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The forests are the hearts of the wilderness. No where else is life so abundant. Thousands of species of plants, flowers, insects and animals can be found in every square mile. Some of these forests are thousands of years old and hide ancient ruins within them.


This huge forest, in northern Carrikos, is a dense growth of deciduous trees blending into coniferous toward the northeast stretch. Rolling hills dominate the central region of this wood. Many legends tell tales of dark cults and darker monsters that inhabit its depths, hence the name. Several sites of pre-War ruins can be found in the southern half of this forest.

The Dreadwood is a small forest located some sixty leagues south of Dunlyn, nestled among the foot hills of the northern Sentinel Mountains. It is a place many fear to tread. The large wooded area is said to be haunted. Strange lights and shadowy figures are seen at night. Unexplainable sounds emanate from its depths. People become easily lost within its confines and far too many people have walked into this woods and were never seen again. For these reasons, it is known as Dreadwood and to the grum it is called the Netherweald.

Elder Weald
This ancient coniferous forest has weathered both the Sundering and the Great War. It is relatively peaceful. Many ancient elven ruins are located in this forest.

Emperor's Grove
This vast and ancient broadleaf wood holds a great variety of game animals and many species of fine lumber trees. It has been reduced to about half its original size due to the expansion of the Rukemian Empire. As imperial borders encroach further into this forest, more and more land is cleared for farming and homesteading. This bountiful wood provides much of the empire with lumber, fur, meat, fruits, nuts and potent herbs.

Grand Wood
This is the largest forest on the continent and is a blend of several ecosystems and climate types. The entire nation of Cyrell dwells within this forest.

Mercian Forest
This forest, named for the nation that claims it, supplies much of the lumber used to make the Mercian ships that are so famous. It is considered to be the property of the ruling class and is worked by the commoners with permission.

Mist Forest
This huge forest has several thousands mist trees near the center. Hence, a continual cloud of mist blankets the heart of this wood. The mist forest is west of the Ice Rock Mountains.

Snowy Timber
This mixed forest is owned and protected by Kitar. Sections have been given to nobles and dukes for services rendered to the King. About half is owned by the crown and considered "public". The western and southern stretches of this forest are rolling hills known as the Krothian Hills. Border skirmishes between Duthelm and Kitar are often fought in the Snowy Timber and most of these battles occur within the Krothian Hills.


A large forest in the northern part of the Sybrenar Imperium.

Elarum Woods
A thick rainforest in western Sarid.

A deciduous forest in the southern part of the Chaddamar Theocracy.

Mael Ix Drablin
Known as the "Storming Forest" due to the weather. This large wood lies between Eshtar and Vaul.

The largest forest on Aggradar. This region separates the Trossoli Dominion from the nation of Magrakor. It is a dangerous region and claimed by no nation.


Gynfeld Forest
The largest forest in the Kingdom of Anquar. Harvested for lumber. Also notable for having red oak trees used in ship building. The Gynfeld Forest is shrouded in myth and legends. There are many stories of people vanishing in its depths.

Illraxis Forest

A large and dangerous wooded region on the southern coast of Qeshir. Notable for primitive tribes and dangerous beasts.


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