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A vast wood situated between Eshtar and Vaul. This immense stretch of woods is home to many monsters that make it a dangerous region and at least one dragon. The eshtari gather firewood and fruit from the edges of this great forest. Eshtari mariners occasionally moor off the coast and spend nights at the edge of the trees. The vaullians rarely venture into this forest.

The locals of this region say that a mysterious woodsman lives in the forest, overseeing the woods and all creatures that dwell within. Although his name is not known, this ranger has been seen on several occasions. He wears a green cloak and a mask to conceal his face. His identity is unknown and no one is even sure of his race. At one encounter, he saved a caravan from a marauding band of pugnar bandits. On another encounter, he found a lost girl and returned her to a her family. However, he also slew a small company of woodsmen who began cutting down ancient trees from the heart of the forest. His motives are unclear. The local authorities say he is a bandit who should be arrested. He is something of a hero to may locals. There are many tall tales told of his exploits and some say he is the spirit of the forest. In any case, flesh or spirit, all attempts to capture him, or even track him, have failed.

The name "Mael Ix Drablin" comes from the language of the old Kytohan Empire. The rough translation is "The Storming Forest". It is an ancient name - as old as the forest itself. The forest does suffer frequent storms that sweep in off the ocean from both the east and west. It is likely named for that.


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