The World Of Khoras - Civilization

City Name

Population Description
Aerith 46,500 Capital city of Vorrik.
Aramanda 741,700 Capital city of the Great Padashan Empire.
Arcanum 125,000 Capital city of Carrikos.
Aridorn 656,300 Capital city of the Rukemian Empire.
Asylum 880,000 An independent city with virtually no government and the largest city on the continent of Ithria.
Bazile 24,300 Capital city of the elven paradise, Ethara.
Brulan 124,400 Capital city of the Aukarian Republic.
Citadel, The 45,700 Fortress and capital city of Duthelm.
Damogoth 184,700 Capital city of the Sybren Imperium.
Drakkel 267,500 Capital and largest city of the Drakkellian Alliance.
Dunlyn 29,800 Capital city of Khenshire.
Ennathe 29,500 Capital city of the elven forest nation of Cyrell.
Forge 55,800 Capital city of Uthran.
Freeport 47,200 Capital city of Mercia and major seaport.
Garrison 34,300 An independent city/fortress which maintains a tradition of chivalry and honor and a fighting force of knights.
Grimstone 40,200 A member city of the Drakkellian Alliance situated at the edge of the great Stench Bog.
Hearthtown 39,400 Capital city of the agricultural nation, Jannerus.
Ice Gate 12,200 Trading post and only city of Borrell.
Illhekar 186,500 Capital city of the Chaddamar Theocracy.
Ipotal 114,700 Capital city of the Kingdom of Anquar.
Ithell 396,000 A member city of the Drakkellian Alliance.
Kurebay 84,700 Capital city of Sarid.
Myranor 48,600 Capital city of Kitar.
Okslad 44,000 Capital city of Magrakor.
Orrojek 35,400 Capital city of Kalimura.
Penketh 92,000 A member city of the Drakkellian Alliance.
Piramus 9,800 Capital city of Avar.
Qazadeen 125,500 The second largest city in the Great Padashan Empire and capital of the Karoush province.
Rift Gate 4,000 A small city of xorians nestled in the Ice Rock Mountains.
River Gate 35,700 A small independent city on the shores of a lake.
Salhanrasha 74,800 An independent and well fortified trade city that lies between the Padashan Empire and the Juenta Kingdoms.
Stovikar 485,800 Capital city of Ormek.
Strathon 72,000 Capital city of Arkalia.
Tykron 75,900 Capital city of Normidia.
Tyrrenkor 51,500 Capital city of the Coalition.
Vaulstav 32,750 Capital city of Vaul.
Vogue 102,900 A member city of the Drakkellian Alliance.
Zesrun 63,400 Capital city of Corvenia.


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