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The Red Eye Corps

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Miners, Soldiers, Wizards, Administrators, Alchemists 
Member of Members 4,800
Demographics Human 35%, Ogre 30%, Orc 20%, Goblin 7%, Saurian 5%, Other 3% 

Primary Location(s)

Citadel, Duthelm, Carrikos


Lord Tavus Mallaren
Year Founded 2485 CY
Symbol A single red eye.
Group Wealth Very Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Orichalcum Guild in Duthelm is known as the “Red Eye Corps”. The name is a reference to the physiological changes that occur to those exposed to raw Orichalcum for long periods of time. Many of those working in the Corps are exhibiting subtle shifts in eye color as they begin to manifest the early stages of the Burning.

The “Corps”, as it is usually called in casual conversation, is responsible for the mining, processing, transportation and distribution of the Orichalcum. It is also responsible for the safety and security of the mining operation, the mineral and all profits.

The Citadel, indeed all of Duthelm, relies on the profits obtained from the sale of this valuable mineral. It is the job of the Corps to protect the Orichalcum trade at all costs. Because of the importance of its work, the ruling officials of the Citadel give the Corps their full support. The Corps has a great deal of latitude with regards to how it conducts business and wields a tremendous amount of political power within the nation.

High ranking members of the Corps can get away with murder (sometimes literally) and be assured that the court system will side with them in almost all matters. It is not wise to cross the Red Eye Corps.

The Corps is well funded and maintains the mines, forts, guards, caravans and roads to keep the operation going. The Corps must maintain a constant vigil to safeguard its profits. Bandits attack their caravans. Slaves attempt to sell raw Orichalcum to smugglers. Even corrupt Corps officials skim off the top. There is always someone trying to steal from the Corps.

In particular, the shipments of the mineral are most vulnerable when they are en route to Carrikos. These are the largest shipments and therefore have the most protection. A typical caravan traveling on the road to Carrikos will consist of eight heavily armored cargo wagons (only half of which are carrying mineral, the other half carry soldiers). The convoy will have no less than forty soldiers and four wizards. The Corps takes every precaution to safeguard the mineral. Only a very large and very well organized group of criminals could have any hope of successfully robbing such a caravan. Should any bandit group actually make off with one of the cargo wagons, they would find each wagon contains about 250 pounds of processed Orichalcum in various states (bricks, tiles, powder, etc) ready for use. Such a wagonload would fetch approximately 250,000 gold pieces on the black market. The entire caravan shipment is worth more than 1,000,000 gold pieces.

The main road used by the Corps is known commonly as the Oricharus Trail. It is a broad, paved road that runs from the Citadel, winds through the mountains and foothills, descends into Carrikos and heads straight for Arcanum. This road is very well maintained and heavily patrolled. Every 30 kilometers is a way station where Corps soldiers are posted. Caravans are never far from reinforcements.

The men and women employed by the Corps are called “red eyes”. It is common for red eyes to dress in red as well or incorporate red into their costume in some way. Red and black are often mixed together. At a distance, a red eye warrior might be mistaken for a Blood Guard. Sometimes, actual Blood Guard soldiers are sent along to help protect especially large shipments.

The Corps maintains several offices and fortresses in the city of Arcanum. Arcanum supports the Corps without hesitation and renders aid and assistance if needed. Arcanum has been known to lend the corps soldiers, wizards and craftsmen (for road repair) in the past. Should any bandit group begin to interfere with the caravans, be assured that Arcanum would quickly become involved to solve the matter.


According to some ancient documents, the site of the Citadel was chosen for many reasons and one of those reasons was because of "a valuable mineral found there which can be mined for the Mage Lords". Although it has been known for centuries that Orichalcum was in the mountain, the true extent of the deposits were unknown for centuries.

Mining has been conducted on and off over the centuries. The Citadel has endured centuries of sieges and hostile takeovers. There have been several periods where all mining was shut down completely, sometimes for hundreds of years.

From 1017 CY to 1443 CY, the Citadel was abandoned when a dragon took up residence there.

From 1480 CY to 1772 CY, the Rukemian Empire held control of the Citadel and mining was conducted, but the mines were only a small operation.

Mining operations were shut down and the mines were sealed with stone and spell during the Siege of the Citadel by the ogre horde of Duthelm in 1801 CY. The mines remained sealed for more than 300 years through a succession of ogre warlords who cared more for conquest than magic.

The mines were reopened in 2133 CY by a priest named Heparus who took control of the Citadel. Soon after though, the mines were sealed again by the ogre War Lord Kalamus who feared the mineral might be used against him.

Kalamus was slain by the ogre general Maruk (with aid by the Black Sorcerers) in 2446 CY and the mines were reopened two years later. In 2468 CY, one of the Black Sorcerers, Kartoth, discovered a way to purify and refine the mineral. 

Through much of this history of the Citadel, Orichalcum mining was only limited, sometimes with rival miners competing with each other. This conflict between miners hampered any organized large scale work. It was not until 2474 CY that Kartoth discovered the true extent of the Orichalcum deposits which prompted the ruling officials to take action. Finally, in 2485 CY, King Maruk, ruler of Duthelm, issued a royal decree and unified the mining operations into a guild. It adopted the name of the Duthelm Orichalcum Mining Corporate, but it quickly became known as the “Red Eye Corps”.

Orichalcum mining has been in continuous operation now for almost 250 years with production increasing every century.

Goals and Motivation

The Corps has only one function, one purpose: to mine, process and sell the Orichalcum in Citadel Mountain. To this end, it maintains a broad network of miners, guards, forts, wagon caravans, roads and offices in foreign lands. It is very much concerned with security and defenses. It also has a research division staffed by several dozen wizards that work with wizards of Carrikos to find new uses for the valuable mineral.

Allies and Enemies

The Corps enjoys a great deal of funding and support from the ruling officials in the Citadel, including Lord Caramus himself.

It has no official enemies, though there are many who wish the Corps ill will. Some simply wish to steal the mineral for profit. Others envy their position in Duthelm politics and would like to usurp their monopoly. Still there are others that seek to shut down the mining operations entirely.


The Red Eye Corps started with only a few dozen members, but has grown steadily. It now numbers over 4,000 strong.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure




About two dozen nobles are appointed to administration positions by the Queen.

Research Wizard

Skilled alchemists and wizards that conduct the purification process, oversee the quality of the mineral and conduct research into further uses for the mineral.

Security Officer

High ranking military officers that oversee the mines, forts and caravans

Caravan Guard

Human guards of high skill are hired to guards the caravans. These individuals go through intense training and thorough background checks.

Scorched Hide Orc The scorched hide tribe of orcs are employed by the Corps as guards in the mines. The orcs live and work in the mines with the slaves and miners.
Miner Common laborers working in the mines. Although conditions are brutal and mining Orichalcum is dangerous, many peasants are attracted to this work simply because of the money that can be made.
Common Servant Assists in mundane chores - cleaning, cooking, packing wagons, etc.
Indentured Miner Many crimes in the Citadel are punished with work duty in the Orichalcum mines. Usually for specific periods of time ranging from a month to a year.
Slave Miner The worst duties are reserved for the slaves. They receive no wages, endure brutal conditions and mercifully live only a short time.


Although technically separate, the Scorched Hide Orc tribe works for the Red Eye corps. The orcs oversee the slaves and the day to day digging and removal of the mineral. The Red Eye Corps uses the orcs as guards primarily and lets Uthmog, the orcish chieftain, rule as he sees fit. However, the Corps monitors the orcs closely to make sure that greedy orcs don't try to sell any raw mineral to smugglers. The Corps takes the ore from the orcs and takes it the rest of the way through the process - from the ore cart to the buyer.


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