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Age 49 Hair Style Short and close cropped on sides. 
Race Half-dwarf Hair Color Grey
Height 1.37 meters (4'6") Eye Color Grey
Weight 108 kg (238 lb) Distinguishing Marks Crooked nose.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Grey and green vest, leather satchel, 

Profession Mercenary Craftsman
Chief Location Kalimura
Affiliations Technomancers
Languages Southern, Dwarven, Drakkellin and a smattering of Ogrish and Orcish.
Skills Engineering, carpentry, stone masonry, metallurgy, weapon smithing, metalwork, siege warfare, landscaping, administration, healing, dwarven history


General Description

Chakford is the mastermind behind one of the most successful mercenary companies in the west. This group, forty five members strong, is a traveling troupe of craftsmen and engineers - specialists all. This company will work for anyone who can afford them and is often hired to build bridges, lay siege to cities, defend cities, build large engines of war, etc. He hails from Orrojek, and was recently named "City's Proudest Son" for the third year running. Even the most celebrated Technomancers have been known to drop their current projects just for the chance to work with him. The application waiting list for Chakford's Engineers is already at over a hundred names, and has drawn builders from as far away as Drakkel and Hearthtown. 

Physical Appearance

Chakford appears as a heavy set, stocky man of mixed human/dwarven descent. He has a wild shock of black hair and a perpetual three days growth of beard. Chakford typically wears a long heavy grey coat over a bulging tool belt and a pair of wire-rimmed Kalimuran spectacles. His glittering black eyes often seem lost in thought as he ponders some mechanical marvel before him.


Chakford is an absent-minded, energetic man who loses himself in his work and often forgets the outside world. He is chronically late and usually forgets about appointments and meetings. In conversation, he speaks excitedly and passionately about his work, leaping from thought to thought haphazardly. He refers to building as "the real magic of the world".

Notable Skills

Chakford is, by nature, a tinkerer. His innate skills involve engineering, metalwork, carpentry, stone cutting, architecture and mathematics. However, as the leader of Chakford's Engineers, he has been forced to develop administrative and bureaucratic skills.


Chakford was born in Orrojek, Kalimura to a dwarven father and a human mother. His father was a very popular scholar and his mother was one of the leading female smiths of the time. Growing up in Orrojek and having a dwarven mother practically forced Chakford to study engineering and other construction skills, but he did enjoy it very much. From a very young age, he would wander off into the city from his house and watch the many architects and workers build massive works of art. When Chakford’s parents saw this obsession with the “real magic of the world,” they enrolled him in a school for engineering located in northern Dakari. He attended this institution for 13 years of his life. At age 19, he joined the Technomancers through a representative at the school. Six years later, Chakford traveled to Ulkran to visit and study the architecture of the underground city. While in Ulkran, he decided to “grow in knowledge” of his Dwarven ancestors. He found an old, Dwarven scholar in downtown Piramus, where he began to study Dwarven history. Chakford remained in Ulkran for another 10 years and is often heard calling it his second home. For the last fourteen years, he has been traveling the world with the Technomancers, building and constructing many of the massive relics the we all stand in awe of today.


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