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Money first came to be used most than 4,000 years ago during the Age of Dawning. People who wanted to trade goods and services gradually realized that exchange would be easier if there were some single commodity that everyone would accept as valuable.

Gold, silver and copper form the back bone of most currency systems throughout the world. These three metals have advantages over other kinds of materials. First, they have universal purchasing power. That is, everyone agrees they are valuable. Second, they can be molded into a variety of sizes and shapes to stand for a variety of different values. Third, they are very durable; they will not rust or decay; they can be stored for long periods of time. Fourth, since even small amounts of these metals are valuable, it is easy to carry them around. Although iron is more common (and hence less valuable) it also has an important role in certain economies.

Currency is a complicated subject, made more complicated by the fact that most nations agree that currency in one form or another is necessary , but cannot agree on a standard. It is for this reason that there is such diversity in the manner in which nations store and use their wealth. The conversion of one currency to another is a common task. For more information on exchange rates, see currency conversion.

What follows is a description of the major systems of currency in use:

Anquaran The coins of the Kingdom of Anquar.
Aukarian Currency of the Aukarian republic.
Avarian Currency of the Avarians.
Carrikos The enchanted coinage of the Carrikos Theocracy.
Chaddamar The six sided coins of the Chaddamar Theocracy.
Corvenia The enchanted crystal shards used as currency in Corvenia.
Drakkellian The most widely used standard coinage in Ithria.
Dwarven The coins and treasures used by the dwarves of the underworld.
Kalimuran The currency of Kalimura, the only paper currency used in Ithria.
Magrakian The coins of the Magrakians.
Northern Common coins used in the northern of Ithria.
Padashi The coins used by the Great Padashan Empire.
Primitive Primitive currency systems included mixed currencies and purely trade and barter system.
Rukemian The currency used in the Great Rukemian Empire.
Saridian Credit vouchers... a paper currency used by the Saridians.
Sybrenar The imperial standard coin of the Sybrenar.
Tomarin The many coins used by the Iron Lords.
Vaullian The highly prized coins of the Vaullians.

Furthermore, coins from ancient empires and long forgotten kingdoms can be found in burial crypts, moldering dungeons, buried treasure troves, archeological digs, shipwrecks and so forth. Nations have risen and fallen throughout history, each with its own type of coins. Some long lived nations, such as the Irenni League, the Thullian Empire and the Traxx Legion, changed their coins numerous times over the centuries. There are hundreds of different types of historical coins that could potentially be unburied. Some rare coins are worth much more than the value of their metal content, especially to a historian or collector.


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