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This chain is one of the harshest regions known to the continent. The Ice Rock mountains commonly get 40 inches of snow every month during the winter storms while some areas may get twice that. Icy winds continually whip the dusty snow about the peaks. Only the hardiest of life forms can survive on the slopes and on the peaks. The Ice Rock Mountains merge to the south with the Malus Mountains which are much more hospitable and support more life. The borrellians operate a few small iron ore mines in the southern stretches.

The Caves of Chaos
A huge complex of interconnected caves lies between the Ice Rock Mountains and the Darkwood. These are known as the Caves of Chaos. Some 50,000 orcs live here under the great orcish chieftain Marruk. Marruk has successfully united five orcish tribes – the Bloodhawks, the Blackfangs, the Ironclaws, the Stonefists and the Flesh Fiends. The chieftains of those five tribes now serve Marruk as his subchieftains. Beneath them are a host of lieutenants and great warriors. Marruk has successfully carved out a small kingdom for himself. These caves and the surrounding area are infested with orcs. It is not a safe place to travel. At least two or three time each year, the orcs will muster and venture out into the world to raid at villages in Carrikos or the Borrellian clans. They are at times, allied with, and at times, at war with, the orcs and ogres of Duthelm.


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