kitar, Vorrik and the Falkir Clans. This has led to Carrikos and Duthelm maintaining a delicate political neutrality toward each other. When its allies call upon Carrikos for aid, Carrikos and Duthelm may find themselves at odds. However, this is mostly posturing. Full scale war between these two nations is unlikely as long as they share this economic co-dependency.

Almost all orichalcum is taken to Arcanum where it is sold. Wizards from around the nation of Carrikos typically go to Arcanum to purchase their supply of the precious mineral.

Gillum's Square

The main market of Arcanum run by business man (and non wizard), a human man named Gillum.

Guilds and Organizations

The Seminary

The Seminary is the official school of magic in the nation of Carrikos. This school, which holds a seat of some prominence on a great hill, overlooks the capital city of Arcanum. It is run by a staff of wizards who both teach and carry on administrative functions. They answer to the government and, indirectly, to the Syndicate. The Seminary teaches a wide array of disciplines: literature, history, mathematics, geography, languages, philosophy and, of course, magical studies necessary for the casting of spells. The teachings are influenced by the faith of Vorkayne somewhat. The Seminary is a demanding school that flunks more than half of each year's students. Those that graduate from this school (only about 25 each year) are skilled wizards and in great demand. The most talented students graduating from here often find themselves invited to serve the government. The Seminary is overseen by an actual Syndicate member, Bagoth Brundmore.

University of Arcanum

A large instituation of higher learning that teaches a broad range of topics. All are welcome here, although few can afford to send their children to this expensive place. The university teaches only non-magical subjects. Those who wish to learn magic must go to one of the local magic schools or the wizard's guild.

The Grand Library of Arcanum

This sprawling complex is actually several old buildings and towers connected by beautiful white stone bridges, supported 7 meters (22 feet) in the air by marble pillars- called the Sky Walks. The library is open to all, though the entrance fee of a silver piece generally limits who can afford to enter. It also contains numerous private collections and restricted halls that require special permission. The Master Librarian, who runs the library, is a man named Lorthra and he is one of the higest ranking wizards in the city outside of the Syndicate.

Alrem's Apostles

A small group of wizards and historians that consider the Sundering the single greatest magical achievement of history. They are dedicated to the study and preservation of historical knowledge surrounding the Alliance, the Focusing and Alrem himself. They paint a slightly distorted picture of history in which Alrem is the savior of the world The maintain several small chapters throughout Carrikos, but their headquarters is here, in Arcanum. It is a large multi-story stone house in the Scholar's District. Alrem's Apostles are generally on good terms with most groups and organizations in the nation of Carrikos including the government and church of Vorkayne. They work with various wizards on magical research and historical documentation. Due to their central beliefs, Alrem's Apostles are directly opposed to the Prophets of Drellikar. Indeed, these two groups have radically opposed ideologies and consider each other sworn enemies.


Important People in Arcanum

Master Karadess Allin, Speaker of the Council

Famous for a fiery temper and uncompromising morals, Lord Karadess Allin is one of the Syndicate members. As the Speaker of the High Council, he guides the flow of every meeting and holds great sway in the government. He often meets with other Syndicate members in private discussions.

Master Unvar Ilethus

Master Ilethus is the most tolerant of the High Council members. Once a proud and arrogant mage priest of Vorkayne, his fanatic devotion to the faith and the superiority of wizards estranged his daughter who fled the city years ago with a simple artist. She has not been seen since and Unvar still waits for any word from her. Since the incident, he has changed his ways and is now acclaimed for his compassion and leniency toward other faiths and non-wizards. These days he speaks of reason and mercy. In council, Unvar usually argues for compassion and leniency. 

Lord Agrassi Muer,

Agrassi Muer (ah-GRA-see MARE) is a well traveled and worldly wizard. His frequent trips to distant lands makes him often absent from council meetings. Invariably he returns with tales of adventure and courage to entertain and educate. His tales often showcase magic triumphing over adversity. Agrassi Muer  is a master story teller and his skilled elocution aids him greatly in council.

General Torian Damdroch, Commanding Officer of Miliary Forces

The leader of the Carrikosian military forces is General Torian Damdroch. He is a virtuous knight, a religious scholar, a gentlemen and a hardened veteran of battle. He feels honored to serve Carrikos in his role, but also feels constrained by the ranks of the wizarding elite... although he would not publicly admit that.


Arcanum has more magic than other cities and this magic is used to the city's advantage. Because of this, Arcanum is a surprisingly clean and well ordered city. This is due to the concentration of mages, magic schools and the large number of Corvenians here. The population includes charlatans and hedge wizards, true mages, priests of the church, the Spell Guard, members of Corvenian blood, students studying magic at the Academy and those who simply dabble in the mystic arts. 

The commoners and the nobles are encouraged to support the spellcasters of the city in any way possible. Taverns and inns often give discounts to wizards. The nobles often give monetary contributions and gifts to the guilds and schools. A visiting spell caster who is not a citizen or worshiper will often find himself the recipient of frequent gifts and visits by nobles, Guild members and representatives of the Syndicate. Such visits and gifts are, of course, designed to sway the visiting mage to stay in Carrikos, join the city and worship Vorkayne.

Behind the social tapestry of the city are two groups who hold covert meetings in an endless masquerade of underworld politics and intrigue. The Prophets of Drellikar work secretly within the city forever searching for a way to undo the Sundering which they believe wounded Nature so many centuries ago. Directly opposed to the Prophets are Alrem's Apostles, a small fanatical group of mages that worship the Alliance, Alrem and his accomplishment of the Focusing. The Apostles operate openly in Arcanum and are tolerated as only a minor annoyance by the officials.

The Festival of Spells

Early in spring each year, Carrikos holds a grand festival called the Festival of Spells. It is a festival for the people and is put on by the mages of the city. Spell casters of all level, from common hedge wizard to Syndicate members, participate. It is a time for the wizards to show off. Magic shows are put on to entertain children. Apprentices are chosen while others graduate and take their leave from their masters. Finally, the Syndicate will unveil a project that will help the city in some way. Such projects unite the Syndicate and represent many weeks of work.

The Annual Gathering of the Syndicate

Once each year, in late spring, the members of the Syndicate gather to share their accumulated magical knowledge. Members unveil research, new spells, new enchanted items and more. Seminars, forums, demonstrations, competitions and awards are typical. Each member of the Syndicate is allowed to bring an entourage of 5 apprentices. The gathering is held at the Guild of Magi and lasts for four days. This gathering is closed to the general public and even mages may only attend by invitation.

The City Districts

The city of Arcanum is divided up into six districts: The Arcane District, The Scholars' District, The Nobles' District, The Merchants' District, The Common District and The Port District.

The Arcane District

An ancient wall marks the boundaries of the Arcane District, the oldest section of the city. The Arcane District contains the most famous buildings in Arcanum. Among them are the Syndicate Guild Hall, the Shrine of Vorkayne, the Vault of Memories and the Bronze Wizard.

The Scholars' District

The Seminary is located in this district along with a number of small libraries, inns, pubs, private residences and services which support the school. This district is also home to the University of Arcanum, the Grand Library and the Rushcombe Primary School, a facility for the formalized education of young children (available to the nobility and wealthy only).

The Nobles' District

This district is contains many of the wealthier private residences in the city. Some 60 mansions and estates are contained within the districts walls. City guard patrols are much more frequent here. These noble families are wealthy, but most of them are not wizarding families. This district is home to the Gallery and the Grand Magus Theatre.

The Merchant's District

The Merchant's District contains the majority of shops and market squares in the city. Gillum's Square is at the heart of this district.

The Common District

The largest district in the city is the Common District and contains numerous inns, taverns, private residences and apartment buildings. This district is also the home of the Garrison.

The Port District

As its name implies, the Port District contains the harbor and port of the city. This district is home to sailors, fleet officers, dockhands, laborers, whores and sellswords. This district consists of wharves, warehouses and a slums.

The Outer City

The very poorest live outside the city walls in a veritable maze of muddy streets and ramshackle dwellings. These mostly wooden structures have sod roofs (if any roof at all) and are in a continual state of rot and disrepair. The outer city is mostly beggars, thieves, orphans and such. The shacks of the Outer City are huddled against the east city wall where they can be kept well out of sight of the main city gates. The city officials do not want the slums to detract from the beauty of the city as one enters the gates.

City Region Map

The following map shows the Arcanum districts and surrounding region. This map was created by Khoras fan Ludovic. Thank you Ludo!

Click on the map below to be taken to a larger version.


Monuments and Public Spaces

The Gallery

It serves as the city's museum, archive, store house and place of historical learning. It contains and displays large collections of relics from Assembly, Thullian, Traxxian and Irenni origin, including magic items from centuries past, pre- Sundering relics, sculptures, ancient poetry and masterful frescoes. On its walls hang hundreds of paintings by some of the most famous artists including Xirazi, Daikan, Kaemec and Jamigar. The immense archives contain historical records dating back to the Sundering and even earlier. Equally important to scholars is the collection of manuscripts and early printed books in the library, one of the great libraries of the world. There is also a major map collection. The nobles and elite of the city often entertain guests and foreigners here, to show off their city's proud heritage. The Gallery is run by a talented half-elven wizard named Grandok.

The Bronze Wizard.

This is a twenty meter tall statue of Vorkayne which stands at the center of a reflecting pool. A small park surrounds it. It is fashioned from numerous blocks of bronze.

Grand Magus Theatre

Playhouse and theatre.


Architecture and Infrastructure


Many buildings in Arcanum, particularly buildings associated with Vorkayn, the government, the Syndicate, have domed glass roofs which let in a great deal of light. At night, the stars above can be seen. This architectural tradition actually relates to the faith of Vorkayne. Vorkayne is said to watch the universe from the Celestial Throne in space. The faithful live and work under domed glass roofs so that he may watch them.

Roads and Transportation

Arcanum has excellent roads throughout most of the city.

Postal Services

None. There are several local courier and messenger services available at a various prices, but there is no official city postal system.

Street Lights

The streets of this grand city are lit at night with fancy glass spheres that alight with fire from within by magic. Each is mounted atop a decorative iron mount and bracket. Whole sections of the city are lit at once with a spell.

Water Sources

The Great Flow river provides fresh water for the entire city. Fresh water is obtained upstream from the sewer vents.


The city of Arcanum has an extensive sewer system that services almost 80% of buildings. The sewers empty into the Crystal Deep east of the main harbor.


Like any other major city, Arcanum must deal with crime. Criminal organizations here must contend with the authorities having a number of wizards in their employ and so they too must "fight fire with fire". Therefore most successful crime groups in this city have at least one skilled wizard to help contend with the magical abilities of the authorities. There are several small criminal guilds in Arcanum though none have really risen far above the rest.

There are two organization that do stand out, though neither is primarily focused on thievery. The first is a group that calls itself Entropy. They are secretive order of wild mages (wizards who fuel their magic with the light of Drellis) who work against the Syndicate, the church of Vorkayne and all other authorities in Carrikos. Entropy has been responsible for several murders and thefts. The Syndicate has labeled them a terrorist organization and works to bring them to justice.

The second group is called the Prophets of Drellikar. This group seeks to undo the Sundering. While working toward this goal, they produce propaganda painting the Alliance Mage Lords as mad men toying with powers beyond their control. As the Alliance Mage Lords were mostly worshiped of Vorkayne, this paints them in a bad light. The church sees them as a threat and has swayed the Syndicate to view them as a criminal organization.

Both Entropy and the Prophets of Drellikar maintain a presence in Arcanum, but stay in hiding and operate in secrecy.

Inns and Taverns

Name Description
The Ruby Tower
Bergos Jol

Inn - Distinctive for its unique architecture, the outer walls of this fabulous inn are cover by translucent red bricks which each glow slightly from within. In the daytime, these crystalline bricks catch the sunlight . At night, each brick glows slightly. The building is a single great tower, rising nine floors high. Because of its height and the odd brickwork of the outer skin, it can easily be seen at night from many vantage points around the city.

The Ruby Tower caters only to those with great wealth. The establishment has forty rooms. Each room is large, clean and private with a master bed, bathing hall, silk pillows, excellent security, private servants and more. Every conceivable luxury (perfumed baths, laundry, scribes, the finest wines and tobaccos) is available for the guest. One night at this inn costs 25 gold pieces. The inn is usually used only by high ranking government officials, wizards, visiting dignitaries and the like.

Inn of the
Blinding Light

Arden Mellas
Inn/Tavern - A popular inn that caters to the wealthy. Those who cannot afford the Ruby Tower often stay here. The price of a room here ranged from 5 to 10 gold pieces per night. The inn is owned and run by a man named Arden Mellas. Although Arden is not a mage, he is a clever business man and one of the richest and most respected non-wizards in the city. The Mellas family is known for sponsoring many a promising young student through the halls of The Seminary. Arden Mellas is a devout follower of Vorkayne and, some say, he yearns to be a wizard himself but lacks the gift.
The Wayward Sextant
Inn - Known as the best choice for foreigners to stay, this reasonably clean inn is run by a kind man, a former outsider himself. Massey treats travelers openly and fairly. He believes that wizards should rule and that Arcanum is a shining example of the world. He is also a follower of Vorkayne. Massey is gregarious and will go to great lengths to ensure his guests are comfortable. 
Inn of Infidels
Inn - A small and poor quality inn that allows anyone to stay regardless of race, gender or faith. Most of the rooms are small and poorly furnished, but suffice. This are one gold carrik per night. There is also a large common room which holds 40 people. There are no beds, only straw covered floors. A spot in the common room can be had for 3 silver magus. The proprietor, Yarrol, is a bitter failed wizard who would rather be doing something else. Yarrol runs a few side businessess including fencing stolen goods.
Bubbling Cauldron
Tavern - Shazadi is an old human woman whose son is a high ranking wizard at the city guild. She runs a small tavern in the port district which is famous for its seafood chowder. This interesting tavern sits 50 yards off the coast on stilts. Patrons pull their boats up to the building and dock.
Illfate Orchid
Gaming House/Tavern - Thangar is the owner and proprietor of this establishment. It is a two story stone and wood building built around a large central hall. This hall is the gaming hall and all manner of card and dice games are conducted here. Gambling is the lifeblood of the Illfate Orchid and fortunes and won and lost every day. In order to prevent anyone from cheating with magic, the house rule is "No magic within the walls of the Illfate Orchid". Thangar has several large methkari crystals which he uses to discourage the use of magic. Some are strategically placed about the room and one he wears about his neck. Even magic items are forbidden within these walls. Thangar also has two young mages on the premises that keep an eye on the clientele. The regular patrons of this hall accept the rule. After all, it ensures a fair game for all concerned. 


Name Description
The Literarum
Jom Donahir
Library - The Arcanum Literarum is the domain of the scribes. Within the walls of this building, dozens of scribes endlessly copy manuscript after manuscript, letter by letter. The daily proceedings of the government are recorded here and filed for prosperity. Ancient works are copied so that they will not be lost. And some works are copied so that they may be distributed to city libraries, certain church benefactors and the nobility. This division of the church also publishes liturgical and juridical works of the mage priests of Vorkayne as well as works pertaining to the government of the state. In addition it publishes the official bulletin, The Arcanus, a sort of weekly newsletter of the city which is distributed only to the nobility.
Guild of Magi
Mhrol Val
Guild Hall - The wizard's guild of Arcanum is known as the Guild of Magi. This great hall serves as a place of learning and social gathering for all the common citizenry of Arcanum who are capable of magic but are not affiliated with the government. All members are followers of Vorkayne and most are wizards, but do not hold any significant rank in the city. The Guild Master is a human named Mhrol Val. Officially, the Guild of Magi is completely independent and separate from the government.
Apothecary - This large shop is run by a determined and stubborn human woman who runs this shop alone. Three days every week, Jinra shuts down her shop and ventures out into the woods along the coast north of the city to gather useful plants, flowers, roots and berries. She then brings them back to her shop to work on them - steeping certain herbs in alcohol to make a tincture, drying them in the sun on her roof, crushing berries in a wooden mixing bowl to make a poultice, whatever is necessary. She is quite skilled at plant lore and knows all the secrets of the forest. Although she claims to be a follower of Vorkayne, she often argues passionately with wizards and priests of any religion about the healing value that may be found in a simple plant. She herself uses no magic, but can cure just about any ill with common sense and the right herbal tea. She really is that good. Because most people cannot afford magical healing, she does a good business selling to traveling merchants, mercenaries, adventuring bands, minstrels - anyone who needs a wound healed, a cough suppressed, a scar removed or an elixir to cloud the thoughts of a pretty girl...
Muld's Leathery
Leather Shop - Muld is a full bloodied ogre. Although ogres come and go through the city gates as members of traveling bands, Muld is one of the few ogres who live in the City of Wizards. Muld is a simple man just trying to make a living and not stir up trouble. He knows that ther are many who keep an eye on him and many of the locals distrust his race. Still, he has managed to make friends, build a business and banish much of the suspicion toward him.  
Blades of Faith
Tiran the Faithful
Smithy - This well established metal working shop specializes in swords and long daggers, but also does work on battle axe blades, arrow heads and other items that have some sort of blade. It is run by a smith of mediocre talent who is passionate about the faith of Imarus. He is an absolute zealot and refuses to do business with pagan nonbelievers. If forced to sell to a pagan for some reason, he will charge an inflated price. In general, he is a cruel and petty man, not above corruption. Tiran is a tall, lean man notable for a large hawk nose and dead black eyes.
A Simple Stone
Tomas the Mason
Stone Mason Shop - This small shop takes its name from a well known line of scripture in the Vorkayne Philosophies. It is run by a soft-spoken, unassuming man of medium height and build with balding grey hair and a pair of brass spectacles perched upon his nose. (Tomas has terrible eyesight and is nearly blind without his spectacles). They were fashioned for him by a ranking member of the wizard's guild in Arcanum in lieu of payment for a stonework job that Tomas had done on the wizard's home. Luckily, even without his spectacles, Tomas' work does not require much vision. He often works with his nose mere inches from the stone before him.
The Artifact
Sar Karavotis
General Store and Trading Post - Sar Karavotis is a Vorrikan by birth brought to Arcanum when he was a boy. He resented the stiff laws of his new home and was often in trouble with the authorities growing up. Upon the death of his father, he inherited the shop. Sar pays lip service to Vorkayne but is not a true believer. He is careful not to draw attention to himself lest the authorities investigate his store too closely. Sar has a secret he would rather they didn't find. Sar is a member of the city thieves guild and the Artifact is their main hide out. Several secret chambers are dug beneath this building with multiple secret entrances and tunnels leading to other buildings. The leaders of the underworld guild meet here once each week. For the past 12 years, this has been one of the best kept secrets in Arcanum. Thanks to several members knowledgeable in spellcraft, they have managed to evade even the magic wielding government officials.
Wooden Avatar
Jasbrun the Carver
Woodworking Shop - Atop this circular wooden tower is a 12 foot oak statue of Vorkayne, hand crafted to the most exacting detail as an example of the Jasbrun's skill as a woodworker. Much controversy surrounded the raising of this statue when several town officials declared that the image of Vorkayne should be rendered in nothing less valuable than marble. However, the debate got caught up in the courts and many admitted that the craftsmanship was without equal. Eventually, the arguments faded and the statue has become one of the best known landmarks in the city. Either way, Jasbrun cares little. Although he is a follower of Vorkayne, he does not overly concern himself with what the gods think. Jasbrun has three sons and three daughters all of whom he is teaching woodlore. His wife died of illness some years back. Jasbrun will often go out of his way to obtain rare and precious woods. Sometimes this means haggling with foreign merchants. Other times it involves a long journey.
Arcanum's Fine Foods
Food Shop - A general food store run by Brogan, a tall, massively built bearded man and his tiny bird-like wife. 
The Bolted Door
Locksmithy/Thieves Guild - Kordic is a dwarf with quick fingers and a keen eye. These traits have made him the most skilled craftsmen of fine metalwork in the city. In his small shop, he fashions all manner of locks, intricate mechanisms, metal tools, small blades, small traps, etc. Kordic's profession fits nicely into his night time associations... the Bolted Door houses the Arcanum's thieves guild in a series of hidden rooms beneath the store. Kordic is a high ranking member. This well hidden guild is completely unknown to the authorities.
Coiled Whip
Leather Goods - A small leather shop run by a man from Normidia.
Flower Shop - Fellstar is a large greenhouse and store that sells flowers, fruits, vegetables, potting soil and gardening supplies. The FellStar is run by a young half-elven woman with a green thumb and her aging human father. She has striking pale blond hair, grey eyes and sun-kissed skin. She is remarkably beautiful and has more suitors than she can count. Currently she is unwed although she has caught the eye of several wealthy men in the city.
Library - A very small library run out of the home of an aging sorcerer. His tomes are mainly magic books and would interest only other mages. 
Ink and Quill
Library/Scribe Services - This small library is run by a mage/librarian and a small staff of four scribes. They will happily translate and/or copy any document for a fee. They also store valuable books for clients, make maps and other tasks.
Master's Staff
Woodcarver's Shop - Intricate wood carvings and collectibles. Haegan fashions a variety of wood into staves, chess boards, cutting boards, dart boards, etc. High prices but very good quality craftsmanship.
Agrenar's Efficacious Elixirs
Alchemist's Shop - This small shop is a blend of alchemist's lab and apothecary. Agrenar, a very short balding man with a nasally voice, specializes in potions. Also, dabbles in poison, herbs, healing roots and the like.
Runner's Wizardly

Magic Supply Shop - Runner is a grum who always dreamed of being a wizard. However, he lacked any scholarly ability whatsoever. Unable to give up on his dream, he created a shop for wizards so that he would be surrounded by the learned men. Runner's little shop is filled with balances, beakers, bottles, cages, caldrons, candles, herbs, hourglasses, jars, lamps, lenses, scrolls, pots, quills, scrolls, tools, wires and a thousand unidentifiable knickknacks. Runner loves nothing more than to engage in magical discussions with the wizards of this city. He often stays up late at night reading spell books that he doesn't understand. This is actually a well stocked little shop with good prices. Of course, if you're a wizard, he'll talk your ear off. It is widely known that a wizard can get a discount by happily engaging the little man in magical conversation.



Rumors, Gossip and Adventure Ideas

1. Rumor - The Syndicate is disbanding. Internal conflicts between ranking members have proven irresolvable. The exact nature of this power struggle is unknown.

2. Rumor - The Syndicate is searching for a renegade wizard who is hiding somewhere in the city. The rumors conflict with regards to why he is being hunted, but the officials has placed a high priority on his immediate arrest.





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