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Lords of the Hunt

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Ormekian Nobles
Member of Members 13 club members plus dozens of servants
Demographics Club members are all human. Servants are mostly human with a few ogres, orcs and grum.

Primary Location(s)



Duke Asroth Merrik
Year Founded 2709
Symbol None
Group Wealth Very Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Lords of the Hunt is an elite social organization for Ormekian nobles. Various nobles, knights and lords are members of this very exclusive club. It is only open to members of Ormekian nobility and even then, membership is by invitation only. There are hundreds of nobles in Ormek, but only a handful may claim membership to this group. Women, even noble ladies, are not permitted as members.

As the name implies, their favorite pastime is hunting. These are often elaborate and extensive hunts where dangerous or exotic animals are the prey. with numerous servants, hounds, horses, weapons, armor and the occasional spell, the lords are always assured to kill their quarry and are never in any personal danger.

Drinking, gambling and whoring are high on their list of favorite activities as well. They have a private hunting lodge on the coast about 15 miles north of Stovikar. This lodge sits on a huge tract of private land that encompasses a range of forest and hills. The large is used frequently for parties, hunting expeditions and the like.

The Lords of the Hunt cater to a certain breed of nobles. The men here are generally not noted for charity or kindness. Rather, they enjoy surrounding themselves with sycophants and whipping boys. They mistreat their servants, amuse themselves by whipping slaves and generally indulge in every amoral pleasure they can find. Commoners and peasants in the region now to avoid this lodge lest the Lords decide to hunt them on a whim.

The Lords of the Hunt have an arrangement with one of the local Ormekian prisons which sell them criminals to use as prey in some of their hunts. The lords do not try even bother to keep such hunts secret, feeling that they are above the law.

These men have no honor or scruples and can be quite cruel. They treat their own servants like animals, while they dote on their dogs. The Lords of the Hunt behave like ruffians, though they are well educated and wealthy ruffians.


Below are a few of the members:

Duke Asroth Merrik

A young red headed nobleman. The wealthiest of them and the most evil. He is the leader of this group. Cousin to the king.

Lord Evan Candris, the Earl of Brascony

A handsome and slender man with dark hair and a trimmed beard. He has several mistresses and often misses the hunt because he is otherwise preoccupied. The others tease him about this relentlessly, saying he does not have the heart of a hunter.

Baron Wulf Drakus, Lord of Declan Barony

A well built warrior who fights with an enormous hammer in close combat. He has a pair of large dogs that are trained to drive prey to him.

Bishop Omal Pran

An immensely fat and ugly priest of Imarus with curly black hair, a wispy, thin mustache and heavy jowls. Bishop Pran purchases slave girls, then beds them and kills them. He is a despicable man and a thoroughly disgusting physical specimen. His obesity and ugliness are matched only by the callousness and selfish pride.

Lord Rilbin Wallard

A short and scruffy man, rather homely. Known to his friends as "the Rat". Often the butt of their jokes. Not quite as wealthy or cruel as the rest. Lord Wallard is the second in command at the royal mint.

Lord Kuth Hilgar

A tall, lean and well muscled warrior who shaves his head bald. Quiet, intelligent. A high ranking officer in the Ormekian military. Lord Hilgar has no sense of humor and is often annoyed by the antics of the others. He is very disciplined and reserved. He despises weakness.

Edrica Tikhon, Operator of the Well of Blood arena

This tall, raven haired beauty is known as the "Queen of the Pit" and the "Princess of Blood". She is the owner and operator of the Well of Blood, a government funded combat arena.


The head wizard in the royal court and advisor to the king. Some of the other nobles look down at him because he is not of noble blood, but was granted his nobility by the king. However, most members see the benefit of having a powerful wizard in the group. His spells protect the lodge and their privacy.


Other members include:

a magistrate

the lord marshall

a wealthy ship owner

a knight and jousting champion

the master of the Royal Zoo





This group is very recent, having only forms six years ago, so they have very little history. Although the group is relatively small, it grows larger every year. The King of Ormek will sometimes join them and they will have other "guest" hunters with them from time to time.  

Goals and Motivation

The group has no goals beyond the next hunt and their own personal gratification.

Allies and Enemies



Membership is by invitation only. These six nobles are friends and know each other. It is very hard to get into this group. One must be a noble of Ormek and even then, one must be invited into this tight knit group.

Oaths and Codes

None. These nobles consider themselves above law and scruples. They certain do not waste a second thought on oaths or codes and they would certainly break them if they did.

Rank Structure

No rank structure. All six members are equal.




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