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This huge forest, in northern Carrikos, is a dense growth of deciduous trees blending into coniferous toward the northern stretches. Rolling hills dominate the central region of this wood. The climate is temperate and mild.

The Dark Wood is widely known to be a dangerous place. Many tavern tales and city rumors tell of dark cults and fierce monsters that inhabit its depths, hence the name. The dragon Trokus dwells within the Dark Wood and makes this heart of this wood a very dangerous place to be. Entire caravans have vanished while traveling through the Dark Wood. Many caravans choose to give this forest a wide berth. 

Several minor sites of pre-War ruins can be found in the southern half of this forest. Many Carrikos mages have ventured into to explore these ruins hoping to find insight into the sorcery of the great Mage Lords that ruled the lands before the Great War.


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