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There were many horrors that came into being during the Great War. Atrocities beyond description where committed in the name of patriotism. Perhaps the most notorious is known as Sager's Folly. During the War, there was a disreputable Traxxian General named Sager whose infamy was shadowed by the evil of the real man. He reveled in the chaos of battle and the bloodshed of his enemy. During the Traxxian campaigns, General Sager ordered his troops to attack a group of villages during one summer night. Many prisoners, over five thousand, were taken that night and herded like animals into a nearby woods. The General trapped the villagers inside the woods, ringing the woods with pike men and crossbow men. He then ordered his archers to fire flaming arrows into the center of the forest. Likewise, a catapult hurled in barrels of oil. The massacre was horrible. Most of the trapped villagers burned to death. Many fled the woods but were cut down by the waiting wall of soldiers.

This is the most accepted version of this story, though many conflicting stories emerged from the War regarding this horrific incident. Since the Great War, a new forest has grown over the ashes. This new forest is quite old boasting several trees over 1000 years old. Over the centuries, the wood has continued to grow and expand and is now much larger than the original woods.

The Dreadwood, as it is now called, is located some sixty leagues south of Dunlyn, nestled among the foot hills of the northern Sentinel Mountains. It is a place many fear to tread. The large wooded area is said to be haunted. Strange lights and shadowy figures are seen at night. Unexplainable sounds emanate from its depths. People become easily lost within its confines and far too many people have walked into this woods and were never seen again. For these reasons, it is known as Dreadwood and to the grum it is called the Netherweald.


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