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The third most widespread system of currency is that of the northern coin. Normidia, Vorrik and Arkalia share a common currency. Through centuries of trade, their currencies have blended to form a single coherent system. The copper "dagger" is the most common coin. Ten daggers is equal to one silver "sword" and ten swords makes a gold "hammer". 

One Gold Hammer = 10 Silver Swords = 100 Copper Daggers

These coins are roughly equivalent in size, quality and purity to that of the Drakkellin coins to the south. However, due to the reputation of Drakkel, the southern coins are often considered more valuable than other currencies.

Northern coins are round and thick. They bear a snow capped mountain on the back. On the face they bear their namesake, a warhammer, sword or dagger, respectively.

Northern coins are widely used across all of northern Ithria and may be found in coffers from Ethara to Duthelm.


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