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The Grumman language is a simple, country dialect closely related to Rukemian with some influence from Drakkellin. It shares many words with both. Like Grumman literature, the language is verbose in the extreme due to the grumman love of conversation.

Low Grumman

This dialect is the "purest" form of Grumman and the oldest. It is a simple country dialect filled with colorful metaphors and phrases. It has a simple grammar and syntax and is easy for most speakers to master. Low grumman is used primarily at home in the three grumman nations, but mostly in Jannerus.

High Grumman

A variation of grumman which evolved was a more modern, sophisticated dialect used among grumman scholars, politicians and some merchants. Often, this is the language used by traveling grumman and is the official language of the Khenshire.

Clan Grumman

Another variation of grumman is the relatively young clan dialect. This dialect is spoken more quickly and with more energy. It is common among warriors, travelers and merchants. It originated in and is used primarily in the Falkir Clans.


All three dialects have a lyrical sense which is pleasant to listen to, although each has a slightly different tempo.


Written grumman has 30 letters derived from the same alphabet of the Rukemian language, although some characters have been merged in common use to simplify the language. The characters are often written with rounded curves.


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