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Chakford's Engineers

"We can build that..."
At least four times a year

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Craftsmen, Engineers, Masons, Carpenters, Blacksmiths
Number of Members 45
Demographics Human 40%, Dwarven 25%, Elven 12%, Grum 10%, Ogre 8%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)



Chakford, half dwarven male blacksmith
Year Founded 2706 CY
Symbol An iconic glyphs that represents many things: a wagon wheel, a water wheel, a ship's wheel
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

Led by the great Technomancer Chakford, this group is best described as a mobile and highly skilled guild of mercenary craftsmen. They are a mix of 45 men whose trades include stonecutting, architecture, blacksmithing, armory, tinkering and more. They will work for whoever can afford them. Prices are high as this group is quite skilled. They will tackle any engineering request if the money is sufficient. In the past, they have been hired to defend cities, lay siege to cities, develop siege engines, develop armor, rechannel rivers, build bridges, destroy bridges, etc. It is important to note that Chakford’s Engineers do not employ magic of any kind. They are usually found in Kalimura, but have been known to travel far from their homeland if the money is right.

Members must be intelligent, able to work and travel, and have mechanical knowledge. Most members are locksmiths, blacksmiths, tinkerers, inventors, laborers, alchemists and the like. Everyone has some kind of hands-on, technical knowledge. Members have extensive opportunities to travel (and travel safely) and get the prestige of being associated with this well known group. Members have access to the best equipment and tools.


This group was founded relatively recently and has only been operating for about 10 years. It was formed after a trio of craftsmen (Chakford and two partners) hired themselves out for large scale construction projects around the Drakkellian Alliance. Chakford and his two partners later adopted the philosophy of Kalimura and began moving their operation to Orrojek. As their popularity grew, craftsmen from all over joined their ranks and the group became focused on Technomancer philosophies and the pursuit of quality. With every passing year, the group has taken bigger and more complex projects. They have never failed to complete a project to the customer's satisfaction and they have never missed a deadline.

Goals and Motivation

Chakford is a well known Technomancer. He believes that he can demonstrate to the world the advantages of science and technology, all the while turning a profit.

Allies and Enemies

Chakford and his engineers have no real enemies. They have some minor competition with certain guilds in the Drakkellian Alliance, but overall, they are respected, even among competitor craftsmen. Chakford's Engineers are on very good terms with the Technomancers and the University of Kalimura.


Membership is extended to any craftsmen who shows exceptional skill in his trade. Members must be willing to travel extensively and abide by the rules of the guild. Benefits of membership include access to the best training and tools available.

Oaths and Codes

Members swear an oath before the assembled guild. 

I will execute my craft to the best of my ability. 
I will labor at my task until it cannot be improved.
I will work until the job is done. 

Rank Structure

This organization has a very simple rank structure. Rank in the group is simply based on seniority. Those members who have been with the group longer can give orders and expect those orders to be followed by junior members.




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