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"History has taught us that no nation - no matter its size, its tradition, its military strength - is safe from the forces of Chaos within our world. Let Duthelm, former province of Rukemia, be an example and a reminder to us all."
- On The History of the Eastern Realms by Pendarin Krosha, Independent Scholar, Rukemia

Proper Name The Sovereignty of Duthelm
Ruler Her Most Terrible Demonic Majesty, the Queen of Shadows, Scourge of the East and Slaughterer of the Light, Queen Sillar the Ruthless
Estimated Population 3,000,000
Demographics Ogre 35%, Human 30%, Orc 20%, Dwarven 5%, Grum 5%, Goblin 4%, Borrellian 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Duthelmian/Duthelmians
Languages Rukemian 40%, Northern 30%, Ogrish 30%
Capital City Citadel (Population: 45,700)
National Colors Red and black
Year Founded 658
Currency Mixed. Mostly Rukemian and Carrikosian.
Natural Resources Orichcalcum, iron ore, copper, minerals, gemstones, cattle, mountain goats, barley, oats, shale
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Refined orichcalcum bricks, iron forged weapons and armor, metal goods, jewelry, shale oil, dairy products, wool products.
Wealth Average
Government Type Monarchy
Government Stability Unstable
Allies Rift Vale
Enemies Carrikos, Rukemia, Kitar, War Vale, Falkir Clans
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion Draxorith
Other Religions Belhelizar, Barulda, Agethos, Karenia, Kael, The Three Fates, Daramis, Kolo
Climate Temperate
Approximate Land Area 900,000 square kilometers
Arable Land 9%
Terrain Mountainous, wasteland


Duthelm is a small, but powerful kingdom ruled by an evil queen. It is a hilly and mountainous region heavily patrolled by a strong military structure. The Queen rules from the Citadel, the largest single building in all of Ithria which serves as the capital city and military headquarters for all of Duthelm. This foul place is a mammoth fortress built into the side of a great mountain and it is home to the officers, soldiers and servants of the Queen's monarchy. The citizens of this nation live under heavy taxes and strict laws. Most are either directly involved with the military or support the Queen's legions through their trade (i.e. farmers must give up large portions of their crops to feed the troops, leather workers and smiths are kept busy fashioning armor and shoeing steeds, etc.). It is now a mix of mercenaries, bandits, brigands, warlords and craftsmen. Only those strong enough to survive still remain. Duthelm may be a small kingdom, but its history has forged a remarkably strong and resilient people.


Duthelm is a mountainous and hilly region. The towns and villages of Duthelm are scattered and separated by the rough terrain which might explain Duthelmian tendency toward independence and military strength. Duthelm is generally confined to the foothills of the southern Ice Rock mountains, but no clear borders have been established and border conflict in this area has been a matter of historical fact.

Notable Fauna and Flora

In Duthelm, wolves often pluck fat sheep away from the farmers. Higher up in the mountains, one must watch for cave bears and herds of thunder beasts. Both the burrow hound and the dragon hound have been imported from the Coalition and both canines are used as guard dogs, war dogs and hunting dogs. Azure blessing and oberon's shadow can both be found in the Ice Rock mountains and woe to the forager who can't tell the difference! Bitterberries are a common curative harvested here. Karenia's Brew is a popular plant derived poison.


The Citadel was originally constructed long ago during the Great War to aid the dying Thullian Empire. The cost of building such a huge fortress was astronomically high and took a large portion of the Thullian Empire's resources. It is said by some scholars that the construction of this fortress was the catalyst that brought about the final conclusion to the war - an ironic twist indeed since this fortress was built to save the empire. Since that time, this region has been occupied, overthrown and recaptured several times by various nations.

Since that fall of the Thullian Empire, this region has been occupied, overthrown and recaptured several times by various groups and races. The Citadel has seen warfare and siege many times over its long history. Its stout stone walls have weather the battles well and despite siege and fire and spell, the Citadel still stands strong, much as it did when it was first built.

The history of the Citadel is a bloody tale of siege and war, poison and murder, court room duels and dark magic. Over the last few centuries, Duthelm has been a gathering point for all manner of social derelicts.

Duthelm became the focus of international attention when it managed to summon the demon lord Draxorith. With the aid of this monster, Duthelm waged war against all the lands of the east. That war, the War of Demons, ended with the disappearance of Draxorith and routing of Duthelmian forces.

Many years later a second War of Demons. This time, Duthelm had the aid of the xorians and hordes of humanoids led by a giant. That war eventually ended with the xorians breaking the alliance and leaving Duthelm. The ruler of Duthelm, an unholy knight and the high priest of Draxorith by the name of Caramus held Duthelm together after this defeat. It is Caramus' daughter, Sillar, who now rules Duthelm.

For a detailed chronology of historical events, see the History of the Citadel.


Although Duthelm has had a stormy history, it now claims to be a traditional monarchy. The throne will pass along a hereditary bloodline and is currently occupied by Queen Sillar, the Ruthless. It should be noted that she is the first to ascend to the throne in this manner. For years, Duthelm has been a place of constant change and war. Only recently has Duthelm managed to solidify into a proper nation. However, the old Duthelm is not dead. Internal scheming and throne room politics play out against a tapestry of evil and deceit. Several powerful groups within Duthelm plot and vie for control of the powerful nation. Hence, changes and revisions of Duthelm’s command structure are common. Some groups within the command structure are more permanent than others. In general, the powerful groups and individuals bully and coerce the masses into cooperation.But above it all, Queen Sillar rules with an iron hand. Her father, Caramus, still lives and he rules the wizards and priests of this dark nation. Caramus is rarely seen these days, but there is little doubt that he maintains subtle control of the Citadel and supports his daughter from behind the scenes.

Legal System

Laws are strict, broken frequently and changed to suit the whim of the Queen. Punishment is swift and harsh. Public torture is common as are beheadings, hangings and arena combat. A complicated rank structure exists which resembles an underworld pecking order more than a military command system. It includes the Guild of Craftsmen, the Duthelmian Militia, the Black Sorcerers, the Queen's High Guard  and other groups. Unlike its troubled past, Duthelm is now ruled with strict control. The Queen does not tolerate dissension among the ranks. Troublemakers usually don’t live long.


Despite its small size, Duthelm maintains a massive standing army and wields it like a machete. Any problem that arises - be it rebellion, incursion or other - is usually solved by sending out several battalions to ride out and slaughter the problem.

The armies of Duthelm consist of a ragtag miscellany of orcs, ogres, humans, goblins, half breeds and trolls. On the whole, they are unorganized and lack discipline. But what they lack in order, they make up for in sheer numbers and raw brutality. Standing out from the ranks of common warriors, there are three groups that stand out... the Orcish Rippers, the Ogre Iron Fists and the Saurian Berzerkers.

The Rippers are are highly trained orcs known for their spiked armor and their whirling, rapid attack style.

The Iron Fists are are ogres that wear super heavy plate armor and wield huge spiked iron gauntlets. They close range with their opponents relying on their armor to protect them from ranged weapons and then pummel their opponents with crushing blows.

The Berzerkers are all harothi saurians that take aggression to new heights. They rush into combat with no regard for style, enter a berzerker rage and attack with suicidal ferocity.


Duthelm has a thriving economy mostly due to its extensive mining of its geological resources. Mined metals, gemstones, quarried stone and other minerals are the backbone of the economy. It is a mixed system of trade and barter and foreign currencies. Rukemian coins seem to the the closest thing to a standard. Duthelm law is lenient when it comes to weapons, equipment and other materials which may be purchased, sold and used. Virtually no items are considered illegal. Almost anything can be had for a price. There exists a strong trade in weapons, armor, poisons, medicinal herbs, drugs, tobaccos, slaves and the fencing of stolen goods.

The single greatest geological resource of Duthelm is the vast deposits of raw Orichalcum which lies within Citadel Mountain. This alone accounts for more than half of the mineral wealth of the entire nation. It is for this very reason that the Citadel was built here by the Thullian Empire ages ago.

The Orichalcum mines of the Citadel provide Duthelm with a continual stream of profit. Duthelm does not have vast tracts of arable land or abundant wild game. Although it does conduct some hunting, fishing and farming, it lacks the resources to feed its entire population without assistance. By trading the valuable mineral, it is able to import much of what it lacks. The nation of Carrikos has a huge appetite for the Orichalcum mineral and a steady stream of trade caravans move shipments of the mineral to Carrikos and money, food and other valuables back to Duthelm. Overseeing the entire Orichalcum trade is the the Red Eye Corps, the Orichalcum Guild of the Citadel.

Possession of Orichalcum in Duthelm requires a license. Licenses are issued by the Red Eye Corps to its members and those whom have legitimate business with them. Orichalcum licenses are difficult to forge.  Spell casters and frequent users of the mineral are also able to acquire licenses. This deters most people from stealing, smuggling or hoarding the mineral. However, it has done little to stop serious smugglers.


Justice belongs to the strong. The weak deserve to be robbed of their property and lives. This is life in the Citadel and the rest of the nation follows the capital. Promotions often come about through subtle political maneuvering and sometimes blatant assassinations. This system ensures only the strongest survive and a constant influx of fresh talent.


Duthelm has a strong tradition of magical lore and power. Duthelm has both Darklore, a large and respected magical academy, and the Black Sorcerers, a powerful group of elite spell casters. In addition to this, the Citadel sits atop a vast geologically treasure, a huge deposit of very pure orichalcum. Duthelm has achieved its current status and wealth in part because of these magical resources.

Important People of Duthelm

Lord Caramus, High Priest of Draxorith

The name Caramus strikes fear into those who hear it. His presence evokes hushed awe in the soldiers and citizens of Duthelm. He is a topic of discussion in council chambers throughout Kitar and the Empire. Lord Caramus is the religious leader of the nation of Duthelm. He is the half-demon High Priest of the Cult of Draxorith and it is Caramus who is the real power behind the throne. It is widely believed that Sillar wears the crown, but she bows to her father's wishes. Caramus himself commands vast magical powers.

Queen Sillar, Ruler of Duthelm

Sillar is the only daughter of Caramus and as such has at least a trace of demon blood in her. This might explain her aptitude for magic and rather homely appearance. Despite this, she fancies herself quite beautiful and is somewhat vain in her appearance. She wears black leather gowns and bone jewelry. She delights in the torture of victims and maintains a harem of male consorts.  

Sirreth the Unholy, Leader of the Knights of the Abyss

Sirreth is the first and most powerful Knight of the Abyss and as such rules that branch of the church. He also serves as Caramus' lieutenant and is often seen at Caramus side. Sirreth himself wears the typical plate armor of a Knight and a great helm. Beneath that helm is a mockery of life, for Sirreth is a death knight, a walking abomination of unlife. Little more than a skeleton, but possessed of great strength, this nightmare can command undead with a thought, hurl black bolts of life sucking energy and wields Sendrixar, a wavy bladed black sword that drains strength and health from its victims and bestows them upon the wielder (but only if the wielder is undead).

Varlos, Leader of the Black Sorcerers

Varlos is the leader of the Black Sorcerers, the government supported group of wizards who are responsible for most of the magical innovation and weapons produced in Duthelm. Varlos is a female half-orc and something of a prodigy with regards to magical talent. She is very tall for a half-orc, has somewhat angular features and wears her long black hair in a braid.

Jalek, Master of Darklore

Jalek is a member of the Black Sorcerers and also the Master of Darklore, the government supported school of wizardry within the Citadel. Jalek is an aging human male with short black hair streaked with silver, a neatly trimmed beard and a heavy set, but powerful physique. He wears black and red robes and silver jewelry. Jalek is a strong supporter of Varlos and holds his loyalty to her and the Black Sorcerers above his loyalty to Duthelm.

Warlord Trumell, Master of the Warlords Academy

Danroth Trumell is the master of the Duthelm Warlords Academy, a school of warriors and swordsmen. Trumell is a large man with a curly grey beard and bright blue eyes. He stands 6 foot  6 and weighs 350 pounds. He has a harsh, gravelly voice which is often heard barking at his students. He is a harsh master, but a very good teacher. His students love to hate him. 

Deth, The Keeper of the Shrine

Deth, the Keeper of the Shrine, is a name that is known to many but very few ever see. He is charged with the care and defense of the Shrine of Lost Souls, one of several chambers in the Citadel which is considered holy ground by the church of Draxorith. Deth is an undead lord, a skeletal being of considerable magical power. A lich of sorts. He commands a small army of lesser undead that serve him and help defend the Shrine. Deth never leaves his beloved shrine and only the highest ranking members of the church ever enter the Shrine. To most, he is nothing more than legend.

Iramoll, Mayor of Stonehaven

Iramoll is a short runt of a man with a stocky frame and scraggly hair. He makes up for his short stature with loud cursing and a bold, confrontational personality. He gives the impression of being afraid of nothing and willing to die to win an argument. This is, of course, overcompensation for his size. Iramoll has an understanding with the local thieves guild and accepts regular bribes from them.

Koretar, Mayor of Hammerfall

The mayor of the town of Stonehaven is an odd mix... the bastard orphan of an orcish father and a dwarven mother. As such, Koretar is a bald, but well muscled orc of short statue and thick beard. Raised in Duthelm, Koretar has combined orcish strength and discipline with dwarven craftsmanship. As a fine warrior and skilled smith, he was a natural leader for smithy center of Duthelm. He has risen through the military ranks and now commands the town that is responsible for most metal and stone work in the nation. When not working a forge or tending to city paperwork, Koretar enjoys fighting in the town arena. He fights with two hammers, one in each hand and is the reigning champion. 

Arleck, Mayor of Ilgothi

Arleck is the leader of the town of Ilgothi and a member of that town's small mages guild. He is a vain and petty man with a cruel sense of humor and arrogant disposition. Arleck is a tall, thin man with pasty white skin and a shock of oily black hair. He dresses in leather robes and wears a touch of eye shadow. Arleck is somewhat young for his post and overcompensates with anger and cruelty. He taxes the local citizenry heavily and proudly calls secret meetings with the mages guild at least once a month. 

Birra Hadrowin, Mayor of Dominion

Mayor Birra Hadrowin is the mayor of Dominion. She is the one of the few female town rulers in the realms. As a female ogre, she has shown more than enough personal strength to handle the job. Because of Dominions geographic position and unique role as a border town, she maintains a small group of spies of her own to maintain stability in the town and monitor the goings-on of her tiny realm.

Common Names

Male Names

Alexar, Dresik, Henrik, Jakub, Krystof, Lukas, Marik, Marten, Oekar, Radimar, Vladimar

Female Names

Dalenka, Ema, Hana, Kristina, Natalia, Nina, Sofia, Viktoria

Notable Noble Family Names

Balog, Denko, Farkas, Kollar, Kraylek, Molnazar, Petrik, Toth, Vargas


Name Population Notes
Stonehaven 30,000 The largest city outside of the Citadel. Stonehaven lies north of the Citadel deep in the Malus Mountains. This mountain city is built upon tiers carved into the side of a mountain. It processes raw iron ore and quarried stone from numerous mining towns in the surounding region.
Hammerfall 26,400 A city of miners and smiths that lies northwest of the Citadel in the western foothills of the Malus Mountains. Hammerfall produces most of the weapons and armor for Duthelm and conducts patrols along the western foothills. Occasionally, Hammerfall will also be the launch point for a minor raid against the towns and villages of Carrikos.
Ilgothi 18,900 Ilgothi has a reputation as being a dangerous town for outsiders. This small city is frequented by Duthelmian sorcerers and is home to a small, but well known wizards' guild. Occasionally, a Black Sorcerer will show up in town to visit the Ilgothi Wizard's Guild.
Dominion 12,200 Dominion lies southeast of the Citadel in the southern foot hills on the banks of Snowy Timber river. There are rumors that Dominion is the home of a guild of thieves and assassins. Some say this guild is financed by the Citadel itself. It is likely that the bandits that prowl the roads between the Empire and the Falkir Clans are based in Dominion. The largest bandit group to be found in this region is said to be led by Pig Faced Willy who can often be found in Dominion.
Stormport 8,800 Stormport is a coastal town that lies virtually on the border between Duthelm and Kitar. It was conquered by Duthelm in the Second Demon War and Duthelm has held it since. Due it its location and history, Stormport is often in the middle of a war zone when tensions flare up between Duthelm and Kitar. This town is riddled with spies from both sides.

Villages (Population less than 1,000)

Blackhill, Bolo, Brieger, Daf, Dagaston, Hybora, Kul, Mannon, Ranigar, Red's Spire, Reich, Saroka, Talon, Thorshav, Tiryn, Widow's Peak

Travel and Distance

Duthelm has a network of ancient dirt roads that are well worn from centuries of travel and relatively well kept. For more information, see the Travel and Distance page.

      Typical Travel Time
Route Terrain/Road Conditions Distance Walking Wagon/Cart Horse
Citadel - Stonehaven Dirt Road 407 km 18 days 13 days 8 days
Citadel - Dominion Dirt Road 307 km 13 days 10 days 6 days
Citadel - Ilgothi Dirt Road 422 km 18 days 14 days 8 days
Ilgothi - Hammerfall Dirt Road 272 km 12 days 9 days 5 days
Hammerfall - Craggenmor (Carrikos) Dirt Road 516 km 22 days 17 days 10 days
Dominion - Waterford (Kitar) Dirt Road 591 km 25 days 19 days 11 days
Stonehaven - Rift Gate Dirt Road 703 km 30 days 23 days 13 days
Dominion - Haygen Keep Dirt Road 591 km 25 days 19 days 11 days
Ilgothi - the Crossroads Dirt Road 434 km 19 days 14 days 8 days


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