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The Heraldric Order

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Aukarian Heralds
Member of Members 14,580 (Always as many as the number of Aukarian Houses)
Demographics Human (Aukarian) 91%, Vaullian 8%, Other 1%

Primary Location(s)



Xilanus Maer Comadus, human male Aukarian herald, age 89
Year Founded 2394 CY
Symbol -
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Heraldric Order is a social brotherhood of all heralds in the Aukarian Republic. Membership within this organization is required in order to be counted as a Herald. There are exactly 14,580 Heralds in this group... one for each House.


The Heraldric Order was originally came into being when the First Republic was formed. It was founded by Brin Ethigarus, the Herald of the most powerful House during the formation of the First Republic. Ethigarus is often credited with being the first true Herald and he is responsible for many of the traditions associated with the Heralds.

When Lothiramar, the Sorcerer King, rose to power, he overthrew the Republic and swept its institutions away. The Heraldric Order was forcibly disbanded and over 2,000 Heralds were put to death. During the dark years that the Sorcerer King held power, many heralds clung to their traditions, still striving to maintain some semblance of the Republic. The heralds were hunted and hounded as criminals during those years. When the Sorcerer King was overthrown, the Republic was reformed and the Heraldric Order was re-instated.

Goals and Motivation

This organization is primarily concerned with maintaining the honor and tradition of the Herald class. It also serves as a repository of wealth and knowledge for Heralds to draw upon to fulfill their duties to their House..

Allies and Enemies

The Heraldric Order is allied with all officially recognized institutions within the Republic. They oppose all criminal guilds, the Tardem and foreign nations. However, in practice, the Order rarely gets involved in such matters and has no true enemies.


All members are heralds of Aukarian noble houses. that is the only requirement. When a House appoints a new Herald, that Herald is welcomed into the brotherhood.

Oaths and Codes

Heralds take an oath upon being initiated into the Order. It is a vow to uphold the laws and traditions of the Heralds.

Rank Structure

Heralds are ranked based on the tier of their House. Heralds who serve first tier houses outrank heralds who serve second tier houses and so on. Within a tier, heralds order themselves by seniority.



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