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"There is one true constant in the Universe... 
and that is Chaos."

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Chaos Sorcerers
Number of Members 28
Demographics Human 50%, Elven 14%, Grum 14%, Dwarven 14%, Other 8%

Primary Location(s)

Arcanum, Carrikos


Gythur, Baenite male chaos sorcerer
Year Founded 2490 CY
Symbol An ancient rune meaning "chaos".
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Stable

General Description

Wild Mages, also known as Chaos Sorcerers, form into groups of seven, called Aberrations. Four Aberrations located in Arcanum have united to form a secret society which they call Entropy. All 28 members of this small group are fanatics and completely devoted to their cause. Entropy is led by the wild mage Akterrin, a passionate and idealistic philosopher, a dreamer who relies on others to ground him in reality. Entropy is devoted to the study of their craft, wild magic. Entropy is at constant risk operating in the oppressive environment of Arcanum, but these wild mages thrive on the danger. Entropy meets in absolutely secrecy in the private homes of its members. It varies its meeting time and place often.


Entropy formed from four independent aberrations in the year 2490 CY.

Goals and Motivation

Entropy is devoted to the core philosophies that all wild mages share. First and foremost, they wish to advance their craft - that which is known as wild magic. They fuel their spells with the energy that the blue star, Drellis, provides. This energy, which is detrimental to the magic of other mages, is the fuel of the wild mage. In many ways, wild mages are the opposite of standard mages. The magic of these wild mages is powerful, but not very controllable. It is the very essence of chaos. 

Besides studying and training, they wish to cause problems with mages and government of Arcanum. They are particularly interested in causing problems for the Arcanum Syndicate. They also work tirelessly at spreading propaganda and converting mages away from the faith of Vorkayne. 

Allies and Enemies

Entropy is directly opposed to all authority figures in Arcanum and throughout Carrikos, most especially to the government and the Syndicate. They are allied with all other aberrations and chaos sorcerers, no matter where they are located.


The only membership requirements are that one be trained in the basics of wild magic. Sometimes, a young hopeful that shows potential will be taken into the ranks and trained. Such initiates do not count toward the standard seven members per aberration.

Oaths and Codes

Each aberration varies. Some have elaborate oaths and codes. Others have none. Entropy itself has no such codes.

Rank Structure

Each of the four groups still retains a sense of independence while cooperating with the other three. Each sub-group maintains the traditional seven members - no more, no less. Hence, Entropy has 28 members. There may come a time when a fifth aberration joins. All members are considered equal, yet the group has a leader. This group that adores conflict and chaos above all other things managed to function as a whole. It's not surprising that the internal politics of chaos sorcerers are usually baffling to most outsiders.




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