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The official currency of the Chaddamar Theocracy involves a number of types of coins which are minted by the Church. Chaddamarian coins are small metal cubes. Each side of the six sided cube bears the symbol of one of the six Chaddamarian gods. The coins are differentiated only by metal type and size.

One Gold Chaddi = 6 Silver Trith = 36 Copper Oobats

The terms "chaddi" and "trith"are both singular and plural.

The three different currency cubes vary in size and weight - the gold chaddi is the smallest, the silver trith is slightly larger and the copper oobat is the largest. The silver trith is slightly heavier than a standard silver coin. The oobat is about twice the weight of a standard copper coin.

Chaddamarrian coins are typically stacked six wide, six high and six deep. Wooden boxes are made specifically to carry 6x6x6 stacks of coins.


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