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The second most widespread coherent system of currency is that of the Rukemian Empire. Rukemia’s monetary standard is very old, having existed for hundreds of years. It is based on the money system of the Thullian Empire, which preceded it. The Rukemian system has the following breakdown :

One gold drokmire = five silver genai = 100 copper dren.

Rukemian coins are square and well made. On the back of each coin is the eagle from the Rukemian standard. The face of each bears a different imprint: the copper shows a profile of the Basiliach, the silver shows the Imperial Senat Building and the Gold shows a bust of the emperor himself.

Rukemian currency is used through the empire and all the eastern realms over which the empire holds sway: Mercia, Kitar, Ormek and the War Vale.


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