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Dunlyn - Capital City of the Khenshire

"You've not lived until you've seen the summer festivals at Dunlyn. Such a bounty for the senses - ruby wines, mountains of food, oceans of flowers, colored ribbons, tireless drum circles, rose petal art, games, contests, dancing, singing, laughter, LIFE! Other cities may boast great armies, opulent wealth or magnificent temples... but where is the soul of these cities? The grum have it right. It is not what you build or own or what wealth you command, it is how you live. Go to Dunlyn, my friend, and see the truth of my words. For I tell you, after a Dunlyn festival, your gleaming golden spires will soon lose their lustre."
- Jarfoot, Grumman Merchant, Falkir Clans

"Anything with a face is good eatin'!"
-Lord Tobias Perrin's favorite culinary axiom

"Worries go down better with soup than without."
A Proverb common to Dunlyn

Dunlyn, the capital city of Khenshire

Ruler His Worthy Sir, Council High Speaker, Lord Tobias Perrin
Population 29,800
Demographics Grum 80%, Human 10%, Dwarven 3%, Elven 3%, Saurian 1%, Baenite 1%, Ogre 1%, Orc 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Dunlian/Dunlians
Languages Grumman 80%, Corven 10%, Northern 10%
Nationality Khenshire
National Colors Green and black
Year Founded 933
Currency Mixed
Natural Resources Fruits, nuts, wheat, barley, corn, rice, oats, cotton, cattle, goats, sheep
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Various tobaccos and medicinal herbs, foodstuffs, textiles, fruits, berries, nuts, beef, mutton, leather goods, raw wool and wool clothing
Wealth Below Average
Government Type Provincial
Government Stability Very Stable
Allies Jannerus, Falkir Clans
Enemies Coalition
Walled No
Crime Level Low
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion Mireldokar
Other Religions Imarus, Sarreth, Daramis
Climate Temperate
Terrain Grassland


Dunlyn is the capital city of Khenshire and, considered by many, to be the heart and soul of grumman culture. Like most grumman cities, it is not walled. Rather, it is an overgrown town. Dunlyn consists of several hundred log and stone buildings clustered together at the center of a large river valley. Numerous bridges span the river at several points through town. The area is dotted with farms, small forests, rolling hills and grasslands. The Sentinel Mountains frame the horizon in the background. The grum are fond of nature and this is apparent in the numerous gardens and fields of flowers awash with color.




The natio is divided up into shires. Each shire has a representative in Dunlyn that sits on the Dunlyn Council. Overseeing this council is His Worthy Sir, Council High Speaker Tobias Perrin.

The Council Hall

As the Capital building and meeting place of the Dunlyn Council, this comfortable little festhaus is kept immaculately clean and tidy. Rather than a great marble tower or similar contrivance, The Council Hall takes the form of a simple stone and wood tavern. During the regular meetings, Council members discuss and debate the problems of the day in a friendly manner while enjoying fresh honey biscuits and an ale or three.


An ancient grum by the name of Old Toff serves as magistrate and sits on the court, hearing disputes and passing judgement. The crime rate is low here and so much issues that are resolved in court are property disputes, trade deals and the like.


A stalwart group of grumman fighters sworn to protect the peace within the walls of the city of Dunlyn. They are known as the Dunlyn Defenders. These men and women, some 175 full time warriors and officers, wear studded leather armor, oaken round shields and short swords. Each also carries a short bow and sheaf of hunting arrows. Under normal circumstances, these guards patrol the city during the day in 50 groups of three. In times of need, an additional 900 volunteers can be summoned from the ranks of the city to aid in everything from mundane guard duty to helping protect farmland from orcish raids. This group is lead by Master at Arms Bulsiger.

The Defenders Hall

This three story wooden hall houses the officers and men of the city militia and the city guard. It also houses a small training yard and one armory.



Dunlyn has no grand temples such as other cities boast. Most worship is family oriented and conducted in the home. However, shrines to most of the Elder Gods can be found within the city. These shrines are located near the center of the city and there is much cooperation and fellowship between the priests of the different shrines.


Dunlyn hosts a market day twice a month. Farmers from the region will bring in fruit, vegetables, wheat, oats, loaves of bread, bottled honey, wine, cheeses, mutton, pies, stews and every other imaginable foodstuff. Because this is the only sizeable city in the realm, craftsmen will show their wares here as well. Clothing, baskets, bags, rope, soap, candles, farming equipment and so forth are all on display here. Weapons and armor are sometimes sold here, but these are not as common. The Fair Market is the name of the main trade plaza.

Guilds and Organizations


Important People

Lord Drumble Perrin

A rather hefty grum of advanced years with long side burns and bushy brown hair. He is a jovial man who considers all of Dunlyn his relatives. Sons, daughters, nieces, nephews – all grum are family. Drumble is a master wood carver and whittles away during town meetings and evenings in front of the fire. He does not take kindly to strangers making trouble in his fair city and will have the town guard keep an eye on brigands and adventurers alike.

Master at Arms Bulsiger

Dunker Bulsiger is the commander of the city guard of Dunlyn. He is a tall for a grum and wields a full length sword with ease. He wears ringmail armor and a sturdy iron helm. He has the scars to prove his battle hardened experience and takes no backtalk from his men. He is sometimes a little over-exuberant in his security procedures and it often falls to Lord Perrin to keep Master Bulsiger in check. Master Bulsiger is a man of action and will often lead the charge when it comes to tracking bandits or meeting an orcish raid head on. In his spare time, Dunker is an avid hunter and will venture throughout the northern Sentinel Mountains on five day hunting treks. He has also ventured into the Baen Desert on occasion, although these excursions are usually brief.



Dunlyn is a very gregarious community. Warm welcomes, home cooked meals, singing, good jokes, bad puns and laughter are common here. The smell of freshed baked pies, thick beef stew and hot buttered bread fill the air. This is a rustic community where everyone knows each other. Weapons, armor and other such unpleasant things are not welcome. Very few people carry anything larger than a pocket knife and anything heavier than leather armor is rare. People are more concerned with comfortable shoes and warm wool clothing than with personal protection.

The Life Fair is a seasonal three-day festival held once each quarter. Khenshire is home to some of the most passionate farmers in Ithria, and it is at the Life Fair that they display their proudest wares. Contests and competitions are wondrous and varied, with awards given to the largest pumpkins grown, fastest mules, spiciest hot sauce, etc. The exact nature of competitions and prizes vary from season to season. Citizens are always thrilled to win awards, whether it be for pie eating, drake calling, snow carving, flower weaving or presenting a very amusing skit or magic show. All the senses are thoroughly engaged at a Life Fair. Highly recommended for travelers.

City Districts

The city of Dunlyn is a homogenous maze of streets, homes, shops, taverns and alleyways. It is not divided into distinct sections.

Monuments and Public Spaces

The Clan War Monument

Just to the east of Dunlyn, only a half mile out of town is a copse of trees surrounding a tremendous stump. This stump is all that remains of a once mighty forest lord tree from long ago. It was planted and grew ages ago, surviging the Great War and the Age of Sorrow. However, in 1310, during the Grumman Clan Wars, it was burned and collapsed, leaving only a stump. About a century later, in 1417 CY, a grumman woodcarver named Firefoot took his tools to the great stump and began work on a sculpture. He worked on it for seven years. In 1424 CY, he died leaving the sculpture unfinished. It was a complex work of art depicting the Grumman Clan Wars and, the hope, that all grum would one day know peace. Since then, other sculpters have worked on this Clan War Monumentt. Each generation adds a bit of work to it.


Architecture and Infrastructure

Dunlyn is a fine example of humble grumman craftsmanship. Most buildings here are stone and timber. Most buildings are only two stories tall and few exceed three. The buildings, while small and humble, are expertly crafted. Keep in mind that all architecture here is sized for the grum. Humans and other large folk will have to duck their head when entering and leaving buildings. Most buildings are built around a large central fireplace, be it a home, tavern or business.

Most roads in Dunlyn are dirt. Only a few main streets at the city center and plazas are cobble stone or tiled. The streets are not lit. Most businesses have a lantern out front and people moving about the city at night carry a lamp.

The bridges that span the river are stone and stoutly built, broad enough for wagons and tall enough for river barges to pass underneath.


Dunlyn is a very safe city and there is very little crime here. Though there are a few thieves and pickpockets, a traveler visiting here is more likely to be accosted by an overly friendly drunk or talkative minstrel.

Inns and Taverns

Name and Owner Description
Dragon's Heart
Tavern - One of the most popular taverns in Dunlyn is called the Dragon's Heart. Dusk, the owner and operator is a retired adventurer. He regales customers often of his last adventure in which he single handedly slew a dragon (so he says) and with the wyrm's hoard of gold purchased this fine tavern. Dusk is quite fond of good stories, and will often declare an "hour of tales" in which the patron who spins the best yarn for everyone to hear is rewarded with a free meal. Many ambitious folk will make up and tell just about any story in order to have a chance to dine for free on one of Dusk's famous Thunderbeast Steaks, a house specialty that Dusk claims is "only for those with the fangs to match their appetite!" It's said that one of these huge steaks, along with a few good tankards of spiced ale, is enough to keep the average working man in high spirits for over a week. Dusk is a wealthy and generous man. He treats his patrons like family.
Dead Horse Tavern
Tavern - Sometimes called Blade's Tavern. Nathos, a Bathyn warrior from the distant west, runs this small but successful inn. Many years ago, Nathos loaded up everything he owned on to his trusty steed, a old horse named Blade, and journeyed eastward to see the great Rukemian Empire and seek his fortune. However, half way across the continent, his horse dropped dead. He tried acquiring another steed, but did not have the funds. He took a job at a local pub and began saving up money. Years later, he inherited the tavern from the owner's will and renamed it the Dead Horse Tavern in honor of his lost horse (Bathyn's are very close to their steeds...) Today, he is the owner and proprietor. The Dead Horse Tavern serves a home made brew and offers rooms. The rates are very reasonable.
Parched Throat Watering House
Brewery/Pub - A small brewery and pub run by a family of dwarves. The patriach of this family, Osgoray is a very old and wise dwarf who is well liked by the grum. Osgoray dabbled a bit in engineering in his youth, and has advised the Council on a number of bridge-building projects. A large, oaken footbridge over Alcorn creek bears his name, a fact of which he is immensely proud.
The Tin Tankard
Tavern - The Tin Tankard is a small tavern run by a small grum, Trembler (he's short even for a grum). Trembler is well liked by many and a good source of information about the goings-on about town. He's also a contact for the local thieves' guild.
Greasy Ladle
Alleyne Lamarsh
Tavern/Inn - This popular eatery is run by an overweight half-grum, Alleyne. She mothers her guests always insisting on second and third helpings. Prices are very reasonable and the fare is quite simple.
Riemann's Riverside Inn
Goose Riemann
Inn - The Riverside Inn, or the "Goose Roost" as it is often called, is built right on the banks of the Sweetwater River. It has a large overhanging deck with posts and gates so you can dock your boat and eat right there on the deck overlooking the river. Some boats pull up, buy a basket of food and row off for a picnic on the river. Goose is a big grum with a hearty laugh and an enormous red nose. He runs this place with his sister and her four children. In addition to food, the inn has eight private rooms, one large common room and stables. Goose also has miscellaneous bits of boat equipment for sale. Goose himself often takes his own boat, a sleek boat named Drifter, out for a row on the river.
Final Round
Trotter Sayre
Gambling Hall and Tavern - The Final Round is a large, lower class establishment with a reputation of being a hangout for thieves and brigands. In truth, it is a rougher establishment than most places in the grumman lands. While it is kept respectable enough, the locals know well enough to watch themselves while here. This is the place where foreigners, ruffians and others of ill repute will hang out. Trotter, who runs the place, is a grum known for a quick blade and several scars that suggest he knows how to use it.
Kenwick's Roasthouse
Tavern - A great hall and tavern renowned for its many meat dishes. Beef, primarily. Local beef from locally slaughtered cattle. The owner and proprietor, Kenwick, is a abnormally tall and round grum, standing nearly 1.5m tall (5 ft) with a broad belly, a full beard and a deep laugh. He seems, in some ways, more dwarven or human that grum, but his quick wit, frequent laugh and love of food are all grum enough. Kenwick runs this store with his wife, four daughters and mother in law. It is also well known for a popular drink called "Elder's Milk". This is a mixture of whiskey, spices, honey, eggs, heavy cream and goat's milk whipped into a frothy concoction. Elder's Milk originated here, but has since been copied by other taverns throughout the realm and beyond. But most agree that Kenwick's Milk is the best. Kenwick's Roasthouse has an annual celebration held midsummer. During this celebration, there are cooking contests, drinking contests and all manner of debauchery. His name, Kenwick, is a contraction of his full name "Candle Wick".


Name and Owner Description
Treasure Chest
Six Pipe
Trading Post and General Store - The Treasure Chest is a trading post and general store. It carries almost everything. It has an incredible selection of foodstuffs, as well as an entire aisle of spices and cooking materials. In fact, Six Pipe so loves the art of cooking that he has a huge cauldron and grilling rack (properly ventilated) right in the middle of his store. He frequently puts on public demonstrations to show off the wonderful things that can come from the ingredients he sells. He plans on putting on a traveling cooking show all through Khenshire sometime next year.
Emerald Moon
Apothecary and Food Store - The Emerald Moon is an apothecary and food store. Grumbler sells all manner of herbal remedies, poultices and such. The tired old grum is becoming a bit absent-minded as of late. His pet drake died last year. So, as an amateur taxidermist, he stuffed it. Now he talks to it every day as if it were still alive. His customers don't really mind this, except when Grumbler insists that they pet him.
Silver Grail
Smithy - The Silver Grail is a successful smithy and metal shop. Mudder, a smiling, broad shouldered grum who learned to strike metal from a great dwarven smith, works hard at the forge. However, he never lets his duties interrupt his mealtime. Five times daily, as is the custom for all grum, he will drop whatever he is doing to prepare his beef and buttered bread. Mudder dines on a large patio he has built in front of his shop, and always sets one place other than his own. He hates to eat alone. Every day without fail, a passerby's nostrils will catch the enticing aroma coming from Mudder's cooking pot, and will be invited to sit and join him for a meal. For this reason, Mudder may be the best known person in town. Everyone has enjoyed supper with him at one time or another, and he never forgets a name or face. The grum has a firm handshake, and looks folk square in the eye when speaking to them.
Green and Plenty
Rat Derian
Tobacco Specialty Shop - Only the finest grumman tobaccos to be had. Always fresh. With sufficient notice and payment up front, Rat can get exotic herbs and blends from distant cities. Rat runs this small shop alone. 
Baron's Mistress
Swan Brule
Brothel - A small brothel that maintains a low profile and does its best to cater to established patrons. The community tolerates it as it helps keep the peace and draws money into the local economy. The proprietor of this establishment is a beautiful grumman woman named Swan.
Wayward Mariner
James Baxter
Boating Store - Run by an ex-mariner, a human, from Drakkel. He used to sail the big ships deep out to sea, but gave it up suddenly one day and moved as far inland as he could. He now sticks to rivers and other "safe" waterways. Here, he builds and repairs small boats, sells fishing tackle and bait and does a lot of fishing. He doesn't venture to the coast at all. He seems afraid of the sea. He won't say why.


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