The World Of Khoras - Physical World - Forests

This vast and ancient broadleaf wood holds a great variety of game animals and many species of fine lumber trees. It has been reduced to about half its original size due to the expansion of the Rukemian Empire. As imperial borders encroach further into this forest, more and more land is cleared for farming and homesteading. This bountiful wood provides much of the empire with lumber, fur, meat, fruits, nuts and potent herbs. The Emperor claims this forest as his personal woods. However, the empire uses it for a variety of public and private purposes. Hunts, religious ceremonies, battles, military training, lumber harvesting and more are all conducted here.

A small druidic cult made up of foresters, woodsmen, elves, druids and nature priests has formed in the last century. They have begun to fight back against further imperial incursion by attacking caravans, interfering with mining and destroying lumber mills.


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