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This origins of the name of this great forest are lost to history. It has stood for thousands of years and over the centuries many legends and ghost stories about the Gynfeld Forest have worked there way into Anquaran history. There are many stories of woodsmen venturing too deep into the Gynfeld and never returning. These stories have kept much of the center of this wood unmapped and unexplored.

The edges of this forest are harvested for lumber and the trees are dragged by teams of horses to the towns of Anquar. Much of the larger trees are used in the Maersk and Ilwan ship yards. The Gynfeld Forest has a variant of the red oak tree, all of which are taken to the ship yards for use in hull construction.

The Gynfeld Forest is home to a female dragon named Belskanar that lives in a cave beneath a waterfall near the center of the forest. King Dalmoran of Anquar is greatly vexed that a dragon has set up a lair within his kingdom and, every few years, he will send knights into the forest to do battle with the beast. Thus far, the knights and soldiers have been unable to dislodge the dragon.


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