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Alliance of Alloys

"In all things... strike hard, strike true."
Common Alliance Saying

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Blacksmiths, craftsmen, tinkerers, engineers, locksmiths
Number of Members 500
Demographics Human 45%, Dwarven 33%, Grum 9%, Elven 6%, Avarian 4%, Orcish, 2%, Other 1%

Primary Location(s)

Kalimura, Drakkellian Alliance, Ithell, Uthran


Grellmon, dwarven male blacksmith
Year Founded 1840 CY
Symbol Hammer and forge.
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Alliance of Alloys, also known as the Metal Masters, is a large and wealthy private interest group whose members are devoted to metal related trades and crafts. This economic group is based in Orrojek, the capital of Kalimura. It has over 500 members with several small guildhouses throughout Kalimura.

The alliance is led by Grellmon, a dwarven master blacksmith well-known throughout Kalimura. He is responsible for several innovations in the trade and continually pushes for technological developments to blend new alloys and advance all aspects of metalworking. Other members are miners, swordsmiths, armorers and more.

Another well known member is Murrok, a master locksmith and trap designer. Murrok is also a member of the Technomancers.


The Alliance of Alloys was formed shortly after the founding of Orrojek in the year 1840 CY and has slowly expanded to neighboring nations and cities over the next few centuries.

Goals and Motivation

The Alliance of Alloys is primarily interested in the advancement of the metallurgical sciences and the dissemination of knowledge relating to their craft. The recruitment of new members is always a primary concern. The Alliance of Alloys enjoys a great deal of freedom in Orrojek. Most technological advances in metal work occur in the Orrojek guildhouse of this organization and then filter out to the other guild houses over time.

Allies and Enemies

The Alliance of Alloys is on very good terms with the Technomancers and the governments of Kalimura, Uthran and the Drakkellian Alliance. Generally, this group has no enemies, although Prad Ironworks of Drakkel is a competitor.


Membership involves metal skills tested, examples of work, an initial fee of three Kalimuran diad bills of credit and a yearly fee of one diad thereafter. Also, the alliance usually requires one piece of work from each member be contributed to the guild. This piece of work must be of excellent quality and often represents several weeks work. This work is either sold or archived and put on displayed. The benefits of membership are many including : training in many crafts, use of facilities, access to tools and access to raw materials.

Oaths and Codes

The Alliance of Alloys has no oaths or codes. They are serious about their craft, but are otherwise somewhat informal.

Rank Structure

The Alliance has a very simple rank structure: members and officers. All members of the group share the same rank, although about ten of them fill voluntary offices to handle administration and paperwork. The guild leader is elected by vote every five years.




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