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"In the end... all roads lead to Ithell".
- Lord Bodikur

Ruler His Eminence, Protector of the City of Splendor, Marshall of the Free West, Master of the Trader's Road, Lord Mayor Vurai Bodikur
Estimated Population 170,000
Demographics Human 30%, Elven 30%, Grum 15%, Dwarven 10%, Phellysian 5%, Ogre 5%, Orc 3%, Avarian 1%, Other 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Ithellian/Ithellians
Languages Southern 46%, Elven 23%, Grumman 14%, Dwarven 7%, Drakkellin 5%, Northern 4%, Other 1%
Nationality None. Independent city.
National Colors Red and gold
Year Founded 777 CY
Currency Mixed
Natural Resources Sheep, corn, precious stones, quarried stone, iron, copper, marble, wheat, apples, grapes
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Wool, textiles, crafted stone, armor, weapons, firewine.
Wealth Average
Government Type Plutocracy
Government Stability Very Stable
Allies Cyrell, Jannerus, Drakkellain Alliance, Kalimura
Enemies None
Walled Yes
Crime Level Moderate
Technology Middle Ages
Primary Religion None
Other Religion Imarus, Barrinor, Vorkayne, Sarreth, Kael, Mireldokar, Glavyris, Daramis, Farzak, The Three Fates, Kolo, Drenmoragin, Assytia
Climate Temperate
Terrain Grassland


Ithell is one of the five major cities which constitute the Drakkellian Alliance. It is the second largest, second wealthiest and second most powerful city in the Alliance, behind only Drakkel itself. As the northern most city, Ithell is somewhat more independent than the other four major cities. It grows its own crops, tends its owes lands and patrols its own borders with little Alliance assistance. It maintains political relations with several allied nearby nations. Within the region, several towns and dozens of villages fall under Ithell’s protection. Ithell is a major military power and bastion of nobility and culture. It is home to some of the finest museums, libraries, schools and temples that may be found in the west. Among its more notable elements are the Lore Masters, the Ithellian College of Magic and Science and the Hall of Tomes. Ithell has paved streets, a working underground sewer system, a city run messenger service and (much to the chagrin of the city officials) one of the most famous and successful criminal guilds in all the realms. For these and other reasons, this shining jewel of civilization is often called the "City of Splendor". Ithell is a true cultural melting pot. Although Ithell was originally founded as an elven city, only a third of the city is currently elven. The rest are human, grum, phellysian, dwarven and even more distant races. Ithell sits at the intersection of a river and two major trade routes. Because of this it has become a major trade center and a common stop for many caravans.


Before the Great War, Ithell was a small Traxxian village. When the Great War came, Ithell united several neighboring villages under it and the combined militias managed to keep the region safe. During the War, the lands were in chaos. Fragments of armies turned to raiding and banditry. Fields burned. Villages were razed. Travel became dangerous. The relative safety under Ithell's banner attracted refugees by the hundred who found a safe haven here. With the influx of refugees, Ithell grew into a small town.

Lord Syrenil and his Quest

In the aftermath of the Great War, there was much chaos, warfare and sorrow in the world. An elven lord and idealist named Syrenil tried to persuade elven leaders in Cyrell to reach out and offer aid to all surrounding nations. The elven queen at the time, a powerful and headstrong elven lady named Queen Theran, decided that it was not the responsibility of the elves to settle a war which was a human affair nor heal the world's wounds from the Great War. Syrenil was himself a powerful elven lord and had many faithful followers. Tension between Lord Syrenil and the Queen escalated to the point of bloodshed. When an argument led to an armed conflict and the accidental death of three citizens, Syrenil decided it was time to leave. In 716 CY, Lord Syrenil disobeyed the Queen and left Cyrell in hopes of bringing elven wisdom to the world and quelling the conflicts that raged between other nations. Some 2500 elves went with him. The group journeyed into the Traxx Legion in hopes of ending the military dictatorship, petty rivalries and wartorn conflict that existed in the region

Settling in Ithell

After four years of slow negotiations, broken peace treaties and battle, Lord Syrenil met with failure in the Traxx Legion. Disheartened, he traveled north in 720 CY with his followers and settled in the town of Ithell. He chose Ithell because several dozen elves were already living there. The huge group of elves were welcomed and the elves found a home. With the settling of the elves, Ithell more than doubled in size. Syrenil hoped that, with the blending of human and elvish culture, Ithell would become a shining example of peace and prosperity for the world to follow. He believed that, by focusing on a single city, he would have a greater chance of success. To change the world, he thought, one must start small.

For the next 12 years, Lord Syrenil worked with the elven and human leaders to resow fields, build strong city walls and help Ithell prosper. The small town flourished and grew. In 732 CY, construction on the Great Hall of Ithell. It is also known as Castle Darhaefen. Its name came from the Traxxian words Darha Aefen which means "peaceful home". The Trader's Trail, long a stable trade route between the north and the south,  began to grow into a major road with much traffic. It is known today as the Trader's Road. In 747 CY, Ithell paved the Trader's Road, furthering improving it for carts and wagons.

The increased traffic caused a boom in the population of Ithell which began in 750 CY and continued for more than a century. Goods and people flooded into the town which was now a growing city. River barges from Drakkel increased in frequency. The town port was built up and expanded to accommodate the influx of river traffic.


In 771, there was a major military coup in the Traxx Legion and the military overthrew the nobility. In the political turmoil that followed, there was a social upheaval throughout the region. As petty warlords began vying for territory, many laid claim on Ithell and attempted to annex and tax the great city. Finally, in 777 CY, the nobles of Ithell held a great assembly, elected an elven lord named Aerilis Sucelian as the Lord Mayor of Ithell and declared Ithell and free and independent city. Dozens of towns and villages in the area flocked to Ithell's banner and swore loyalty to Ithell.

Three Traxxian war lords each sent an army to quell the Ithellian declaration of independent. Ithell mustered its own army (bolstered by militias from the surrounding towns) and met the Traxxian forces at the Great Ford of the Merchant's Highway south of Ithell. The four armies clashed in a terrible battle that raged for several hours. The Traxxian armies fought each other as well as Ithell. The river ran red with blood that day. In the end, the Traxxian forces were routed and Ithell proved to the world, once and for all, that it would not tolerate sovereignty from any foreign crown.

Ithell and Cyrell

In the year 1127 CY, Lord Ilsoren, son of Syrenil, commissioned the crafting of the Talisman of Ithell, a magical lantern and gave it to Queen Armris, current ruler of Cyrell, to cement relations between Ithell and Cyrell. Queen Armris accepted the decanter and the blood feud between Cyrell and Ithell was over. Since that time, relations between Ithell and Cyrell have been vastly improved. During the present age, the nation of Cyrell and the Free City of Ithell consider themselves allies.

Drakkellian Alliance

After centuries of being an ally of Drakkel, Ithell formally joined the Drakkellian Alliance in 1680 CY.


Ithell is ruled by a Lord Mayor elected from the ranks of the High Council, a governing body formed by the 40 wealthiest and most influential nobles in the city. This council is made of prominent business men, craftsmen, guild masters and emissaries from other lands. They meet once each week. The position of Lord Mayor is held for a term of seven years. The current reigning Lord Mayor is Lord Vurai Bodikur.

The High Council sets the city taxes, makes laws and serves as an advisory committee to the Lord Mayor.  The High Council also wields the authority to levy taxes and wage war.

Ithell claims all the lands around it within four day's ride of the city walls. Within that radius, there are some 85 small towns and villages, all of whom swear loyalty to Ithell, pay an annual tax and can expect protection and aid. Some of the larger towns and villages include: Ackland, Carver, Glenwood, Kazadun, Ragalya, Sieger, Sith and Summer's End.

Great Hall of Ithell

The capital building of Ithell is known as the Great Hall of Ithell. The Great Hall is an impressive castle of grey stone blocks and great hewn logs forming a building that is part fortified castle and part rustic lodge. It is surrounded by several small gardens, ponds and cobblestone walkways. The Great Hall of Ithell is built around a great central chamber which is dominated by a large hearth. A table of darkly stained wood commands the center of this hall and it is flanked by 40 high backed chairs. This is the central council hall, where Lord Bodikur meets with his advisors and staff once each week. The rest of the building consists of small offices, conference rooms, the personal chambers of Lord Bodikur, servants' quarters, guest chambers, workshops and lounges. A large kitchen and dining hall serve meals to those residing here. The Great Hall of Ithell is also known as Castle Darhaefen. Its name came from the Traxxian words Darha Aefen which means "peaceful home".


The legal system is simple. Any offense is brought before the ruling lord. Evidence is displayed and the accused is given a chance to defend. A decision is passed down. Heavy fines and public service are the norm. Traditionally, Ithell is a bit weak when it comes to punishment. (This is a city full of artists, scholars and merchants). But, they also consider infractions upon art or intellectual property to be great offenses.

The master of Ithell's legal system is the Lord Marshall, an office currently held by a man named Orthil Storn. The Lord Marshall is the chief security officer of the city and as such reigns over the city guard, the city judges and the main city prison. 


The City Guard of Ithell consists of 4,000 trained warriors known as the "Guardsmen". This force performs all security activities including: routine patrols, monitoring the gates and city walls, repulsion of hostile forces, apprehending criminals and patrolling the countryside. Each guardsman wears chain and leather armor, carries a heavy shield and fights with a heavy, single-edged sword. Ithellian guardsmen patrol the streets of Ithell in pairs. They are easily recognizeable by their red cloaks, distinctive helmets and broad shields which bear the colors of Ithell.


Ithell is a large city with a strong religious side. It boasts dozens of temples, churches and shrines to a wide variety of gods. Even those gods who do not have churches here may have faithful who prayer to them in the privacy of a residence or an empty garden. Ithell has major temples to all the Elder Gods and Celestials. There is also a large garden and shrine dedicated to Assytia and an underground church devoted to Uxamar.


The economy is stable and strong. It consists of many forms of trade, none of which stand out above the rest. Generally, Ithell is a crossroads city and receives people and goods from the rest of the continent. Ithell sits in the river valley of the Merchant's Highway River. It is situated at the highest navigable point. Ithell also has vast mineral resources in the area and mines iron and copper in great quantities. Ithell is known for its apples and has dozens of apple orchards around the valley.

The City Bank of Ithell

This establishment serves as a financial and security center. It has lockboxes and personal vaults for protecting valuables (available for a small monthly fee). It also exchanges a wide variety of currencies and issues letters of credits. The City Bank of Ithell employs 50 highly trained guards. In addition to these 50 men, an additional 75 soldiers can be hired on a conscript basis from this security company.

The Exchange

The main city market of Ithell is known as the Exchange.


Guilds and Organizations

Ithellian College of Magic and Science

The Ithellian College of Magic and Science is the wizard's guild of Ithell serving as an academy of higher learning, social gathering place for mages, administrative center and center of arcane research and study. It is run by the wizard Sincro Fashad. Local mages and nobles typically refer to this place as "the College". Within these hallowed walls, all mages are considered brothers, united in their common quest - that of mastering the Art. Disputes between mages are not allowed to have any manifestation while inside the College. The College has ties to both the Lore Masters and the Hall of Tomes. Master Fashad will sometimes be invited to the Hall of Tomes to lecture, especially at graduation ceremonies.

The Brotherhood of the Dragon

A small, but wealthy group dedicated to the study and lore of dragons. The main headquarters for this group is a large stone keep in Ithell known as Dragon Keep. Within its halls and vaults is housed a vast library, a museum of dragon artifacts and a great conference hall. Dozens of members of the Brotherhood live here permanently. Scouts employed by the brotherhood travel the world following rumors and reports and seeking out dragons or newly discovered lairs. Virtually all that is known of dragons is because of this group.

The Lore Masters

The lore masters are quite often called the Brotherhood of Knowledge, for it is knowledge that is there quest and their commodity. Based in Ithell and one hundred and forty two members strong, this academic group has a single goal : to collect, categorize and preserve... all knowledge. All the knowledge that they have accumulated is referred to in abstract terms as "lore". Their endless search for knowledge takes many forms: from the acquisition of books and scrolls to the recording of first hand accounts to divination spells and even expeditions. The maintain one of the greatest libraries in the world.

Brotherhood of the Dragon

The Brotherhood of the Dragon is a very wealthy academic guild devoted to the study of dragons and the accumulation of dragon lore and artifacts.

The Crossed Blades Guild

Crossed Blades is the name of Ithell’s warrior guild and mercenary hall. This sound of ringing blades often hangs in the air over these stone walls. This building is built around an open court yard in which most of the fighting and training takes place. This is also the best place to hear about work, mercenary companies hiring, caravan guard jobs, militia openings and the like. It is an informal organization. Warriors are free to walk in and spar with any of the fighters who may be found here. Use of specialized equipment or formal weapons training requires a membership fee of 1 gold per month. The peace is kept by several guards who work for the guild and break up any fights that occur. The lord of the guild, Tomas Folen, is a swordsman who trained under the War Masters at the Academy in Vorrik.

Ithellian Cartographic Academy

Ithell is home to the finest mapmaking center in the west. The Cartographic Academy is a government run institution, a school and a library of maps, all in one. It boasts maps from around the world including a rare collection of maps covering the other two continents.

The University of Ithell

A large school that takes on some 1,200 students each year. It is comprised of over two dozen separate colleges each specializing in a different discipline.

The Ithellian Farmers' Guild

The Ithellian Farmers' Guild is the social gathering place for all the local farmers, herdsmen and gardeners. It is run by a man named Elmorat. This guild functions as part social group and part farm supply store. Elmorat is a broad shouldered fellow with a sturdy frame and the weathered skin of a man who has spent his life toiling in the fields. He is the elder brother of Augrethun, who runs the local stables.

Important People of Ithell

Vurai Bodikur, Lord Mayor of Ithell

Lord Bodikur is an intense young elven man who takes the safety and prosperity of his city very seriously. Away from the office, he enjoys engaging in all manner of debate with the scholars of the community. Also, he can often be found with friends at the Inn of the Saffron Cloud, hunched over a chess board.

Pon Molthir, Socialite and Art Collector

The wealthiest man in Ithell that dwells at his private estate just outside of the city. He is renowned as a collector of rare antiquities and a rather eccentric socialite.

Sincro Fashad

An outspoken wizard with strongly held convictions about the art of magic. Sinco runs the Ithellian College of Magic and Science. Sincro Fashad is the most powerful and most talented wizard in the city of Ithell.

Vangelis Polydor, Minstrel and Artist

A man of many skills, Vangelis Polydor is a name recognized throughout Ithell and the lands beyond. He has painted portraits of most of the nobles in Ithell and his landscapes and experimental work fetch high prices. He is also a composer, a musician and a playright. He has many friends throughout the theatre community of Ithell. 

Ilem the Stern, Wizard

A bumbling magician with questionable magical skill and few talents. Ilem is notorious for magical mishaps. He was a member of the Ithellian College of Magic, but his membership was revoked when he blew up a lab. He claims to be an expert on many subjects though many of his claims are wrong. He is a former member of the Lore Masters, but was eventually dismissed from that group for academic fraud.



Ithell is a city of opulence, wealth and luxury. Many of the major streets have street lanterns and the city boasts several public rest rooms that connect directly to the sewer system. Many parks and preserves dot the cityscape and paved walking paths meander through the city.

Ithell is very racially tolerant. It is also on excellent terms with all the grumman realms. Ithell is noted for its artistic culture. Scholars, artists, poets, writers and musicians from all over come to Ithell to study and work. A great rivalry (of art and culture) exists between Ithell and Vogue. Ithell is home to some fabulously wealthy, independent business men. The wealthiest of these is a man named Pon Molthir.

The Ithellian Festival of Masks

This huge festival is held once a year in late spring and almost everyone in the city participates. It involves a city wide masquerade. Everyone makes a mask on their own and wears it for the duration of the festival, which lasts three days. Throughout the festival, celebration and dancing is held in every tavern and in the city streets. Strange masks, elaborate costumes, dancing, feasting and drunken revelry are the norm. This festival began as a way to meet new people. It is tradition to talk and dance with strangers without asking their true name (although many people will adopt a fictional  name and personae to go with their mask).

The Ithellian Day of Founding Festival

Held in autumn, this festival is more sedate than the Festival of Masks. It is a time when scholars will give speeches, plays are performed, artists gather in impromptu musical celebrations, large picnics are arranged and elven aurells are sung.

City Wards

Ithell is divided up into six city "wards" (districts). All six wards are bound within the city walls. The outer city is everything that lies outside the main city walls. Outside the walls, it is a sprawling maze of winding roads, small homes, shacks, taverns, farms and orchards. For the most part, the outer city is the realm of the poor.

Noble's Ward The Noble Ward is the smallest of the city wards, but certainly the most opulent. Within this ward lies the Great Hall of Ithell and most other government buildings. Most of the nobles and their families dwell here as well. It is also home to Ithell's theatres and other upper class establishments.
Commoner's Ward Most of the inns, taverns and common residential buildings are here. This is the largest section of the city.
Merchant's Ward Holds the market square, various guild houses and public areas.
Scholar's Ward The Ithellian College of Magic and Science, the Lore Masters and the Hall of Tomes are all contained here. Most of the independent scholars, poets and such dwell herein.
Priest's Ward Contains the cities temples and shrines. Also, the main city gardens can be found here.
River Ward Holds the city port and docks for the river traffic. Many of the poorest citizens live in this ward near the docks.

Monuments and Public Spaces

Lake Puchir

Ithell sits on a river at the highest navigable point. At this junction, three small tributaries come together and spill over a small, natural waterfall. This waterfall pours into a small round lake. This is Lake Puchir although it is sometimes called Three Waters Lake. From Lake Puchir issues the main river, the Merchant’s Highway, which officially begins at this lake. Boats and river barges are able to sail up to and into Lake Puchir. However, this is as far north as they can proceed. North of the waterfall, only very small boats and rafts may sail. The main port of Ithell is located on the lake. Hundreds of docks and piers jut out into the lake waters.

The Crossroads

A large monument of metal and stone crafted by master artisans which stands at the crossing of two great roads along side a river in the city of Ithell. The Crossroads is a famous landmark and marks the center of the Ithrian continents (many of the locals are quite adamant on this point).

The Puzzle Fountain of Kessia

This architectural oddity is a wonder to behold and somewhat difficult to describe. It's something you have to see for yourself and it's one of the main attractions for visitors to Ithell. The Puzzle Fountain is a finely crafted work of stone and sculpture. Wizards and dragons and knights are carved into the stone. Water shoots forth from dragon's gaping maws and so forth. There are even sections of the fountain which float about, orbiting the main fountain, catching the water and shooting it out again. The fountains greatest claim to fame, however, is that it will rearrange itself entirely each night so that each day it has taken on a whole new look. The carvings will change, the patterns of the spray, even the color of the stone tiles will change. It is never the same fountain from day to day. Many people will gather each morning to watch the transformation which occurs as soon as the first rays of the sun strike it.

The fountain was a gift from the  great wizard Kurilof to the city of Ithell in memory of his beloved wife, Kessia. It is said that the statues and carvings of the fountain organize themselves to depict stories from their life together. If that is true, then they had many grand adventures together.

Architecture and Infrastructure

The architecture of Ithell is a mix of several cultures, but definitely shows a strong elven influence. Graceful curves and motifs of flowers and nature are worked into the architecture almost everywhere.

The streets of Ithell are paved with tile or cobblestone and are quite good.

Fresh water is obtained from the river. The flow is diverted into holding tanks and brought into the city through clay pipes where it connects to important buildings and public water troughs.

Ithell has a good sewer system which is fed water from, but is separate from river. Most buildings have primitive toilets that connect to the sewer sytem. The city also has public latrines. The sewer system drains waste water to a network of cesspits and drainage pits far from the city. As Ithell is upstream of several allied cities, it takes care not to pollute the river.


Ithell is a large and wealthy city with a class sytem and many poor people. So naturally, it suffers from crime. It is home to several dozen small criminal gangs, one or two larger organizations and countless beggars, pickpockets, street thugs and thieves. The most well known criminal gang is known as "the Grim".

The Grim

A small but elite guild of rogues that elude authorities with ease.

Inns and Taverns

Name and Proprietor Notes
Inn of the Saffron Cloud
Inn - It is easy to tell that the elven innkeeper Chelrach has the soul of a true musician. He cannot resist stepping out from behind the bar almost nightly to favor his customers with a few tunes on his lute. Chelrach is actually an ex-composer and bard for a king in another country, but politely refuses to say where. At any rate, those who have a fine listening ear for the musical arts are always welcome at the Saffron Cloud. Chelrach invites other bards to play here almost every day. Anyone who plays and plays well gets a free meal and tankard of ale. Though the tavern has only average food, business is always good, as most come for the music. Having married a human woman,(now deceased) Chelrach has two half elven children. A young boy who helps in the kitchen, and a seven year old daughter who he is teaching to play the lyre. He also has one adopted 22 year old human daughter who acts as barmaid. Grentte, a tall, tone-deaf human server who acts as bouncer when needed, is secretly the lover of the barmaid. He also lives here, in the attic.
Scarlet Sky Ale House
Tavern/Bakery - The small establishment is half tavern and half bakery. Besides the usual fare and ales, fresh bread is baked and served daily along with several varieties of rolls, scones, muffins, biscuits and more. The owner and baker, a grum named Ditch, is constantly trying new bread recipes. Ditch lives on the second floor with his wife, Crystal. They have four children who help out with cleaning and other chores.
Raven's Nest
Krogh Colwell
Inn - An ex-pirate, Krogh is a well known man in Ithell. He was a sailor aboard many a Drakkellian Alliance vessel but then retired and moved to Ithell. Krogh is dying of a respiratory ailment and the dryer climate of Ithell is easier on his condition. His twin daughters, Ilsa and Idina, are trying to save money to pay for some sort of curative for their father. They frequently purchase herbs from Spider's apothecary to help ease their father's coughing. These two are always on the lookout for a way to cure their father once and for all. This inn has good clean rooms, decent food and even a private parlor in the bath with a tub. For a few extra coins, a guest can have a proper bath. Unknown to their father, who would surely object, both daughters also offer themselves to paying guests for the right price. They are using the extra money to save up for a cure for their father.
Dancing Porcupine
Tavern/Tea House - A very small establishment with only three tables. Run by a widowed female grum and her three daughters. Serves a variety of grumman teas. Master Seulat frequents this establishment and orders the same thing every time, an exotic blend of teas.
The Gushing Tin
Ulth Anaxinar
Tavern - Run by a beardless dwarf with a shady past. Rumored to be a harbor for rogues and a good place to make contact with the Grim.
Woody's Market
Inn/Tavern/Food Market - A tavern/inn and open market. Run by a grum family led by the family patron, an elderly grum named Woody. This large establishment is actually a small cluster of buildings on 2 acres of land. It is located just outside of town. The main building is a tavern with 16 rooms for overnight stays by guests. Outside this is an open air market which runs every day. Fresh vegetables and crafted products are sold her by locals. In addition, Woody maintains a small vineyard on the premises and makes a fine wine, Woody Wine.


Name and Proprietor Notes
Rising Star Trading Post
General Store - This large general store is run by Muncaster, an older human male who lives alone. He has a deep, natural cave beneath it. This cave has been expanded and shaped and is now used for storage. About a year ago, Muncaster discovered a vein of Girall, a valuable stone, in the floor in one corner of his cave. He began secretly mining the vein (wanting to keep the profits to himself). Just recently, Muncaster accidentally broke through the floor of his cavern and discovered an opening into a passageway deep in the ground, one that appears to have been fashioned by tools, not Nature. He ventured into this passageway, but heard terrifying sounds and fled back to the safety of his shop. He has since barricaded the opening and ceased mining the stone. Muncaster is terrified of what might be living down there and ventures into his subterranean storage room only when he absolutely has to (and with a sword in his hand). He does his best to ignore the sounds that sometimes emanate from beneath the ground at night.
Spider's Herbs and Flowers
Apothecary - This small apothecary is run by a grum named Spider. Besides herbs, plants and spices, he also sells food, grain and fresh vegetables which he grows himself in a small garden behind the store. Spider is quite skilled at plant lore and has a green thumb. He manages to keep all sorts of fruits, vegetables and plants living in his garden, even those that normally don’t thrive in temperate grasslands. Hidden among his garden are several special items which he sells only to his best customers – Battle Spice, Virgin Herb, Poisonthwart and other useful medicinal herbs. Although most people don’t know this, Spider gets his nickname from the fact that he is a skilled burglar and a particularly good wall climber. Spider is a member of the Night Hawks (the Thieve’s Guild of Ithell).
Hall of Tomes
Wizard School - The Hall of Tomes is the name of a small school of wizardry. This small academy is run by the strict Master Hilgefor. He is a half-baenite, a very rare crossbreed. He is tall with thin, angular features and a rigid, inflexible stance. His skin is grey and creased with wrinkles from a face which is always set in a stern scowl. Hilgefor never smiles. Indeed, he never shows any emotion at all and tries to instill this stone cold demeanor into his students. The pupils of this school observe the strictest regulations, absolute silence (no music, no laughter, etc.) and a work schedule that makes one pity them. However, all this discipline pays off. Graduates from this school are masters of the Art. Only about 2-3 students graduate from this school each year. Likewise, about that many are admitted to study each year. This keeps the student body hovering around 15 students. Hilgefor is school master, teacher, kitchen staff and janitor all in one. And yet still finds time to serve at the Lore Masters.
Taut and Tan Leather Shop
Leather and Garment Shop - Jeromis is a master leather worker, perhaps the finest in the western lands. He has a large and successful store where he lives with his wife and children (two sons and two daughters). Everything that Jeromis crafts is of the highest quality and will typically cost three to five times as much as a similar leather item from another shop. He uses only the best leathers and unparalleled craftsmanship. Belts, cloaks, jerkins, vests, gloves, saddles, satchels, whips, armor, skullcaps and more can all be found in this store. He specializes in exotic types of leather and will often make bargains with adventurers that come into town with the skins of strange creatures. Jeromis has one particular leather item which he crafts with particular skill and painstaking care… boots. There are no finer leather boots to be had anywhere in Ithria than the boots that are crafted by this man. Boots for the Taut & Tan have something of a cult following in the west and many ranchers, caravan leaders, and even statesmen proudly wear a pair everyday. They are exceptionally comfortable, durable and stylish. His boots often go for 20 times the normal price. In addition to leather work, Jeromis’ wife is a skilled seamstress and she sells dresses, shirts, pants and other garments in the store, in addition to her husband's products.
Tagert's Smithy
Smithy and Stone Masonry Shop - Very small smithy and stone mason shop run by one smith, a gifted orc who has studied the workings of both metal and stone. Despite his obvious skill, there is some prejudice against him due to his race and chosen career. There are also rumors that he was an assassin in the Coalition, but there is no proof of this and Tagert denies it. He is struggling financially but works long hours to make up for it. He is always polite to customers and goes above and beyond the call, even in the face of blatant antagonism. Tagert takes a lot of repair work (chipped blades, wagon wheels, armor, etc.) His prices are very reasonable (typically only 80% the norm) and his work is good.
Shard and Token
Sir Darkenwal
Jewelry Shop and Money Exchange - An arrogant elven lord of small stature, even for an elf. Wealthy and pompous. Wears jewelry often. Has a keen eye for gems and jewelry and is a shrewd businessman. He can read people well and sways them easily with his silver tongue and charismatic manner. He is especially attuned to the appraisal skills of his customers. He will take advantage of anyone who looks gullible by overcharging them for house jewelry and underpaying for whatever they might be selling. Sir Darkenwal also exchanges money at a horrendous exchange rate (80%). Sir Darkenwal is on the Ithrian Council and is an advisor to Lord Bodikur.
Lore Masters, The
Museum, Library and Historical Archive - The Lore Masters are quite often called the Brotherhood of Knowledge, for it is knowledge that is there quest and their commodity. Based in Ithell and forty two members strong, this academic group has a single goal : to collect, preserve and make available to the world... all knowledge. The Lore Masters inhabit a huge stone building in Ithell. This building resembles both a temple and a fortress. Within its walls are millions of scrolls and books. Copies of everything are made. Approximately two million separate works are stored here although only half that have been categorized and filed. The Brotherhood of Knowledge was founded a century and a quarter ago. All books, scrolls, etc. are translated, indexed, filed and referenced.
House of Beasts
Stables - This large wooden building is primarily a stable for horses, but Augrethun also cares for and sells ponies, mulls, oxen, dogs, cats and a miscellany of other animals. Augrethun is the younger brother of Elmorat.
Lady Elizabeth's Cathouse
Lady Elizabeth
Brothel - This establishment is a brothel and social club of sorts. It resides in a beautiful stone mansion which was formerly the abode of a noble lord paladin. After his death on a campaign to distant lands, care of the house fell to a son who did not wish to stay and sold it to the current proprietor, Elizabeth Errlain, formerly of the Duchy of Errlain, in the War Vale. This magnificent home has been converted into a hybrid inn/brothel that caters to anyone with money. A constant buzz of activity goes on behind closed doors – drinking, dining, orgies, and all manner of debauchery. Many of the town folk choose to look the other way. This establishment is frequented by certain wealthy members of the community and occasionally visiting noblemen. It is rumored that many members of the Grim can be found here.
Benn's Clayworks
Benn Koth
Pottery Shoppe - This small shop has a small clay quarry out back. The proprietor quarries his own stone and clay and fashioned it into a variety of products: plates, bowls, urns, statuettes, picture frames, etc. He lives alone in his shop. He is on good terms with Tagert and the two can often be found collaborating on a piece.
Wondrous Gatherings
Denara Pren
Festival Hall - This large hall can be rented for any occasion. It is run by a plump human female named Denara Pren who inherited the establishment from her grandfather.
Sotarra's Stage
Theatre/Playhouse - Hosts four plays eachyear. One troupe of performers live here. Other performers (minstrels, jesters, etc) often visit for short periods of time. Run by a human female bard named Sotarra.
Malruc's Meathouse
Butcher's Shop - Run by a human male named Malruc. Buys cattle and sheep from local farmers and even kills from local hunters. Butchers the animals and sells the meat. Malruc has very reasonable prices. He also purchases other animal parts - pelts, bones, teeth, etc. - and crafts them into hide armor, bone carvings and other useful trinkets. The stench of meat and hide clings to this establishment.
Ye Old Crusty Mill
Daimar Toff
Bakery - A combination granary/mill and bakery. Run by an aging man named Daimar Toff. His wife died long ago and his children are grown and moved on. Only his youngest son, Edrin, remained to help him run the bakery.



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