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Lord Caramus

Age Unknown Hair Style Long and worn in loose flowing tail. 
Race Unknown Hair Color Black
Height 2 meters (6'6") Eye Color Black
Weight 115 kg (253 lb) Distinguishing Marks Small fangs and horns.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Heavy coat of black cloth, cloak, twin blades

Profession High Priest of the Church of Draxorith.
Chief Location The Citadel and other parts of Duthelm.
Affiliations Duthelm, Knights of the Abyss.
Languages Rukemian, Northern, Southern, Thullian, Irenni, Traxxi, Ogrish, Orcish and Bendothi
Skills Weapon combat, spell craft, healing, stealth, religion, demonology, ancient history, archeology, linguistics, engineering

Lord Caramus, High Priest of Draxorith


Caramus is the high priest of Draxorith and one of the most powerful figures in Duthelm. This dark lord is greatly feared in the eastern realms. Caramus is a cambion, that is, half man and half demon. According to the stories told in whispers in the halls of the Citadel, the demon lord Draxorith assumed mortal form and lay with a mortal woman. Some believe that the mother was human, others say that she was ogrish. For the most part, it does not matter anymore. She did not survive childbirth and her name is lost to history. It is likely that human, ogre and demon blood all flow within his veins.

Lord Caramus has no single bodyguard, but will often be found in the company of Duthelm soldiers and Citadel guards. Caramus himself carries two short blades slung low on his belt but rarely unsheathes them. It is widely known that he is a master swordsmen, skilled at unarmed combat and impossible to surprise by stealth. Less widely known is the vast array of magical talents with which he is able to do battle.

Physical Appearance

Demon blood flows within his veins and this is apparent whenever Lord Caramus chooses to appear in his natural form. When not veiled by illusion or disguise, Caramus appears as a tall and well built man with slight ogrish features, ash grey skin, small fangs and hard, angular features. His long black hair is typically worn in a ponytail. Piercing black eyes unsettle any who face his gaze. He most often wears an unadorned, high collared long coat of heavy black cloth with padded shoulders and iron clasps along one side. He carries two short blades upon his belt, one on either side.


Caramus is an educated, intelligent, emotionally restrained and thoroughly evil man. His commanding presence draws respect from any who see him. His gaze never flickers, his words never falter. He speaks with a calm civility and confidence. He is a man used to being obeyed.

Lord Caramus has a deep, slightly raspy voice which draws the listener in. His language betrays his intelligence and subtle wit as he will often speak in cryptic phrases or give a compliment which conceals a hidden rebuke. Those not paying attention will miss such gems of wisdom or subtle verbal attacks.

Notable Skills

Lord Caramus is a man of many skills. He is an eloquent speaker, a charismatic leader and a skilled diplomat. He is learned having studied engineering, art, history, religion, metaphysics, linguistics, archeology and healing. He is potent sorcerer having mastered several schools of wizardry. He is a renowned swordsman and, unknown to many, he also excels at unarmed combat. Finally, Caramus speaks the following languages: Rukemian, Northern, Southern, Thullian, Irenni, Traxxian, Ogre, Orc and Bendothi.


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