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An immense and very dense forest that covers over 500,000 square kilometers. This vast stretch of forest land separates Magrakor from the Trossoli Dominion. The trossoli warlords occasionally send raiding parties through the woods into Magrakor to raid against villages and towns. However, the wood itself is as dangerous as any Magrakor military defense post. The wood is filled with roaming monsters, humanoid tribes, packs of wolves and worse. There is only one road that runs through the Wild Wood, connecting Magrakor with the Trossoli Dominion. In previous centuries, the magrakians traded peacefully with the hyttar. Since the war, the road has fallen into disrepair. There are a few hunting trails, but these are narrow, twisting and treacherous.

The ruins of a great tower lie in the depths of the forest. This once great tower was a part of the Kytohan Empire. It has since fallen, and the rubble of the tower lies in a long straight path through the trees. when it stood, it must have been over 600 feet tall. The cracked grey stones of this ancient ruin are now overrun with weeds. The lower two stories of the tower still stand. It is rumored that there is a large dungeon beneath this tower and that the secrets of an ancient warlord still lie there.

The Wild Wood is home to the dragon Varullimal, a large pale brown dragon with a breath weapon of ashen smoke.

A hyttar resistance group led by a hyttar named Kuros dwells within the Wild Wood, attacking the Dominion, disrupting commerce and freeing hyttar slaves.


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