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Kalimura is the only nation on the continent of Ithria that has developed paper money. Kalimuran bills of credit are consistent in design and may vary in value : 1 monad (roughly equivalent to a drakkellian iron petty), 1 diad (10 monads), 1 triad (100 monads) and 1 quad (equal to 1,000 monads). Kalimuran currency follows a base ten mathematical progression similar to Drakkel’s money. Each bill carries the signatures of the High Council and the sigils of the Guildhouses. Since Kalimura uses no magic, the production of the perfectly identical bills is managed by technology, the printing press. Kalimuran bills of credit are considered worthless in most nations and only have value within Kalimura. However, these bills can be found in the purses of the rich in the Drakkellian Alliance and sometimes in Ithell.


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