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The Drakkellian system is the most wide spread form of currency in Ithria and its coins can be found in coffers throughout the continent. It is a very formalized and mathematical construct designed for Drakkel’s economic culture. The units of drakkellian currency are standardized coins of high quality that exhibit little variation in purity or weight. The entire system is based on the power of ten and lends itself readily to quick calculation. The monetary supply is strictly controlled in the Drakkellian Alliance. The system is as follows

1000 iron petties = 100 copper commons = 10 silver nobles = 1 gold lord

Most Drakkellian coins have holes in their centers. The exception is the gold lord. These holes are used to stack the coins on long metal rods. The usual length of such rods is sufficient to stack 100 coins. Such a system aids in sorting, counting and transportation. Each type of coin has a differently shaped hole to prevent intermixing of coins.

Drakkellina coins come in four different shapes so that anyone, blind or not, may identify them by touch alone. All Drakkellian coins have the Drakkellian standard imprinted on the back side... a guild house containing a merchant's scale.


Iron Petties - The iron petty is the least valuable of all Drakkellian coins and exists so that trade calculations may be precise, rather than "rounded off". A number of very inexpensive things are priced in iron petties as well. Iron petties are round coins with ridged edges and a circular stacking hole. The face of the iron petty is imprinted with a sickle... the common tool of the serf who toils in the field for his lord.

Copper Commons - True to its names, the copper common is the most common coin in the Alliance and forms the backbone of the Drakkellian economy. It is considered the coin of the streets and taverns. It is found in the hands of thieves, whores, dockhands, guards and other commoners. Many things - a night at an inn, a meal, a tankard of ale, a pair of boots - are priced in copper commons. Copper commons a square coins with ridged edges and a square stacking hole. They are adorned with twin hammers on the face... the common tool of craftsmen.

Silver Nobles - The silver noble is a more valuable coin and considered the coin of merchants, craftsmen, free men and knights. Things above the reach of the common man - a fine meal, an exquisite wine, a tailored suit and a good blade are the types of things priced in silvers. Silver nobles are rectangular coins with ridged edges and a rectangular stacking hole. On its face is the image of a sword, the common tool of the knights, who are traditionally paid in silver.

Gold Lords - Reigning at the top of the economy are the very precious gold lords. These coins are triangular and quite beautiful. However, they differentiate themselves from the lesser coins in several ways. Their edges are smooth and they have no stacking hole. Some say that the wealthy men who count their wealth in gold wish to distance themselves from the common masses with a very different kind of coin. In any case, the gold lord is considered the coin of the guild houses, merchant lords, high priests, city officials, magistrates and so forth. Each gold lord is worth a fortune to the common peasant on the street and is typically safeguarded in coffers behind locked door. On the face of this coin is a sceptre and crown, the "tools" of those who rule.

Drakkellian coins are used widely throughout the southern realms and are the standard coin (or commonly used) in the Drakkellian Alliance, Asylum, the Garrison, Ithell, Jannerus, Kalimura, the Khenshire and the Falkir clans. Due to their quality and durability, Drakkellian coins often been found in treasure troves half way round the world.



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