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The Order of the Drake

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Elite Knights and their retainers
Number of Members Currently 27 Dragon Knights and approximately 220 retainers and servants
Demographics Human 55%, Elven 25%, Dwarven 10%, Grumman 5%, Phellysian 2%, Other 3% 

Primary Location(s)

Dragonroost Castle (Northeast Sentinels between Falkir Clans and War Vale)


Sir Azrius, "The Dragon Lord"
Year Founded 2380 CY
Symbol White stylized dragon and rider on a field of blue
Group Wealth Very Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Order of the Drake is a reclusive and secretive order of Knights that ride firedrakes as steeds. They are the best knights in all the realms. They bring new Knights in by invitation only. Currently, there are only 27 "Dragon Knights", although their number varies from year to year. 

Dragon Knights travel throughout the world working to right wrongs, avenge injustice and battle the forces of evil. They have a fortress in the north eastern Sentinel Mountains. This central location allows them to keep an eye on Duthelm and the Coalition and all other places of evil.


The legendary Order of the Drake has existed for over 300 years. It was founded in the spring of 2380 CY by a human knight named Andarius Kaeval. Formerly a knight of the Rukemian Empire that had fought in many battles, he eventually came to believe he was destined for much greater things. When called upon by his emperor to destroy a dragon, he rode forth alone to do his lord's bidding. The beast, it turned out, was not a true dragon, but a large female firedrake. Sir Andarius did battle the beast and was victorious. In the lair, he found a nest with seven eggs. He destroyed six, but before his blade could kill the seventh, it began to hatch before his eyes. He took it as a sign from the gods. Unable to kill the hatchling, he instead took the creature with him.

His emperor ordered him to destroy the hatchling, but Andarius refused believing this event was divinely inspired. He was banished from the empire. Andarius raised the hatchling and trained it. By the time it was four years old, it could carry him aloft as a rider. By the time it was six, it could carry him arrayed in full battle gear. He knew that a knight riding such a beast would be a formidable force in the war against evil.

Arriving upon the back of a firedrake and joining in many battles, Andarius became a well known figure and a common sight on many battle fields. Soldiers flocked to him. He took only the very best. Each knight was required to capture an egg from the nest of a firedrake. And so it began. When Andarius Kaeval died in 2423 CY, his most trusted lieutenant took over the command of the knights and soldiers. And so the Order has thrived. Now, over 300 years and more, the Order has become a powerful force for good.

In 2622 CY, the Order claimed a crumbling ruin of a tower in the north eastern Sentinel Mountains and began rebuilding it. Work on the ruin was finished in 2647 CY. This massive fortress, now known as Dragonroost Castle,  is home to the Order. The Coalition has made it clear that they resent the intrusion into their mountains and have repeatedly sent the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue to raze it. However,  Dragonroost has easily repelled every assault.

In 2704 CY, a young and decorated Dragon Knight named Mallius turned renegade. During an apparent altercation within Dragonroost Castle itself, Mallius slew two fellow Dragon Knights and fled the castle. This was only the beginning of unrelenting warfare between this renegade dragon knight and the rest of the Order. Since that day, Mallius has turned to evil ways and plots revenge against his former fellow knights. The remaining Dragon Knights have been given orders to kill Mallius. The Order has been very tight lipped about the circumstances surrounding Mallius and his sudden betrayal.

Goals and Motivation

The main goals of the Order are to keep a watchful eye on the Coalition, the Goblin Kingdom, the saurian tribes of the great swamps, the vile humanoids of the Sentinel Mountains and Duthelm. In very broad terms, their task is to prevent the spread the evil, to stop wrongdoing wherever they find it, to keep evil nations in check, to render aid to all good nations and to promote truth and justice throughout the lands.

Allies and Enemies

The Order of the Drake is formally allied with no kingdoms, although they have aided various good nations in times of need. And although the Dragon Knights have not declared themselves opposed to any political or military group, they have directed their efforts against the forces of evil everywhere. They seem particularly interested in opposing Duthelm and the Coalition.


Membership to this knightly order is by invitation only. The Order hand picks each knight. And each knight is free to bring in any trusted servants and men-at-arms that he so chooses. Each knight typically has between 3 and 10 retainers that serve only him. In addition, Sir Azrius has about 50 retainers and servants that help run the organization.

Each knight is required to capture an egg from the nest of a firedrake without killing the mother. Once this is accomplished, he is required to raise it from the time it hatches until it is old enough to carry him into battle. In this way, knight and firedrake form an eternal bond.

Although the roles of knighthood are typically reserved for men, the Order of the Drake does have one female member. The Lady Amethial Kulinar is the only female knight in the ranks of the Order of the Drake. She is a cousin to the King of Arkalia, an expert with the sword and a fierce fighter. She is easily recognizable by her long golden hair and her custom made armor - a lighter variant of the traditional dragon plate armor worn by her male counterparts. She has earned the respect of her male brethren and is considered, in all ways, an equal.

Oaths and Codes

Each knight, upon joining, recites the Oath of the Drake, a long and elaborate oath that retells the tale of the Order, summarizes its goal and declares loyalty to the Order unto death.

Rank Structure

The current leader of the Order of the Drake is Sir Azrius, a human knight known also as "The Dragon Lord". He is the pinnacle of knighthood. Tall, handsome, well built and a bit arrogant. Like all Dragon Knights, he wears gleaming full plate armor and wears a brilliant blue cloak with the symbol of the Order in white. His sword, Wyrm Bite, is a magnificent enchanted long sword.


All Dragon Knights wear a distinctive type of heavy plate armor which has subtle reptilian features. The helm somewhat vaguely resembles the head of a dragon. The armor has a subtle design that mimics dragon scales. Dragon Knights keep their silvery armor gleaming and polished.


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