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The Resistance

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Miners, Soldiers, Wizards, Administrators, Alchemists 
Member of Members Unknown - estimated to be between 10,000 and 20,000
Demographics Unknown - but estimated to mirror the demographics of Anquar

Primary Location(s)



Unknown - possibly no leader
Year Founded 2514 CY approximately
Symbol Eight diamond shards radiating out from a center.
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Resistance is an outlawed group of rebels who oppose the rule of Dalmoran in the Kingdom of Anquar. Scattered across the kingdom, members and groups of the Resistance meet in secret and strike out against Dalmoran's armies wherever and whenever they can.


The War of the Gods ended in 2514 CY when Anquar finally had enough power to claim rulership of the realm. But even before the war had finally ended, there were organized attacks against Dalmoran's men. There was even one attack against Dalmoran himself, but by the power of the pieces of the Talisman, he slew the rebels with fire and smoke. Since that time, there have been other coordinated attacks against the government.

Goals and Motivation

The Resistance work endlessly toward a single goal - to slay Dalmoran and return the nation of Anquar to the idyllic and peaceful realm it once was under the "rule of eight". The first part can be achieved through strength of arms. However, the second part depends upon the Resistance finding the other four pieces of the Talisman. If they have already recovered one or more pieces, then they are keeping it a secret. Dalmoran's spies have ascertained that the Resistance continues to search the realm and beyond... therefore, even if they have found one or more pieces, they don't have them all yet. At least one piece is still missing.

Allies and Enemies

The Resistance has too few friends and too many enemies. Helping them is a good portion of the population (primarily the poor). A good portion of population aid the Resistance however they can. Such assistance - mostly secret hiding places, food and the occasional weapon - comes mostly from poor commoners.


The Resistance welcomes all who wish to join. However, before any person is trusted with important information, the applicant is thoroughly tested to ensure their loyalty. The organization has many layers. One must prove oneself before advancing to the next level. Each layer involves more secrets and more trust.

Dalmoran's spies are always trying to uncover traitors and infiltrate the Resistance. The Resistance takes great pains to maintain a veil of secrecy and find spies before they can do any damage. The Resistance operates as a network of separate small groups which operate out of hundreds of hidden lairs. Most members of the Resistance know only of their group. Very few members know the identities of other groups or the entire network. Information is well guarded so that if one group is compromised, they cannot devulge the location or identity of other groups, even under torture.

There are no fees to join the Resistance and there is no payment. All who come to serve do so because they wish to.

Oaths and Codes

Little is know of the oaths that might be sworn or codes that they adhere to, but an oath of loyalty to the death is certainly likely.

Rank Structure

It is known that there are certain "layers" to the organization and one must prove loyalty at each step. The secrets entrusted likewise grow in proporation to the level attained. Beyond that, little is know.


The Resistance has been gaining supporters continuously since Dalmoran took the throne and now almost one quarter of the population supports the Resistance (even if only in their heart). It may take another deacde, but many believe that the Resistance will eventually have enough strength and numbers for an a direct confrontation with Dalmoran's armies. It is possible that the discovery of a piece (or possibly the final piece?) will precipate full scale war and end the stalemate.

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